Monday, November 22, 2010

Leifsdottir Continued - My Picks for CSN Gift from Kelly - Lovely Green Earrings from Elizabeth!

Anthro's Kensington Coat by Leifsdottir AKA Left Bank Twill Coat in Citrus
I thought I would start this post with prizes I recently won from two fabulous Blogs.

From Kelly of Fashion Fuel D.C. I won a $45 Gift Certificate from CSN Stores.  I went for 2 practical items that I never seem to get around to picking up for myself.

The first is a thumb drive to be devoted to the Blog. 

Verbatim Store 'n' Go USB Flash Drive, 2GB

See full details at CSN Stores HERE.

The second is a bracketless shelf for the wall over the headboard of my bed.  I will clamp an LED light to the shelf. I only went $4 over my gifted amount.

Kathy Ireland by LH Licensed Products Wide Logan Bracketless Shelf in Black

See Full Details at CSN Stores HERE.
 From Elizabeth of Have Your Cake and Eat it Too, I won a fabulous pair of very dressy Green Earrings.  I'm still thinking about an outfit to go with the earrings.  Now isn't that a fabulous idea.  I have actually styled an outfit around jewelry before.

Be sure to visit Elizabeth and enter another fabulous Giveaway for some wonderful jewelry from Etsy Shop ArtWark.

Earrings from Elizabeth of Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
Thank you Kelly and Elizabeth for these wonderful gifts. Sorry that I was unable to get a link to Elizabeth's Blog.

Before I start today's OOTD, I want to let my Readers know that ACC posts are now appearing on Facebook  To find me, search LauraAnthroCloset.

Anthro's Kensington Coat with Pebbled and Primped Boots

When I first laid eyes on Anthro's Fey Grove Dress online, it was instant heart stopping LOVE. This was 100% Silk Leifsdottir inside and out.

Anthro's Fey Grove Dress - by Leifsdottir - Anthro Orig $348, Sale $180 - Aug 2009

Shop Anthro's Fey Grove Dress AKA Leifsdottir's Abbey Rose in size 2 on eBay.
It wasn't long before the reviews began rolling in. They were mixed.  I watched several online stores.  Whoever went sale on this one first was getting my money.

Anthro's Kensington Coat and Curled Zinnia Dress with Pebbled and Primped Boots

Along with the roll out of the Fey Grove, came the Curled Zinnia.  The collar of this dress struck me as clownish. And the shape screamed frump!

Curled Zinnia Dress - by Leifsdottir -  Anthro Orig $358, Sale $180 - Sept 2009
Shop Anthro's Curled Zinnia Dress AKA

Anthro sent both dresses to sale the same day.  I ordered 2 Fey Grove Dresses.  One for me, another for Heidi D.  Then I called back and made a second order for the Curled Zinnia Dress. I must have been out of my mind that day. A clown collar dress?

Anthro's Curled Zinnia Dress AKA Cathedral Garden Dress by Leifsdottir

I was the looser on the Fey Grove. It hung shapeless on my short torso. Heidi D was the winner! So into the mail went the Fey Grove Dress. Twice now I have fallen in love with that dress all over again.  On Heidi D. Too bad it was all ways of wrong for me.

As it turns out, the Curled Zinnia Dress was a winner. Odd how my clothing perspective can change overnight. I still look at the curled Zinnia and see CLOWN COLLAR.  But the color palette is all ways of right for Fall.  And styling is a cinch in so many ways. It's not heart stopping love.  But it's enough that I wear the dress.

Anthro's Kensington Coat by Leifsdottir with Pebbled and Primped Boots by Miss Albright

Left Bank Twill Trench Coat AKA Anthro's Kensington Jacket in Citrus - by Leifsdottir
Bergdorf Goodman Orig $478, Sale $320 - Mar 2010
I say Leifsdottir's Left Bank Twill Trench. You say Anthro's Kensington Jacket.  Either way, they are one in the same.  Cute heart lining, and a 3rd inside breast pocket for sunglasses.  I always forget to use it.

Another Leifsdottir known as Anthro's Cherry Vanilla Trench goes equally well with the Curled Zinnia Dress.  I will save that for another time.

Pebbled and Primped Boots - by Miss Albright - Anthro $258 - Oct 2010
Do I need an excuse to wear Anthro's Pebbled and Primped Boots?  See my review for Miss Albright's boots HERE.  Remember the prospective comes from the mind of a Fledgling Anthro Boot Addict.

Left Bank Twill Trench Coat by Leifsdottir

All Leather SS09 Green Line Satchel in Ochre - by Orla Kiely
Orla Kiely online Orig $598, Sale $398 - July 09

This is an environmentally safe handbag.  Just throw it away after use. It's completely bio-degradable. Huh?

After paying that much?  Right! 

Orla's Green Line products have no metal or plastic, and no harmful tanning chemicals were used. You mean no cool key fob? And don't spill a drop of anything on it.  The leather soaks stains right up.  And they don't come out. I clean and protect all my shoes and handbags often.  But this one is a disaster waiting to happen.

Anthro's Kensington Coat by Leifsdottir
I've decided to wear my Babergh Dress for Turkey Day.  I am waiting for the Over the Moon Booties to arrive.  The Dress and Booties were pictured together in the July catalog.

Shop the Over the Moon Booties by Schuler and Sons HERE

Anthro's Babergh Dress with Over the Moon Booties

What do you plan to wear for the Holiday? 
Anthro Sister Love, Laura


Kelly said...

Such a great yellow cheerful!!!

And btw, I FINALLY got to the post office and mailed your ornament off today. The PO said it should take 3 days for delivery, so hopefully you'll get it by the end of the week!

Jess said...

Great outfit Laura, I love your little story about the dress and how you ended up with it :). The yellow coat is a nice pop of colour.

Hmmm I was actually thinking about what to wear for the holidays on the way home from work (but more so for christmas) I am going to go with a complete anthro catalog rip-off for one of the work christmas parties :)

Laura said...


Can't wait to check out the Red Wellie ornament. It will be the first new ornament I have had in years. I always buy lots of Anthro Ornaments for everyone but me.


Which outfit is it? I'm dying to know! I did one from the Nov 2009 Catalog last Christmas. Ruffian's Jacquard Gala Dress with Sparrow's Cascading Tulle Jacket. The Jacket turned out to be a tailoring nightmare for everyone.

Jess said...

hahahahhaha Laura :D that is the one! toooo funny!

vintageglammz said...

Luck is definitely on your side Laura! winning 2 giveaways - that's amazing! Good to see you purchasing pratical goods from CSN - at least you will use them :-)
What a cheery, bright outfit! I adore it on you!
I don't quite understand how a bio-degradable bag would work in my closet - there's no way i'm going to be throwing out a $400 handbag!!
Look forward to seeing you in the Babergh. I've noticed that a lot of bloggers have been wearing theirs recently, so i can;'t wait to see what you do!

Mandy said...

What awesome prizes!! Yay for winning giveaways - so much fun! I must say that the Curled Zinnia Dress is definitely one of my favorite dresses that you wear ... I just have a thing for yellow and red together, and that dress is stunning! All of the colors are just so divine ... what a steal on sale! I may have to stalk ebay for that one, Laura! :) With your new boots and your lovely yellow Leifsdottir coat, you have a winner of an outfit!! Beautiful!

Jessica said...

This outfit is perfection from the trench down to those boots! Everything goes together so great!

Jamie said...

Hi Laura! I had trouble commenting earlier, so fingers crossed that this works!

What a seriously gorgeous yellow Leifsdottir coat. How did I go for so many years without knowing of all the fabulous Leifsdottir pieces out there? I have a lot of catching up to do!

I really love the prints on both the Fey Grove and Curled Zinnias dresses. I too have a tendency to purchase dresses with ruffled collars. I have one LOFT dress in particular that I like to think of as "audacious" because of the profusion of ruffles around the neckline. It's a tad over the top, even for me! But I think your "clown collar" is so fun and you made it work very well!

Can't wait to see how your turkey day Babergh outfit turns out! I was originally going to wear my new Compeer for Thanksgiving. But seeing as how I'd like to do a Thrifty Thursday post, I think I am going to wear a few Burberry items that the BFs mom snagged for me at the thrift store. And since she loves when I wear the clothes that she's found for me, it will be a good way to show her my appreciation on Thanksgiving!

Laura said...

Jen, I suppose that if a thief were to rip my bag from my vice like grasp and then throw it to the side after taking my $2 and change, my bag would disintegrate without polluting the Earth. Ha-ha!

Mandy, I think you like the Curled Zinnia Dress much more than me. It would definitely look much better on your tall lean figure.

Laura said...

Jessica, I feel almost too Matchy Match. There was no creativity involved in a lot of my older outfits. But I'm workin' on that.

Jamie, Sorry about the commenting issues. The post is photo heavy. I had a love affair with Leifsdottir that has been fading lately. Turns out I am cooking so no Babergh for Thanksgiving.

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