Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Kitchen Crew skips the Babergh for the Bowtied Beauties!

That will be the day when you find me in a store on Black Friday. This is one girl that would rather skip the crowds for the relaxed experience of Cyber Monday.

Meet Monty Albright - The Bright and Shining
He's a Long Haired Dappled Miniature Dachshund
Monty is the lovable thief

Meet Gaby Albright his partner in crime - a younger long haired Red - and the Alpha dog
I got a call from Mom requesting a crew of one to help Dad with Thanksgiving dinner. So I scrapped the planned Babergh Dress for something casual and machine washable.
The minute I entered the dog ruled house, I dropped an ANTHRO glove. Monty was on it while Gaby chased after, barking and dragging the Gifted glove from here to there. Luckily he trades his treasures for treats. A little dog slobber is a priceless thing on a glove.

Anthro's Bowtied-Beauty Boots - by Lucky Penny - Anthro $248 - Nov 2010
Perfectly Plaid Tights - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $10 - Nov 2010

See my review for the Bowtied-Beauty Boots HERE

Shop these gorgeous, comfortable, quirky, bow bedecked boots HERE
Shop similar plaid tights HERE

See Tricia of Tricia's Take wearing the Bowtied Beauties HERE
and her Sister Jessica of Breakfast at Gigi's wearing the boots HERE
I have a confession.  I've been intentionally throwing tried and true outfits into posts because I have been in a creative slump for several weeks.  I finally broke the spell Thanksgiving morning. It all started with a strong desire to pair the Bowtied-Beauty Boots with the Perfectly Plaid Tights. It was do or die. 

In my OCD mind, I imagine my blog friends taking all of 2 minutes to effortlessly pull the most wonderful of re-mixed outfits from their closets without so much as breaking a sweat.  While it takes an hour for me to find something that is even presentable.  This involves ransacking a normally organized closet and creating total chaos in the dressing area.

Next time I'm taking pictures of the destruction.

I couldn't have asked for two better parents
My Mother has more creativity in her little finger that I have in my entire body. Not only was she a teacher for many years, she went back to school to become an RN. My Dad was a devoted 5th grade teacher in a predominately migrant school for his entire 35 years of teaching. Both are now retired.

Flawless Scoopneck - by Eco-ga'nik - Anthro online exclusive $88, Cocoa Sold Out - Nov 2008
Whatever Skort in Atlantic - Athleta $49 - Feb 2010

Athleta's Whatever Skort is as versatile as a favorite pair of jeans. And styles just as easily with everything.  Including Anthro! I added an old Kohl's Belt in warm Earth tones, Blue, and a touch of sparkle for the Holiday.

Shop Athleta's Whatever Skort HERE

Flawless Scoopneck - by Eco-ga'nik - Anthro online exclusive $88, Cocoa Sold out - Nov 2008

I kept with a predominantly Brown palette. I tucked in the Flawless Scoopneck in Cocoa. Adore the short fringed detail around the off kilter neckline, ruched front, and slightly belled sleeves. This is another Anthro piece that was entirely too low cut.  I whip stitched the neckline together where the fringed seam ends.
Kai Coat - by Idra - Anthro Orig $178 Sale $80 - Dec 2009
Chilled Facet Gloves - Gifted - Dec 2009
I topped this Thanksgiving Day outfit with the light and fluffy Kai Coat by Idra and pulled on the Chilled Facet Gloves. A gift from my boyfriend for Christmas last year. Then completely forgot to take a photo wearing the coat and gloves.
Present Perfect Necklace - Tataborello Italy - Anthro Orig $138 Sale $40 - Mar 2009
This is the Present Perfect Necklace by Tataborello from 2008. I didn't even know this was a Tataborello piece until recently. I almost gave this necklace away.

And Wallah! There you have it. And I have the "The Anthropologie Connoisseur" to thank for the inspiration. I finally re-mixed an outfit after several weeks in a slump. The only issue I have is possible competition between the Belt and Necklace. Since it was Thanksgiving, I'm allowing myself a small faux pas.

What did my Readers wear for Thanksgiving?  Please leave a comment about all the fabulous details.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (


vintageglammz said...

Hello! we don't celebrate thanksgiving in oz, so i didn't dress for the occasion :-)
eeek..i watched a bit of Black Friday madness on TV on the news and i can tell you now that i would rather skip the sales too!
I think it was a wise idea to forgo the babergh in favor of something more comfy and dog-friendly :-) You definitely look relaxed in your outfit. Those boots look stunning on your pins...loving the bows on them!

Kay said...

Love seeing the boots again! I am so happy to have a pair of these awesome boots! You styled them them with the tights!! I wore the sugar-coated shirtdress!

Mandy said...

Laura, your Thanksgiving outfit is gorgeous AND functional - gotta love it! I adore the Bowtied Beauties on you, they really are a beautiful boot! And I'm swooning over your Present Perfect Necklace - it's so you, so lovely!! I am always jealous of your jewelry!

I confess that I too scrapped my outfit of a dress and sweater for jeans and a comfy blouse when I started cooking! :P

Hope you have a marvelous Turkey Day! :)

Collette Osuna said...

I LOVE your outfit...and how cute are those bow boots? I think you look fabulous...and no, its not always easy coming up with an outfit combo for included:)

I saw you grabbed my button for your page...thanks so much new page has a new button...a beautiful dragonfly:)

Hugs..and hope you had a great Turkey Day!!!

Stop by and say Hello:)
Statements in Fashion Blog♥

Loraine said...

I think this is one of my favorite outfits on you, Laura! How do the replacement boots fit? I just ordered a pair and am hoping for the best! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

Laura said...

Never shop in the states on Black Friday.

Big applause for the Bowties-Beauty Boots.

Don't tell me you didn't wear the Dreamy Drape Dress with your lovely cape?

When I grabbed the button I expected the new Dragonfly Logo, but it was the previous version. I must stop over and get the new one now.

I bought a replacement and Anthro sent me a replacement without letting me know. The first to arrive were perfect. The slouch is even and above my ankles. I called and had Anthro re-route the pair I ordered.

MsGiggleswurth said...

yay~ those must be the new boots you called in for! love the outfit, so cute! ooh and the necklace

Lady Cardigan said...

I love your dogs - so cute! And so is your outfit. It's great that you can fix the low necklines, wish I trusted myself to do that. I actually did wear Anthropologie for the holiday - I wore the Muted Lavender Top, and Guess pants instead of my usual jeans. For me, that was quite fancy.

Collette Osuna said...

Laura, thank you so much for trying to get my new badge. I have an email into Shari (the web designer) and I'm sure she will be able to fix it. I will contact you as soon as you can get my new dragonfly.

Thank you as always for you kinds words hunnie:)

Collette Osuna said...

Hello again, I just received an email from Shari saying the new button is good to go:) She was able to fix it.....shes awesome!!!

Laura said...

Yay for the replacement pair of Bowtied Beauty Boots. Everything is right with the World and the Boots.

Lady C,
Anything you do with a needle and thread by hand can always be easily pulled out if it doesn't work the first time.

I'm glad you go the badge corrected. I love having Alex's Dragonfly on my Side Bar.

Collette Osuna said... brought me to tears...thank you my friend:)

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

You look spectacular in the bow-tied boots! I'm glad you had a good turkey day with the fam and your gloves escaped fairly unscathed!

I did my turkey day garb casual too - my BF's fam is sooooo casual that I scrapped all the nicer more dressed up ideas in my head, I didn't want to make them feel weird about me being all gotten up!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! I love the boots and tights!

Lori said...

Your family, including Monty, is so cute! I love what you wore for thanksgiving. I especially like the graphic lines in your skirt and in the plaid tights! I wore a blue mad men-esque dress for thanksgiving. Hopefully I'll get around to posting it one of these days :)

I also would not shop in stores on black Friday. I can't stand crowds and lines.

Jamie said...

Once again, a perfect look with the Bowtied Beauties! You have definitely convinced me to keep them on my wishlist, just in case they make it to sale (fat chance!)

And your necklace is stunning. The colors are very sophisticated and versatile for the fall. Honestly, I don't think they compete with the belt at all.

Sounds like a wonderful Turkey Day for you all. I wore an outfit that was completely gifted and thrifted for me...but would have cost close to $1000 retail! So I had much to be thankful for in the wardrobe department.

I did indeed do some Black Friday shopping -- but I went to the stand-alone Lord and Taylor in my town. Since it's not in a mall and doesn't have an electronics department, there really weren't crowds at all. And I scored big time, both for myself and others. For me, a cute military green coat --almost 70% off!

And thanks so much for your comments on my In the Trees outfit. I'll be taking a look at your virtual closet later today to see if I have any recommendations!

Jodi said...

I LOVE that necklace.. is very cute and the boots are totally awesome!!! xoJ

Kelly said...

I'm about to post my Thanksgiving outfit this morning! Although, if you saw me in Kim's Reader Outfits, then you can guess what I wore for the holiday :)

And it takes me FOREVER to pick out a good outfit, as well. I admire anyone who can throw something together in 2 minutes like it's no big deal!

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