Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Anthro & Athleta - A Balancing Act!

I am standing at the top of the Sound Barrier behind the Amphitheater, looking towards the Riverwalk Parkway and my office.  Down the embankment behind me is the Bike Path and the Killer Kern River.  This is the only hill for miles around.  Plenty of California sunshine up here. You would never know it was Fall with all this Green.
See more examples of how I mix Anthro and Athleta here, here, and here.

Barometer Top - by Pilcro - Anthro Orig $68, Sale $40 - Oct 2010
My timing for re-ordering the Barometer Top was perfect. I hit the sale price. I truly love this top.  Although the cowl collar is a bit fussy.  I tacked the collar down in the back and along the shoulder, so when I bend down it stays in place. I totally recommend this top.  Christine has the Purple and loves it.  It isn't often that we both love the same item from Anthro.

Washed Velvet Skirt in Brown - Athleta $69 - November 2009

Here is a fine example of Athleta goodness.  The Washed Velvet Skirt, like the Sherpa Skirt comes in an awesome display of colors.  This is a fine wale corduroy that looks great with everything.

Shop Athleta's Washed Velvet Skirt

Lion Gate Sweater - Sleeping On Snow - Anthro $148 - August 2008

The Lion's Gate Sweater was well worth it at full price. For over 2 years it has served me well.  It's washable and goes great with Gold, Brown, Blue, and Neutrals. I adore the big wooden Buttons, 3/4 length gathered sleeves, and the hoodie is cute as heck from the back.


I know!  It looks like I'm blowing my nose.  I'm actually putting on magnetic sunglasses. 

Did I go overboard with the Gold? Both Heidi and Christine agreed that it worked.  They know better than to lie. Heidi thought the tights looked great with our (yes we both have them) Schuler and Sons Space Between Wedges. A co-worker saw me coming off the hill and asked if it was wise to be running around on grass in these shoes.

Space Between Wedges - by Schuler and Sons - Anthro Orig $158, Sale $80 - Mar 2010

The ugliest Anthropologie Product shot in history.

The Belt is from Kohl's.  The year is unknown.

The bag is Fossil.  It was a Birthday gift three years ago.  Pre Orla Kiely.

Fancy Jasper 4x Leather Wrap - Etsy Crea Vita Designs $75 - May 2009
It was a bit of a balancing act to work so much Gold into this outfit.
I hauled on this weeks sale!  Will Blog all about it Friday.  That's the day my Pebbled and Primped Boots arrive. 
Now the blog editor is really bogged down with too many photos.  It doesn't like me.  So I will say Goodbye.
Tell me what you got from sale.
Anthro Sister Love, Laura ( 


Jess said...

Ohhh pretty gold :D Very nice Laura. It does look very warm there, my mom was just telling me she was wearing a skirt to work today (she is in LA) and how strange it was compared to the winters here. That sweater looks so warm and cozy, and I love the name. There is a bridge here named the Lion's Gate bridge, so I was thinking of that automatically hehe. Nothing from the sale for me, trying not to shop until Christmas time. I will live through everyone's sale picks.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I think the gold works too. You paired it with more neutral items so the off-set is great - plus those shoes are awesome!

Mary said...

Great outfit!!
I just discovered your blog,it's very cute!
I added to your followers:)
xx Mary

vintageglammz said...

Yellow tights! Now thats something i have never tried in my life :-)
You are looking so sunny and happy in your yellow hued outfit Laura! I can see why you really like that top - i think it looks lovely on you.
Blogger doesn't like me uploading photos either. I have the hardest problem with photo placement on my posts - it drives me insane!!

LC said...

"The ugliest Anthropologie Product shot in history." I love your commentary! I spied those on a popback but thought they looked so bad in the picture. On you they look cute!

Collette Osuna said...

SOOO in love with that velvet skirt!!! And the tights, and the rocked this one hunnie!!

Stop By and Say Hello♥
Statements in Fashion Blog♥

Lori said...

pshaw! too much gold... I LOVE all the gold! That is such a fab sweater coat Laura!


Laura said...

@ Jess - You have more Sale Will Power than I do.

@ Lisa - Hurry back from Singapore. We miss you.

@ Jen - Gold not Yellow. Just a little bit of a difference.

@ LC - Ugliest Product Shot for shoes maybe. But right now there is a very ugly dress too.

@ Collette - You are the one that rocks. Sweet Comment. Thank you.

@ Lori - I love Gold. Maybe too much!

Anthro Sister Love, Laura

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