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No Anthro Zone Review - The Bowtied-Beauty Boots - I forgot to shoot for the Anthro Moon

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Last weekend I checked up on the availability of my Wish Listed Anthro favorites.

My Sweetie brought me my favorite flowers yesterday!
That is when I discovered the first size had sold out for the Bowtied-Beauty boots. Size 8. My size naturally. So I did what any Anthro Addict would do. I immediately ordered them in an 8.5.  I read all 84 reviews and not one reviewer mentions Lucky Penny as the Brand. I should also mention that this is the third pair of tall boots I have purchased in my life.  Boots and my feet have never had a meeting of minds.  Until the Pebbled and Primped Boots arrived last week.  I am now a fledgling Anthro Boot Addict.

See my No Anthro Zone Review for the Pebbled and Primped boots HERE.

Bowtied-Beauty Boots - by Lucky Penny - Anthro $248 - Nov 2010

The boots arrived last night. I had them on my feet immediately. My first reaction was....Too Big, and Too Tall. The Pebbled and Primped Boots are described as 16 1/4 " high, the Bowtied-Beauty Boots are described as 16" high. The Bowtied are actually 1" higher and thus hit the back of my bent leg. I was not impressed with our first 2 minute meeting.

This morning I tried the boots on again.  Turns out the 8.5 is very comfortable to slightly large. So I call these TTS. Plenty of space for thick socks.  Just as comfortable as the Pebbled and Primped Boots. After wearing these boots for 10 minutes or so, the leather warms and slouches in a very agreeable way. So they no longer were hitting the back of my leg.  First two issues from the previous 2 minute meeting solved.

I suggest wearing new shoes around the house for at least 30 minutes, or longer. Even better, wear new shoes all day in the office on carpeted surfaces only.

Now issue number three appears.  I suddenly notice that the right boot has slouched inward and is now rubbing my ankle as I walk.  I tried several pairs of socks in different thicknesses. No relief!  Meanwhile, the left boot achieves perfection.

These boots are equipped with a half zip only. Zippers both worked freely for boots.  Pulling them off is tricky.  I suggest using a seated position. An assistant might be appreciated. I also noticed in the light of day, the near perfect left boot had a small amount of glue on the front and appeared to have many small scratches on the leather.

I should mention that my UPS package arrived completely broken open with all air pillows gone. The bows and leather bands were all evenly aligned.  The ruching on this pair are even.  The leather is a lovely rich Reddish-Brown.  Soft and pliable, but not shiny as they appear in the model shot further down. And yes, the bows do have a tendency to stick out in a fun, quirky manner.  Only you yourself will notice. The toe is nicely rounded with a spacious toe box. The heel is low and the sole is flexible for walking.  There is anti-slip traction on the bottom. 

 I am a scientist by trade. So diagrams speak for themselves.
In the image: Blue arrows show the level of my ankles.
 Blue circles show the level of the inward slouch.
I examined the boots and came to the conclusion that the right boot slouches inward at a lower position than the left. The right slouching inward directly below my ankle.  Each time I take a step the boot slides against the lower part of my ankle.  Whereas the left boot slouches above my ankle and does not pose a problem.

By now, I have managed to put together a very cute copy cat version of one of Anthro's Outfits starring the Bowtied-Beauty Boots.

I was not fit to show face!

Shop the Bowtied-Beauty Boots HERE.

I am thoroughly in love with the boots.  What is a girl to do?  Call Customer Service!  After all Anthro has always been fair with me in the past.  So call I did.  I spoke with Tamera, whom I have spoken to many times before.  I attempt to explain the issue with the right boot.  My ankles are normal.  One is not lower than the other. I didn't think it was necessary to press my claim as a defect. YET!
What do I want she asks?  I want another pair I say. I will need to clear this with my supervisor she says.  I know the routine.  I was so sure that the decision would be fair.
I recall a certain pair of Coclico's on sale that arrived with an annoying squeak. Anthro airmailed a replacement pair at the speed of light by the next day. Completely trusting me to return the squeaky pair. But that was not to be the case this time.  Oh no! 

You guessed it!  I couldn't believed the outcome.  I can return the boots.  There are 46 pairs still in stock. A new pair will be shipped when the returned pair are received 10 to 14 days from Monday.  But with size 8's sold out, I know these 46 pairs of 8.5's will likely disappear at the double the normal speed.  I didn't even argue.  I was too dumbfounded. By later in the day the 8.5's were down to 41. By my calculations these are gone in about 9 days.  And that is a conservative guess.
So, despite the fact that I couldn't really afford the added expense.  I did as any fledgling Anthro Boot Addict would.  Thank goodness for Free Shipping over $150.  I immediately re-ordered the boots. Online!
As I sit thinking about the conversation, I now realize that I didn't follow routine as I normally do.  I didn't say, do I really have to wait 2 weeks for these boots.  I also didn't bemoan the fact that I really can't afford to re-order the boots.  I forgot to mention that I purchase exclusively from online, and that I review every single item I order.  I also stupidly forgot to bring up the fact that I am a Top 10 Anthro Reviewer.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  I should have argued.  I didn't shoot for the moon as expected.
But that's OK!  I love these boots! I'll be back with this outfit next week!

I think I know where I went wrong.  But I would appreciate any suggestions on how to deal with CS for an issue like this one.

Also being a fledgling boot wearer, do my Readers have any boot issue solutions to share?

Anthro Sister Love,  Laura (


Mandy said...

Love these boots on you, and I'm so glad that you decided to reorder them! Hopefully the new pair won't rub - you might keep this pair until the new one arrives and compare them (you never know if you'll want to mix and match shoes to get a perfect pair and send the unacceptable ones back!).

Sometimes CS can be a pain given these circumstances, but if you're impatient like me and don't want to chance it (and don't enjoy calling Anthro stores across the nation either hunting an item), you did just what I would have done - and have done before! I really don't have any different advice to offer because you did what I'd do. :)

I already can tell that I LOVE your copycat styling, and I can't wait to see more!

Kelly said...

I really like your outfit with the boots! Hopefully your second pair will arrive in good shape. I'm never good at dealing with CS (Anthro or anywhere else for that matter).

Thanks for mentioning my giveaway. I love your tradition of planning for a Anthro holiday outfit...not selfish at all! I just found out we have a holiday cocktail party at my new job, so I'm on the search for an Anthro outfit myself. I'm kicking myself for not buying the Discovered Lace Dress this fall, because I think that would have been perfect!!!

vintageglammz said...

Hi Laura! Wow, those boots are amazing, but i can see the issue with the ankles. Glad you decided to reorder them - do let us know how the new pair turn out!
I have really small ankles and boots tend to slouch around the ankles for me. I haven't found a solution yet, the only thing i do is to try on pair after pair, and eventually i end up with one that is OK. I don't think my legs look good in boots to be honest! I don't know what it is...

LC said...

Thank you for the review, it is so helpful! I can't wait to order these, but I'm going to let the stock dwindle a little bit more hoping they go on sale. I will probably break down and order them later this week. I'm sorry CS was not more helpful, it's really hit or miss with them.

Kristina said...

Dahling!!! I love your outfit with these boots...KILLER!
Kristina J.

Laura said...


OK! Now that is very creative. So many years of online ordering and I have never thought of switching out shoes or boots. You are a genuis Mandy. Except Anthro always air mails me another pair if there is a defect. I don't even have to ask. So either the supervisor on duty was a butthead, or someone didn't bother to ask. I was too stupified to elaborate or argue.


The Discovered Lace Dress would have made a wonderful Holiday Frock. I love the whole retro look. Would be simply stunning with either Red or Blue accessories. Imagine that!

In 2008 I had two Holiday outfits. The Black Sweetbriar Dress by Anna Sui with all Purple Accessories. The second was the Gold Idlewild Cardi by Lia Molly, the By Starlight Skirt by Project Alabama, and Re-Mix Vintage Shoes Charlotte's in Ivory. With my grandmothers crystal jewelry.

I was taken in like so many last year. It was page one of Anthro's November Catalog. The Jacquard Gala Dress by Ruffian, and the ill fitting Cascading Ruffles Cardi by Sparrow. I paired it with Miss Albrights Bouquet of Roses Heels. Luckily I had a friend that made excellent work of tailoring the Cardi.

Look I wrote a Novella!

Laura said...


I am on a boot kick. Forget cloths for the time being, all I want are a few pairs of nice boots. I'm still a little steamed about Anthro's rejection. It's never happened to me before. Is it because they didn't see the issue as a defect?

Where would you get the idea that your legs don't look good in boots? You have gorgeoous legs and a perfect figure. And even if you didn't boots are just awesome no matter how you look at it. Besides, they do cover half your leg up. Where can you go wrong?

Do I sound like I am trying to sell you on boots?


I hope you love these boots as much as I do. I tried to remain neutral on the CS issue when reviewing the boots.

I don't know what the reason was behind the rejection. It's always been hit for me. I have never been turned down.

I sure hope pair number two proves worth while. It steams me that I just had to shell out another $270 to try another pair in hopes that the slouching is even. I still gave the boots a perfect 5 star Anthro Review. I did mention that I was miffed with CS for not sending me a replacement. Lets see if the reviewer of online reviews hits on my report.

Lori said...

Ooh you remade that outfit beautifully! I love the style of these boots, and I really hope the next set are better at the ankles. I hate boot ankle slouch on me. I always figured I get it more often than others because I'm bow-legged. Btw, I don't quite understand why boot designers don't make the zippers go all the way up all the time? It makes it so hard to take boots off!


Jamie said...

Thanks for this fabulous review -- and solving the mystery of the Bowtied Beauty maker. The color is really quite beautiful.

I'm a fellow fledgling boot addict (just added the Pebbled and Primped, and a Steve Madden pair to my Xmas wishlist!), and I have one word of advice. ALWAYS sit down when putting on your boots. I just about broke an ankle yesterday due to my lack of balance.

I'm sorry that your interaction with CS was so unsatisfying. Unfortunately, I am just now getting the hang of using CS. I had a similarly unhelpful CS experience when I called and tried to find the Compeer Dress (thanks to your helpful hints on sizing!). The rep only told me of one store where it was in stock (in CT). I have a feeling that she didn't feel like scrolling all the way down the alphabet...because given how many people had fit issues with the Compeer, and given that the previous sale price was a steep $130, I'm SURE there were still some in other stores. I'll be trying again tomorrow morning, since inventory is supposed to be current as of Sunday.

BTW, I'm not sure if you browse the Plenty by Tracy Reese website, but there is a cerulean-ivory-black version of the Phlox and Coral Coat. On sale...I am smitten...

Cindy said...

Beautiful outfit! I love every detail! Good luck on your next pair (:

Laura said...


I honestly didn't think I would like boots that slouch either. But now that I received a replacement pair, and the slouch is even, I am in boot love.


Anthro surprised me with an air mailed replacement pair using the credit from the returned pair. They are perfect. The problem is I had already ordered a replacement pair at my expense. CS seems to be suffering from a lack of communication.


You are too kind. Replacement pair is perfect.

Elena said...

Hi! I just came across your blog and it is Anthro-Amazing! I too have the bow-tied boots and adore how you paired them with Eloise Perfectly Plaid tights. Unfortunately, I have been searching for the tights and can't find them anywhere. Do you have any suggestions on where I could take my chances to find the tights? I would really appreciate it! Keep up the stylish work! I love you blog!

Laura said...


Option one: Call Customer Service with this style number (Perfectly Plead Tights: 19224807) and have them do a store search. Don't do the option to have them charge and send. Ask for the store numbers and call yourself to have them shipped to you.

Option two: If you have already done this then set-up a search in eBay with the name of the tights so you will get an email the minute someone posts the tights for sale.

Option three: Unfortunately I didn't keep the online link in my Wish List or I could have shared it with you to look for Pop Backs.

Option Four: I will check with a blogger source to see if she has the link. Please send me a message so I have your email.

Other options: Check Roxy's Effortless Anthropologie Blog In Store Community Posts from Yesterday. She does them every Friday. Bloggers Comment on what they have seen in stores.

ABP them in a blog.

The Perfectly Plaid Tights are supper adorable with the Bow-Tied Beauties. Good Luck with your Search.


Laura said...


I called CS for you and had them do a store search for the Perfectly Plaid tights. There were 3 paire in the SF store. I called and they are now gone.

I would def keep an eye out on eBay.


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