Monday, November 29, 2010

My Little Pony Runs on Gasoline!

Greetings!  If you’re wondering about the strange title, keep reading.  I’ll get to it eventually.

If you haven't seen the lovely styling created by The Anthropologie Connoisseur for yours truly, be sure to see her post HERE.  This is one genius style maker.  I'm thrilled with her suggestions.  Please, please, check her out. Ask her for your own free of charge styling request.

Elizabeth at "Have Your Cake and Eat it too" is at it again with another Giveaway.  You can check out her blog and enter her Giveaway HERE.

Anthro Salka Jacket by Double Stitch Nov 2010
 I wasn’t completely taken with today’s outfit, despite the fact that I spent several hours re-mixing Sunday night.  I styled a few partial outfits that didn’t go to completion. This is the only complete outfit that I was comfortable with enough to wear.  It’s very possible that I set my expectations too high. Then I received a compliment by the first person that saw me at work. Then another!

Why does it take a compliment to bring reassurance?  Obviously I don’t trust myself.  Bad Laura! I wonder how many potentially cute outfits I tossed aside Sunday night.

I realize what I wear might matter to some, and nothing to others, but what’s important is that it matter to me.

Paseo Ruffled Leather Skirt - by Leifsdottir - Anthro Orig $448, Sale $225 - Oct 2010

I still hadn’t worn the Paseo Ruffled Leather Skirt except once to dinner.  So that was the first item pulled from my closet.  Despite my resolution to concentrate on the skirt and only the skirt, I got sidetracked multiple times. I did as promised and took pictures of the mass destruction I left in my wake.  Then I deleted them by accident. Do you believe that?

Shop the Paseo Ruffled Skirt HERE.  See my review for the Paseo Ruffled Skirt HERE.

Salka Jacket with Bandeau Top Layered

The Salka Jacket was an easy connection to the skirt. 

The tough part was finding a simple long sleeved tee to keep me warm.  My closet continues to lack basic items. I rummaged this Gray/Blue T Shirt from the spare bedroom.  I believe the Anthro name was the Bandeau Top. This represents some of my oldest Anthro.  I think any color long sleeve T shirt would work just great, since Gray and Black are neutrals.  Right?  After all, the only part seen is the sleeves and the bottom front.

Salka Jacket - by Double Stitch - Anthro Orig $118 Sale $59 - Mar 2009
I just noticed that the Product Image shows 6 buttons on the Salka Jacket.  Mine has only 4.

See an alternate suggestion for styling the Salka Jacket HERE.

I had a certain pair of tights in mind when I started.  And so we come to the odd title.  When I received the first pair of Pony Prix Tights they reeked of what I can only describe as gasoline.  I hand washed them and soaked them in Downy.  Once dry, they spread their foul odor to the entire drawer of tights. So back into the mail they went. 

Pony Prix Tights - by Tintoretta - Anthro Orig $28 Sale $10 - Oct 2010

The Pony Prix Tights are sold out, but Anthro also has the Foxy Tights HERE
  Anthro promised a quality control check.  After 2 weeks and several phone calls to CS (where are my tights) I received my replacement pair. Along with a PA. They had gone on sale. I guess they didn’t pass quality control inspection.  I bet I know why.  Pair number 2 also reeked. I had planned to review these once I got the 2nd pair.  I missed that opportunity completely. They sold out in one day for $10. This is a common problem when everything must be ordered online.

I’ve seen the Pony Prix Tights on Kristina of Kristina J, and Jamie of Thrifty Threads.  Well?  My inquiring mind wants to know.  Do your tights have a gasoline odor too? What did you do, if anything?  Or are they so cute you put up with it like I do.  I'm hoping it will dissipate over time.


Anthro's Pony Prix Tights by Tintoretta with Macy's Sasha Pumps by B Makowsky - Orig $138 Sale $104 - Nov 2010
  The Sasha pumps were yet another easy connection

Contrast Cuff Gloves - Lambswool and Angora - Anthro Orig $48 Sale $30 - Dec 2008

 Shop similar Gloves HERE.

As I was preparing to leave for work this morning, I thought of a certain pair of gloves.  My gloves are housed in an Orla Kiely storage bin on a shelf under my dresses.  I grabbed for the bin, and found the perfect pair.  Not that I have worn them much so far today.  Just on the way to work and over to Target to pick up a few things. They add a little extra special something to the outfit.


Anthro's Salka Jacket with Leifsdottir's Paseo Ruffled Leather Skirt Nov 2010

Dear Wonderful Readers,

I must thank you for your inspiring emails, helpful suggestions, and encouraging comments.

I recently received a thank you from Antoinette, who scored a pair of Three Times Booties using my Anthro Switcharoo link to the catalog product page.  She got the last pair. I am inspired to keep up with those links whenever possible.

Shelley sent a suggestion for a hair cut that just might help cover some of my hair issues. When I asked, she also sent a photo of the hair cut on her.  It turns out we have the same hair issue.  By the end of this week I might have a new hair cut as long as my Stylist Sara approves.

Please feel free to send me comments, suggestions, ideas for improvements.  And know that I sincerely appreciate hearing them.  This is what the Anthropologie Community was meant to do.  We meet here to help each other, even if in the smallest of ways.

Now for today’s comment topic:

Have you ever ordered something that had a strange flaw, or at least bothersome problem, but kept the item anyway because you really liked it?  An issue like the Pony Prix Tights perhaps?  Perhaps you tried to repair or eliminate the problem. 

Tell me your story!  How did you deal with it?  Did you order a replacement only to find it was no different than the original?

Today's topic is only to get the ball rolling.  Please feel free to comment on anything you like.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura


Peggy said...

love those tights! i wanted them but didn't grab them in time. I don't know if I could stand the gas smell though.......ugh!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the link and sweet words, Laura! I'm so happy you were able to get some ideas from the post! Again, if you have any further questions, feel free to ask away!

I love this skirt! I never tried it on, but I felt it (sounds weird) and it was so buttery smooth! It's adorable!

Collette Osuna said...

Bad Bad Laura...I think you always look fabulous...I adore the skirt and those tights are too adorable for words....came by to give you a hug and to see Alex:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
Statements in Fashion Blog♥

Laura said...


I think the fumes from the tights gave me a headache today. I feel another long soak in Downey coming on.

Anthropologie Connoisseur,

The Leifsdottir skirt is incredibly buttery. And the laser cut scallops are smooth too. I saved up for this skirt. I knew I would love it. The only negagtive has to be the acetate lining.


Hug excepted and warmly returned. Stop by and visit anytime. You are always welcome here. I promise Alex's dragonfly will be here as long as I am. Now you would look fabulous in the Leather Skirt.

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely love that skirt Laura! You styled it perfectly

I actually kept a pair of sandals from Piperlime that's strap broke the first time I wore them! They didn't have any more in my size and the $7 I paid to get them repaired was well worth it all the wear I've gotten out of them.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Only you can Anthro-ize a short black leather mini into something classic and classy! What an unexpected combo you put together but definitely one that WORKS!

The shirtdress I got from UO recently had a bad smell issue too! When I first took it out of the wrapper, it just reeked of old fabric - like stuff you dig out of a moldy old attic box that's been in there for years! Thankfully a tumble through the dryer with a softener sheet solved the while issue!

Lady Cardigan said...

I think this is a wonderful outfit. You look so cute. The jacket is amazing.

I would never be able to stand the gasoline smell. That's just wrong. I used to keep almost everything no matter how flawed, but I'm trying to stop doing that. If I love it and can make it work, I'll still try, but usually it goes back, and I can't recall ever regretting making a return.

Jessica said...

How weird that those tights reeked of gasoline. They look super adorable and I love how you styled everything in this outfit! So cute!

vintageglammz said...

Hello sister love laura!!
Your blog posts are always so funny. The title made me think it may have been related to a run-down car of yours or something like that..hehe
Gasoline eh...i say it's in the content. sometimes when i iron some of my clothes (esp synthetics), it reeks of gasoline too. My workmate thinks there's plastic in it! hmmm..
I have come across products with flaws in them, but only in store. And I usually ask for a discount. One of my cardis had a little hole in the pocket, but i was able to fix it easy. Plus it was only $17 in total, so i didn't mind the little flaw! I would return it if it was a full price item.

vintageglammz said...

ohhh i forgot to mention how cute you looked!!

Rachel said...

I love that skirt. Leifsdoittir also had that skirt in an ivory color that I keep stalking ebay for.

Jamie said...

Love how you styled the Paseo skirt. I have a leather skirt as well that gets little love in my closet. Still trying to figure out if I can get away with wearing it to work -- I think not, as it's on the tighter side.

I think what makes yours so appropriate for work is that it is not body skimming, and the ruffles add a sweet touch that is unexpected in leather. It is just lovely! Really a unique, true LF piece.

And yes, my Pony Prix tights do have a curious odor as well, though it was very faint and not too discernible. I couldn't figure it out, at first, but I think you've nailed it on the head by calling it gasoline. I sprayed them down with Febreeze (not Lysol, as I did to that one poor blazer!), but it didn't do much. My PP tights actually came with a slight flaw -- there is a hole in them! I was thinking of exchanging, but I am feeling lazy and will probably just repair instead.

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