Monday, November 1, 2010

New Sale Items In November - Just added New Free Anthro Tops - Shipping Included


Each item purchased is eligible for one free item while supplies last. Look for free items at the bottom of the Post.

 I am the original owner of all Anthro items, including those purchased new on eBay.

Sizes include: Small, Medium, 4, 6 and 8. With some exceptions. There is nothing wrong with the clothing unless minor and specified.

Shoes are 7.5 or 8 medium width.

No Returns Pleases! Ask questions.  Let's make sure you are satisfied with the item before you purchase.  I am willing to send photos and measurements. 

Please see specifics and image for each piece. Shipping is included. USPS flat rate envelope. Payment is by PayPal only. If you want specific measurements or additional images, and for further questions please email Laura (GeoInCalifornia) at

Please specify items by Brand or Anthro name, size and price in your email to me.


Willet Blouse - Floreat - Size 6
Cotton and Rayon - Mashine Wash
Anthro Orig $118
$40 including Free Shipping

Veiled Arbor Blouse - Floreat - Size 6
Silk and Cotton - Dry Clean
Anthro Orig $118, Sale $60
$40 including Free Shipping

Flight Patterns Jacket - Sleeping On Snow - Size Medium
Cotton - Hand Wash
Anthro Orig $118, Sale $60
$40 Including Free Shipping

Ivy O Ring Wedge Sandals in Wine- by Frye
Size 8 - TTS - runs wide
$40 Ships Free
Orig $198
Worn Twice with the First Steps Sweatercoat also for sale

Wishbone Sandals in Gold - by Leifsdottir
Size 8 - Anthro Orig $138 Sale $40 - $35 Ships Free
My foot is wide across the front, so these are too tight for me.
Worn once.

Mannila Sandals in Brown - by FRYE
Size 8 - Anthro Orig $158, Sale $50
$40 Ships Free
My foot is wide across the front, so these are too tight for me.
Worn once

Thawing Gingko Mini - by Wendy Katlen - Size 6 - This skirt runs one size small and is high waisted
Anthro orig $138, Sale $70
$35 Ships Free
Looks great with a Grey sweater


Geometric Cluster Blouse - by Floreat
Size 6 - Anthro Orig $88, Sale $50
$35 Ships Free
The straps have been permanently sewed into the blouse. The sewing can be easily removed

Windy Dunes Cardi - by Moth - Small
Cotton - Hand Wash
Anthro Orig $88
$35 Ships Free

 Wending Lace Cardigan - by Guinevere - Medium
Anthro in store purchase $118
Worn twice
$35 Ships Free

Stillwater Blouse - by Yoana Baraschi - Size 8
Navy was an online exclusive color
This is a Tieback with lovely folded fabric detail around the V neck
Anthro Orig $88 - Did not make Sale
$35 Ships Free

First Steps Sweatercoat - by Coven - Brazil
I badly wanted this coat, so I foolishly ordered it as a Pop-Back in Large.  It's just way too big.
Anthro Orig. $468, Sale $100
$80 Ships Free

Elevenses Jacket - Size 6 - from Feb 2009 -
Anthro name unknown - Purchased on eBay new -
$30 Ships Free - Worn once or twice

Marble Mocha Jacket - by Elevenses -
Size 8 - $40 Ships Free - Shipping Included - Worn Once

Bow Tier Tunic- by Odille - Size 6
$30 Ships Free  - Worn Once -
Perfect Condition

The Following Items are Giveaways - All in great condition. You may pick one item to be included with each purchase. If you purchase 2 items or more with combined shipping you may pick one free item for each purchase.

As long as supplies last.

Please specify the free item by number in your email.

#1 - Cerrito Tee - by C Keer - Small - in Blue  

#4 - Cotton Jersey Tee - Medium - by Porridge

#5 Secret Code Skirt - by Hei Hei - Size 8 Reg - Machine Wash
Cotton, Spandex


#8 - Change of Pace Hoodie - Saturday Sunday - size Medium

#10  Southwest Sunset Bracelets - Etsy

#11 Sweetshop Necklace from Anthro - Circa 2008

#12 Double Strand World Market Necklace with orange beads from World Market

#13 Pink Freshwater Pearl Necklace with pink glass beads woven with pink thread and button closure - from World Market.


#15 Triangular Dyed Shell Beads (Turquoise) with clasp from World Market.

Remember to specify your free item by number.

Please make sure your PayPal address is updated.
Insurance will be included.

Thank you for shopping my blog, Laura (GeoInCalifornia)