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No Anthro Zone Review - Leifsdottir's Skirt in a Polka Dotted OOTD - Need eBay Advice

Happy "Cool, windy, with a chance of rain" Monday! 

Today's No Anthro Zone Review is for this sweet polka dotted Leifsdottir that has gone from a Summer version straight into Fall.  I have seen this skirt in three delightful colors.  Yellow, Light Blue, and Navy. I don't know why the original online color looks totally different than my images.
Vintage Dots Skirt - by Leifsdottir - Neimans - orig. $198, sale $69 - Sept 2010

I'm 5' 5.5" tall, weigh approx 125 lbs. 35-27-36.  I adore the ruffle details. Initially I thought the price was steep for a cotton skirt with acetate lining. Now that I see the origami style folding, I can appreciate the expense.

Reviews suggested sizing up.  I crossed my fingers and ordered a 6.  Normally I wear a size 4.  I was worried because most of my Leifsdottir skirts are too large in size 6.  I am so thankful I took the suggestion to heart, because the 6 is a perfect fit.

The waistline rides low giving some added length.  Mine measured in at 16.5". The hem hits about 2 inches above the knee. The Cotton Poplin was stiff and the ruffles were completely flat and creased from packaging.  Thirty minutes of laborious ironing softened the material and smoothed the ruffles. The ruffles and some of the folds tend to flip up from sitting. So sit carefully.

Shop Leifsdottir's Vintage Dots Skirt on sale in Light Blue
size 6 here, size 0 here, size12 here.

Shop the skirt in Navy here

I fully recommend this skirt.  But for those no taller than 5'6".  If taller you could add a crinoline slip to increase the length. I also have trouble with the zipper staying put. Probably has something to do with a fat roll pushing it down.

Since the Coming and Going Skirt in the Yellow version made it to the Anthro sale section, the Navy will likely get there too.  Eventually.

Now for a Monday OOTD with the Leifsdottir's Vintage Dots Skirt. Everything I styled for this outfit I already had in my closet.  However,  I did put in an online order last Thursday.  Yep, another styling for this skirt.

Proscenium Cardi in Navy - by Splendid - Anthro $68 - June 2010
I adore this simple, easy going Cardi made from Cotton/Modal Blend.  $68 was a steal. Machine Wash, Tumble Dry is always a positive.  Loose flowy Cardi's like this always style well with more fitted clothing.  I don't feel lost in folds of knit, and the 3/4 sleeves take the annoyance out of pushing up your sleeves.  The little buttons on the lapel help to rope in the excess fabric giving a more taylored appearance. Even better, I can fold the extra material over my lap like a blanket. It was chilly this morning in the Park.  Fall has finally made it to Bakersfield.

White Sands Wedges - by Argilas - Anthro orig $365, sale $180 May 2010

I was torn between yellow Frye platform sandals and these wonderful suede wedges by Argila.  I decided the neutral was more in line with Autumn in the air. These are by far the more comfortable of the two pairs of shoes.

Tripp Laptop Bag Car Print - by Orla Kiely SS10 - eBay $209 - April 2010

 I found this Orla Kiely Laptop Bag in the Cars Print on eBay.  The intent was to carry my Laptop in it.  But it's just so darn cute and roomy that most of the time I just use it like a large tote bag.  People just love this bag. I would have Orla's prints all over my house if I could afford them.  She makes this print in sheets and bath towels too. Last year I ordered 2 bath sheets for Christmas in the stem print.  I was so disappointed in the size.  European bath sheets are half the size of a US bath sheet.  I had forgotten to check the measurements.  But the towels are very pretty.  I'm not so big that I can't use a small towel.

Pinwheel Petals Double Strand in Yellow - Anthro $48 - June 2010
This necklace is light as a feather and darling.  Why I picked it for this outfit is so easy to see, I don't even have to tell you. 

Thanks to a Reader named Sandra for emailing the Link to my long sought after Moth Cardi in Orange.  Bidding ends tomorrow evening. There are currently 3 bids.  The Cardi is a Medium (too large, but I will make it work) and used. I have not placed a bid, but I'm watching. There are 3 bids up to $34. I really want this Cardi.  Shipping is free. I'm willing to go to $45.  The Cardi is from the January 2008 catalog.

Readers, I need eBay advice on how to win a bidding war. I don't like them.  I get nervous and flustered and bid too soon. Is it best to not let my presence be known until the last 30 seconds when I place a bid?

Have a safe Monday!

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I adore that Leifsdottir skirt on you! The fit flatters your figure so well and I had been lusting after it too, but I think the butt ruffle turned me off (specifically bc I will be one of those people who will sit on the ruffle wrong and end up with crazy bum ruffage).

As for the Ebay bidding, you could always EM the seller directly and offer up a buy-it-now price for the item. Or (even though I kind of hate those people bc they always snatch up my item from me at the last-minute) sit tight until close to the auction end and hope you end your bid(s) in prior to someone else to keep the price down. And I kind of hate those people bc it always works!

Anonymous said...

The skirt is adorable!

Lori said...

The skirt looks great on you, and I love that you paired it with navy. It definitely feels more Fall that way.

I have no advice to give on ebay. I can't stand stressing about auctions, so I actually tend to forget about them and I lose if there's a bidding war.

Kelly said...

I love this skirt!!! I bought the H&M knockoff version in navy, but I really loved the yellow one, I just couldn't stomach it at full price :)

Anonymous said...

Omg! you are too cute in that skirt. I love it, so fun and the details are worth the money. The perfect piece and its so great how you can wear it in fall.

GeoInCalifornia said...

Lisa, The Cardi did a great job of covering up the butt ruffles gone awry.

Thank you! Did you like my Fall rendition?

Lori, eBay is something I can't live without. Anthro sells out online before stores. If I miss something, sometimes I can get it cheaper on eBay. Or very near to the same price as online if the item has received PA's. I will probably end up spending my money on Anthro Sale instead of saving for the Cardi. Especially it's in my Wish List.

GeoInCalifornia said...


The Yellow version went to sale online. But it disappeared from the Sale Section within a few days. They were still available in the catalog for $99. I can't figure out why Anthro does that. A catalog gets written over with a new catalog after 4 months. I know there is stock in there. Who buys all that stuff. Does Anthro have deals going on with eBay Sellers or what?

For example: The Fragrant Valley Dress for $198 in the now gone March 2010 Catalog. There were still dresses in every size when it disappeared from the sale section. I bought it from the catalog the day before I knew it would be overwritten by the July catalog. It was $100. I love the dress and really didn't mind that I payed that much. It ended going all the way down to $30 in the stores. But I didn't know until it was too late to claim a PA.

GeoInCalifornia said...


California gals don't follow the seasonal clothing cycles like the rest of the World. We wear whatever our hearts desire. Sometimes even white after Labor Day.

Cindy said...

Big in the last 30 seconds for sure. Also, bid an odd cent amount (instead of $45, bid $45.23) because if someone else's highest bid is $45, you win.

Good luck with the auction!! Also, adorable outfit, I saw a similar item at H&M a while back (: Also, I have the same necklace and I'm definitely inspired to wear it more often!

greatbleuheron said...

Do you know about sniping? You find a website that does the last minute bidding for you; tell them how high you'd be willing to go; and they set it up electronically so that, at the last minute, your bid is entered to beat the previous highest bid (unless it's higher than the cap you specified). I find doing last-minute bidding on my own too stressful for comfort, and besides, it doesn't work very well. These sites fix all that. With sniping, the only way you lose is if you underbid or are out-sniped. One I've tried is EZ sniper. Your first several snipes are free, so you can see how you like the service with no financial commitment.

Good luck winning your auction!


Swati said...

Laura love ur style .. u are really a true anthro fan .. top to bottom anthro :)..... about the ebay bidding .. bid in the last 1 min .. as i feel 30 secs its way too less to time to decide if someone has already placed there "higher max amount bid on it " .. i lost quite a few things like that .. sigh

Jamie said...

I love this Leifsdottir skirt on you, Laura. I actually saw it when I was at Nordstrom Rack on Saturday...but you got a better deal at Neiman's because NR still had it marked at $90 or so.

As much as I love Ebay, I am afraid that I almost always lose bidding wars. When I win, it is generally because I was the only bidder. I tend to bid early, thinking that will deter others from bidding. But it sounds as though I need to change my strategy and bid at the last moment. But what if I forget that an item is about to end? Ebay sends you reminders, but I don't have a PDA, so if I don't check my email frequently enough, I might miss out. What a quandry!

I have a confession that I know you will appreciate -- I purchased the B. Makowsky Sindy pumps in the ivory/ tan color! I am wearing them right now, at 2:00 AM, for sheer kicks. Before the Sindy pumps, I only had one pair of close-toed ivory shoes and they are hideous. I had been planning to wait until the end of Winter to buy these, but Lord and Taylor marked them down to $100 in-store and offered an add'l 20% off as part of their anniversary sale. It seems like they aren't available from the L/T website. Shame, or else you could order a second pair of BMs at a great deal! Have your Sasha pumps arrived yet? I am hoping you love them as much as I do!

Thanks for mentioning my inactive links on my most recent post -- they're fixed now! When I pressed "publish", I had a feeling I was forgetting something. Have a great night!

Jamie said...

Whoops -- Looks like I wrote another novel!

vintageglammz said...

That is such a cute skirt! i love the colour! i wish i could have bought one myself. I do have the Leifsdottir Lafayette dress though, but this skirt is just so adorable!

GeoInCalifornia said...


Thanks for the eBay tip. I never thought of bidding with an odd cent amount.


Sniping huh! No I have never heard of such a thing. Sounds a little like cheating. Now I know why I never win. Thank you for telling me about this. I don't want to win that badly.

Hi Swati,

I am truely an Anthro addict. I stepped into an Anthro one day. That was all she wrote. I was hooked.

After learning about this sniping service I am totally disheartened about eBay.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura

GeoInCalifornia said...


Leifsdottir had the skirt marked down to $49. But I think I almost got just as good a deal with free shipping.

Tell the truth. You love your Cindi Pumps so much you wore them to bed at 2AM. I'm not even that bad with shoes. But, I have worn new jewelry to watch TV in bed. He-he!


You can really dress that Lafeyette Dress up. Strapless, polka dots, add a nice blazer or sweater. But the Vintage Dots does have some awesome ruffles.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura

Kristina said...

No way!!! You got the skirt AND the jealous over here. You're seriously one classy lady!!!

Jess said...

What an adorable skirt! It looks fantastic on you Laura. I had tried on something similar at H&M once, and it was awful on me, the ruffles were cut across at all the wrong places on me, but you totally rock it. (oh yes, that was a pun on your profession :P )

I am no good at the ebay thing, but I hear that using the automated bidding is the best way to go.

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