Monday, November 15, 2010

Warming up to Anthro's Doubly Adorned Dress

Darn!  I don't look anything like the model wearing the Doubly Adorned Dress in the August Catalog.  Not only that, it's too early for sunlight, the car is just wrong, and the scenery is out of whack.
Anthro's Doubly Adorned Dress by Floreat - $30

I really wasn't going for copycat this time.

Anthro's Doubly Adorned Dress - August 2010 Catalog
Doubly Adorned Dress - by Floreat - Anthro Orig $148, Sale $30 - Oct 2010
This dress is darling!  The fit is definitely me! And my wallet was in agreement on the $30 price tag. I did need to iron, clip strings, and permanently sew the straps in to prevent a wardrobe mishap.  All for a dress made from synthetic materials.  When nothing issued forth from my closet in the way of an outfit, I decided to order the scarf Anthro paired with the dress. 

Oops!  To late! 

Anthro's Doubly Adorned Dress by Floreat - $30

Both versions of the scarf are gone. Occasionally a Doubly Adorned Dress will Pop Back in the soon to be overwritten August Catalog HERE.   I ordered the dress as a Pop Back in a Six.  I was swimming in menswear. I was able to find a size Four through a store search. 

Thank you CS.

Cultivated Caplet - by Moth - Anthro Orig $118, Sale $70 - Nov 2008

Back to the closet I went for another try.   Everything was either too boxy, not the right style, or covered the fabulous dress detail.  I finally settled on Anthro's Cultivated Caplet by Moth (2008).  The short hemline doesn't entirely cover the waist detail. The fit was tailored enough to make a nice topper. The dark Turquoise worked nicely with the color scheme.  And the added light Blue embroidery was the perfect detail to liven up the rather plain plaid of the dress.  I wasn't thrilled with the 2 wooden buttons or the fabric piece with button holes. 

So off came the buttons and in went a hook and eye.

Now that I had finally had a starting point for an outfit, I thought no problem.  The next obvious decision was legware.  I stood in front of my drawer full of tights and considered about 30 pair.  There was the Grey Plaid Mullion Tights.  No way! More plaid, in Grey and Turquoise, was not going to be acceptable. I really wanted a third color. I finally settled on the Brown Pin Dot Tights with Green Polka Dots.

Times Three Booties - by Schuler and Sons  - Anthro Orig $198, Sale $100 - Nov 2010

 The Brown tights now made it easy to work in my new Schuler and Sons Three Times Booties.  I'm past the point of no return for wearing open toed flats this year.

Shop the remaining Three Times Booties HERE. 
But you must click on the Fall Frolic Booties to find the Product Page.

See me wearing the Three Times Booties with the Lolland Sweater Dress HERE.

Blooming Tendril Necklace - Anthro Orig $188, Sale $80 - Apr 2009

I don't find enough excuses to wear this Necklace.  The flower and leaf pattern mimics the embroidered design on the Caplet. The girly-ness balances out the menswear plaid.  Not only does Heidi D. have the Doubly Adorned Dress, she also has the Blooming Tendril Necklace, and the Cultivated Caplet. She didn't wear the necklace or caplet  with her dress.  Because unlike me, she was smart enough to buy the scarf when it was still available.

Hope you enjoy your second outfit for the Doubly Adorned, Heidi!

The Final outcome for Mondays OOTD. 

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (


MsGiggleswurth said...

WOW,I can't believe that this floreat dress was only $30?! I love that caplet so cute! and i adore the necklace and hoseryas well~

Jessica said...

I love this dress on you and love how you styled it! Your bag is so adorable too!

Kelly said...

Those polka dots tights are great and that's awesome you got the dress for $30!!!!

LC said...

I love the picture in front of the car - so close to the catalog pic. I still have this dress in 2 sizes because I can't decide which size I want! I feel like it runs big.

Jess said...

Great job again Laura :) That dress is great on you, and I love the plaid with the floral. Those booties seem to be very versatile too, so great find on everything!

Jamie said...

You look smashing in the Doubly Adorned, Laura! The shape is perfect on you and the capelette is the perfect length to show off the beautiful details -- including that wonderful bow! I am kicking myself for not getting this dress when I had the chance. It had little hanger appeal to me, but you clearly show that it is a worthy pick.

I think my previous comment may have been a bit confusing -- I actually didn't order the Pebbled and Primped Boots, I just added them to my Xmas wishlist (with a bunch of other lovelies I would love to receive from the BF). My updated "Dear Santa" post might have been confusing as well, since I listed the new items as "new additions" when I meant to say "new to the wishlist." But oh man, I wish the P&P were mine!

But, want to know what I did purchase? I finally tracked down a Compeer Dress through CS! It was not a store search, but rather hidden website inventory. I am going to pretend that it is actually the very same dress that you returned a few weeks ago. Thank you again for your sizing help. CS warned me that there is a chance the order might be canceled, since it's the last one and there might already be a previous order in process. I sure hope that's not the case...

vintageglammz said...

Laura, you look really good in the doubly adorned dress! And well done in trying to replicate the anthro photoshoot in front of the car - i guess it's your modern version of it! The cape over the dress makes it look wonderfully cute, not to mention office-friendly :-)

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

You've got a great talent for reworking an Anthro piece to make it work for you! You look great in that dress - and I really like the pairing with the booties.

Laura said...

MsGigglesWurth, Don't you just love a $30 dress from Anthro.

Jessica, I forgot to mention the Orla Kiely car print Laptop Bag.

Kelly, thanks for taking the time to comment. I know you must be very busy with getting settled in NY.

Laura said...

LC, For $30 each you could just keep both sizes since you are undecided. It was TTS for me.

Jess, I love the outfit, but I will be hard presses to come up with another outfit for the dress.

Jamie, That is so cool you were able to get the Compeer Dress. And I just bet that is the dress that I returned.

Laura said...

Jen, The caplet also kept me far warmer than the scarf ever could.

Lisa, Welcome Home World Traveler. You must be exhausted. Thanks for taking the time to leave a fabulous comment.

Dea said...

I really like this dress paired with the booties.I bought it for $30 as well only have never worn it!! Thinking this might be a sign... you look great recreating the catalog look!

TLS said...

$30 is incredible! I did manage to find this dress yesterday on ebay for $50--still a great price and there were quite a few sizes for anyone looking!

Laura said...


This is a tough dress to style, while staying warm and not cover the detailing.


Thanks for the tip on the eBay dresses.

Lori said...

You look great in this dress! I love menswear fabric in dresses. I think you paired this really well with the capelet! Plus, I love the booties. You are really rockin a beautiful bunch of boots this Fall :)


Laura said...

Dear Lori,

Only a few pairs. But hoping to find more to feed my newly discovered Boot Addiction. Ha!

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