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Thank you Kelly and Elizabeth - Anthro’s Floe and Current Coat with Avonlea Dress - Classic Leifsdottir 2008

This Post is in part for Chrissy of Passion for Fashion. 

Dear Readers,  Please try to over look my obvious Spring like colors today.

But first I'm so happy to announce my first blog contest wins.  You did read that correctly!  I won two giveaways in one day. So my head is spinning just a bit as you can see above.

The first win is from Kelly of Fashion Fuel D.C.  I won a $45 CSN gift certificate and Kelly picked out the cutest Red Wellie Ornament. Along with her blog, and a contest, Kelly just moved to NY in the last week.  She is a busy girl with fabulous Anthro Style.

The second win is from Elizabeth of Have Your Cake and Eat it Too.  I won second place for a pair of Kendra Scott earrings.  Elizabeth has a photo of a big ferocious Jelly Belly on her blog. She is also hosting another great GIVEAWAY HERE. So be sure to enter.  I did.

Please pay a visit to both these wonderful gals and say hello.

Anthro's Avonlea Dress and Floe and Current Coat by Leifsdottir

 This is one coat I couldn’t get out of my head.  So I know how Chrissy must feel.  I didn’t have enough money to order it the day it went sale two years ago.  Heidi D. kindly loaned me the balance.  She’s just sweet like that.  And I love her dearly for being such a great friend and fellow Anthro Addict. We also combined shipping on that order to qualify for Free Ship.

Avonlea Dress - by Leifsdottir - Anthro Orig $298, Sale $70 - Dec 2008

Just two weeks later the Avonlea Dress went on sale. Another Leifsdottir that intrigued me. I love drop waist dresses.  And this 100% Silk Garden Print dress is indeed gorgeous. And guess who also has this dress.  I don’t have to mention her name do I.

Avonlea Dress - by Leifsdottir - Anthro Orig $298, Sale $70 - Dec 2008
The Avonlea Dress was originally $298.  I ordered it a few days after it went on sale for $150.  The dress received another cut to a miraculous $70 after the next sale.  So I picked up a nice little PA.

The BF didn’t like my Lady Beetle Necklace. He was mean and called it gaudy.  OK it is!  But he admits that it’s perfect with the Avonlea Dress.

Floe and Current Coat - by Leifsdottir - Anthro Orig $498, Sale $150 - Dec 2008
 The Floe and Current Coat went directly to sale from $498 to $150. This is unheard of for Anthro of today. Notice Anthro doesn’t give Leifsdottir any additional price cuts anymore?    BooHoo!  I don't mind.  I haven't found much Leifsdottir over the last year to get crazy about.

This coat is awesome. Leifsdottir of 2 years ago was far different than Leifsdottir of today.  The coats offered in 2008 were spectacular.  I haven’t seen another wool coat from them that equals the detail of the Floe and Current and the Diamond Plate Coat.

Floe and Current Coat - by Leifsdottir - Anthro Orig $498, Sale $150 - Dec 2008
The details alone are enough to send a girl into a swoon. Lined in 100% cotton, with Silk embroidered trim.  Two outside Velvet lined pockets and a third inside lapel, velvet lined, glove or glasses pocket.  Then there are the copper signature buttons.  And you can’t help but die from complete joy over the Gold Toggles on the Floe and Current. 

The BF didn’t like my Lady Beetle Necklace. He was mean and called it gaudy.  OK it is!  But he admits that it’s perfect with the Avonlea Dress.

Rensselaer T Straps - by Miss Albright - Anthro $148 - Aug 2010

You guys all know these shoes.  Probably because they were just on sale.  Obviously I couldn’t wait.  Let’s not mention my lack of will power lately for boots either.

UO Lace Crochet Tights in Ivory - Urban Outfitters $14 - Nov 2008
  Love the Tights, Shoes, and Dress Combo here.

Since I did mention boots...over the weekend I reviewed The Bowtied Beauty Boots.

See my review for the Bowtied HERE.

My pair slouched unevenly and rubbed an ankle.  I called CS and they turned me down for a replacement pair.  So Saturday I re-ordered them at my expense. I have never been turned down before!  Whaaaaa! 

Well Anthro (not knowing what one hand is doing from the other) air mailed a new pair Monday using the credit from the original order.  So two pairs are on their way.  Nuts!

I could have used that money to order both the Berry Stitched Boots and the Over the Moon Booties that went on sale. So, because I'm a good girl, and have a rule of thumb about using credit, I have to hope both pairs of boots are still available on Friday.  Darn You Anthro!

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (lauramartinsemail)


Swati said...

the dress and the coat looks gr88 on u ... i think the springy and cheerful look is so appropriate for the

Swati said...

california weather now .. 70s in late nov .. really .. btw I have difficulty posting comment on ur post most of the time .. not sure if others face it to .. i have similiar problem at kristina j posts also ..not sure y this happens .. i wrote the above comment just to test to see if goes through now

Laura said...

Swati, Perhaps it is due to the high res photos. Especially since both Kristina and I tend to use many photos. I have brought a few down in size and deleted a couple. I haven't had any prior comments on this issue. Storms are on the way. Perhaps this means cooler weather will appear soon.

Elizabeth said...

That coat is beautiful, I love it. And your welcome! I put your earrings in the mail this afternoon (the green ones) and was told they should get to you by Friday (:

I hope you'll enter my latest giveaway, maybe your luck hasn't run out just yet!

Laura said...


I don't think I have a pair of Green earrings. So I'm sure they will be perfect. I feel like I should give others a chance to win. But since you asked I think I will.

Anonymous said...

The coat looks sooooo pretty on you. the color is amazing and the design and cut of it is so unique. I really like Leifsdottir..I just wish it wasn't so pricey.

Chrissy said...

That coat looks amazing on you! Thanks for this post. You look great and the dress is so cute!

Jess said...

Very lovely Laura :) That coat is simply gorgeous! I like the springy colours you were wearing, it is a nice change from all the dark greys and blacks around here.

vintageglammz said...

Swing it, sister Laura! How cute is that drop waist dress. Looks amazing with those pretty tstraps and stockings. And i just love the blue leifsdottir coat. No wonder Chrissy wants it so much!
Good luck working out what to do with those two pair of boots :-)

Laura said...


If you visit they have great sale prices as much as 80% off. Nordstroms also offers good sales on Leifsdottir.


Your Welcome. I was excited about wearing this outfit. I wear it a couple times a year. This year I updated the tights and shoes.


I thought I would liven it up today with some untraditional Fall colors.

Anthro Sister Jen,

A photographer is necessary for catching a good spin photo. I've never taken one myself that didn't make me look like a dufus.

Jamie said...

Hi Laura!

Your Floe and Current Coat is gorgeous. I'll be scouring Ebay for that item on a DAILY basis. And the lining is gorgeous. I love the mix of the bright aqua color with the tweedy fabric. Unusual and so sophisticated

I also have the Rensselaer t-straps, but am waiting to wear them. Perhaps with the Compeer dress for Thanskgiving?! Thanks so much again for your sizing help on the Compeer. It came today and it is indeed a bit baggy -- biggest in the waist, but I think I can make it work by changing out that non-adjustable bow belt with something that will actually cinch in the extra fabric.

AND, thanks so much for the heads up on the tight sale. I actually picked up the Pony Prix tights in store for $10. I'm planning to pair them with a brown leather skirt to counter the sweetness.

Laura said...

Hello Jamie,

Hmmm! The Rensselaer with the Compeer Dress. A very interesting pairing. I tried to cinch the dress but the stiff lace didn't lay nicely. I hope you have better luck with my possible returned dress than I did. Crossing my fingers and looking forward to your Thanksgiving outfit photos.

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