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No Anthro Zone Reviews - Pebbled and Primped Boots - Fleeting Lights Cardigan

Anthro's Pebbled and Primped Boots - by Miss Albright - $258

I love all my Miss Albright shoes!  So why not give the boots a try too! Wow, am I happy I did.

I've never been a fan of full length boots. I find them too uncomfortable to wear.  After reading the reviews, I had to try these for myself.  I was shocked when my BF said the ruffle was a no go. For me that was the main attraction.  It gives them a feminine perspective. Although when viewed from the front, the boots are rather plain looking.

SIZE: I normally wear size 8. I ordered a 1/2 size up. I probably didn't need to. So, I am calling these TTS.

FIT: Comfortably loose, but definitely not sloppy. I have a 13" calf, these are 16". So not really too big. There is plenty of extra space in the front. The toe is comfortably rounded. My heel doesn't slip up and down. I can easily wear thick socks. I am just under 5'6'. These are the perfect height at just below the knee.

FEEL: Not only are these awesome looking, but they feel like heaven. Most important is the flexible sole for walking. I could easily walk for miles. I have a bad toe that tends to lock up and cause pain inside a tight shoe.  There is plenty of space at the top of the toe box so that I can flex my toes. This is the main reason I don't normally wear boots.

LEATHER: I don't think the leather looks cheap as some reviewers online noted. The color is different! Depending on light the color is Black, Brown, Grey, and Olive Green. All colors I happen to like. The texture gives these boots a different look. There are lighter areas that give depth and reflect light. I don't view these as flaws. Certainly they don't resemble plastic rain boots as one online reviewer suggested. I like that the leather isn't heavy. These are perfect for California, where thick leather boots are not needed.

DETAILS: The zipper of one boot was sticky. I used silicone on both. The low grooved heel is exactly what I was looking for. The sole is non-slip. There is one very small square of dark leather to the inside at the top of the right boot that can be seen in the above image.

RECOMMENDED - Order TTS - Considering the comfort and the style I rate these as excellent. The slight imperfections are to be expected in a boot at this price. And the unusual color makes them unique and versatile.

I love the Pebbled and Primped Boots so much I ordered the Bowtied-Beauty Boots over the weekend.  Size 8 are now sold out.  I sized up to an 8.5.  Reviews were mixed as to the boots being TTS or running slightly large.  8.5 might be to big for me.  I read all 84 online reviews. Not a single reviewer mentions what brand these boots are. Does anyone else already have either of these boots?  Would love to hear your perspective.

Anthro's Fleeting Light Cardigan - by Sleeping on Snow - was $198, Sale $100.

This is a beautifully well made sweater. Well worth the original $200 price tag. It has been patiently waiting in my Wish List for a sale.

SIZE: I ordered a Small from online. I'm just under 5'6", 125 lbs, 35-27-36.

FIT: Most reviewers suggested TTS. I am always a Small in sweater, but this one fits like a glove all the way around. It almost makes me look flat chested since it's so tight.  It's also very short. I had planned to wear this with the Just Right Skirt by Girls of Savoy also on sale, and the Bright Sides Blouse from early 2010. If you are between sizes you may want to size up depending on your fit preference.

Bright Sides Blouse in Coral - by Odille
Anthro Orig $98, Sale $50 - Mar 2010

Just Right Skirt - Girls From Savoy
Anthro Orig $118, Sale $60

Shop the Just Right Skirt here.

FABRIC: The body of the sweater is Wool with 10% Nylon. The sweater has some stretch and is heavy and warm. I don't think it will stretch out over time. The lining is Grey Silk, and is gathered and sewn loose for comfort. The sleeves are unlined. The sweater can be hand washed or dry cleaned.

DETAILS: The detail work is gorgeous and perfectly matched. Obviously done after the sweater was assembled. Lovely chevron stitch work with embroidered French Knots, and lots of beads in a rainbow of colors. The inside placket is re-enforced with heavy grosgrain ribbon. The placket sits crooked when snapped and it is thick. Since I am busty it looks a little odd between the girls. The over sized snaps are sewn on very well. My sweater came with one extra snap and some extra Grey yarn. There are no extra beads.
This will look great over Dark Grey, Purple, Navy Blue, Orange, Yellow, and even Chartreuse.

RECOMMENDED: Consider the length. Size up if between sizes, depending on fit preference.

I am undecided on the Fleeting Light Cardi. The Just Right Skirt will be delivered Tuesday. I will try out the outfit then.  Due to the short length the Cardi, it's not as versatile as I had hoped.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions about the reviewed items.
If you currently have any of these items I would love to hear your impressions.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (


Mandy said...

Yay I love both of those boots you decided to get (you're right about the Moonglow Mary Janes - they're lovely but not as practical as boots)! If my sweetie weren't buying me a pair of Frye boots for Christmas, I wouldn't be waiting for sale on the Anthro boots like I am. I love the Pebbled boots on you - very classy and fun! The leather doesn't look cheap to me at all. Just gorgeous!!

Kristina said...

That sweater is beautiful...great choice!

Jess said...

It is all great Laura. Love the ruffle on the boots and they look very comfy :) The sweater looks like it will go with a lot too. Great stuff!

LC said...

Those boots are beautiful. I'm holding out for the Bowtied Beauty Boots, though since they're selling out I might have to just buy them already. I can't wait to see your review, I know it will be more thorough than the online reviews (I read them all too!).

Peggy said...

I soooo love the boots. I wish I had a boot fairy to bring me a pair!

Lori said...

So excited about your two new pairs of boots! I like the ruffle on the boots! I'm excited to see what you do with them :)


Jamie said...

I saw these boots in person when I was at the Rockefeller Ctr store and they were just gorgeous -- as were the Bowtied Beauties sitting next to them. They are both such unique, but versatile colors. The Pebbled and Primped will be perfect to wear with anything that is a tricky color (ie, black-brown). Can't wait to see you style your second pair of boots.

Thanks so much for your tips on how to dry clean less frequently. I am going to give it a try this weekend (I only have access to laundry facilities on Saturday and Sunday). I think that your methods may be the perfect solution for all my dry-clean only clothes, with the exception of the suits and suit separates...which I really try to avoid wearing anyway.

Laura said...

Hi Mandy,

I hope you love your Christmas Boots.


The Sweater is just too short. I had to return it. Sniff! But not the boots. I love the boots!


It was a no go in the sweater. Darn! I really loved it too!


I fdon't usually read them all. but I wanted to know what Brand the Bowtied-Beauty Boots were. I should have just called to find out.


My boot fairy is called extra November pay check. Yeah!

Laura said...


The Pebbled and Primped boots go with just about everything in my closet. And what doesn't go with them will certainly work with the Bowtied Beauty Boots.


How cool that both pairs of boots were in some stores. I didn't know that.

I hope my Dry Cleaning idea works for you. The only draw back is that you do have to do your own ironing. Although I don't find that I have to iron most items every time I wear it.

Keiko said...

I am in love...

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