Thursday, October 14, 2010

A No Anthro Zone Review - Leifsdottir's Paseo Ruffled Skirt - Plus the Remaining Lilies in an OOTD

Good news! My silly Poem Post, seen here, worked.  Summer is leaving Sunday, and will pull Fall into the area by Monday.  Yeah! In the meantime, today is another scorching 93°F in the Great Central Valley of CA.

Check out the very cool picture my camera took this morning of the Remaining Lilies Cardi.  Can a real photographer explain this please?
Remaining Lilies Cardi - by Wendy Reed - Size Small - Anthro Orig $128, Sale $70 - Oct 2010
This Cardi is no longer in the sale section.  But if you want it, it is in the now hidden July catalog in XS, S and M.  Just use this link to the catalog.  But hurry, because the November Catalog will overwrite the July in 2 short weeks. 

Be sure you add any items you want to your Wish List now.  That may be the only way you will be able to purchase them when the catalog is overwritten.

I love this Cardi with just a plain pair of Pilcro jeans.

The little buttons up the front are covered in the same Navy Blue fabric as the ribbon detail that circles the placket, neckline and hem.
The flower detail is stitched Navy (maybe Black) and Ivory Knit

It did not scream Granny sweater!  Nor was it boxy on me!  But it is short in length for gals over 5'6". But would certainly work layered over dresses or long tops that hang out the bottom.

The ribbon and flower detail is nicely incorporated into the 3/4 length sleeves with split cuffs at the wrists.
The fit isTTS.  The quality is excellent.

Remaining Lilies Cardi from Anthro's hidden July Catalog

If you want further reviews you can view them by clicking the links below.  They are no longer on the Anthro website.

A No Anthro Zone Review - The Paseo Ruffled(?) Skirt by Leifsdottir...
I emailed, requesting they update the description for this spectacular Leifsdottir Skirt. The length is a meager 16", not 22". Leifsdottir and the Major Dept. Stores list the skirt at 16”.

I took these images inside our office shower stall.  Great Lighting! He-he!

Shop the Paseo Ruffled Skirt in all sizes at here

Shop the Paseo Ruffled Skirt in size 0 and 6-12 at Anthro here

Very odd how different the skirts look on the forms. 
It certainly is shaped more like the Leifsdottir version on me.

SIZE:  I ordered my normal size 4 in skirts.  Thank goodness I ordered this last Friday, because size 4 is now sold out at Anthro. The fit is TTS. I am just under 5' 6" tall, 125 lbs, 35-27-36. 

FIT: It doesn't fit tight, nor is it loose. This is a perfect TTS fit. The length is 2" above my knees.  I will wear with tights.

OUTFIT with: Remaining Lilies Cardi and the Precious Materials Cardi. This is a versatile addition to my closet. My head is crammed full of outfit ideas.

DETAILS:  Leifsdottir signature Zipper Pull. Wonderfully soft leather. This isn't your daughters cheap shiny leather skirt. The downside is the yucky acetate lining. The layers of laser cut leather are the unique feature adorning this skirt. 

Not sure where the word ruffled in the Leifsdottir name was intended to fit in. The name should have read Paseo Layered Skirt perhaps.

Odd that this skirt does not carry a unique Anthropologie name.  Since the skirt never appeared in the regular priced skirt section, I can only assume that Anthro was forced to place it in the sale section, since everyone else already had it for sale.  No one took the time to check the description or to offer this beauty an Anthro name.

This skirt is now selling out fast. 

Recommended - TTS.  Tall gals could order up and drop the skirt down for added length. Don't wait for a price cut on this one.

Is anyone else having issues with Blogger not adding photos?  I have to logout and back in, or pick everything and add all at once. 

My darn flu shot made me feel sick yesterday. Gave me the mini flu for the first time.

Anthro Sister Love at it's Finest, Laura (lauramartinsemail)


Tien said...

The skirt looks wonderful on you! I didn't even realize Anthro carried it. I can't wear a leather skirt (just don't feel comfortable), so kudos to you for rocking it.

Jess said...

Gorgeous skirt Laura, are you going to keep it? I think you really should. It looks unique and so feminine without being over the top.

GeoInCalifornia said...


This leather skirt is very comfortable. It feels like fabric, not leather.


You bet I am keeping it. I plan to wear it out to dinner tomorrow night. So maybe some cute pictures if my date will agree to take them.


Kay said...

Ah! Love it! You've got on one of my faves :) tricky Anthro, hiding items...

That skirt is so cute! I didn't realize it was leather, it's gorgeous!

Kelly said...

The skirt actually was in the regularly-priced skirt section...I think it was just so expensive that most people skipped over it. I def had it on my wishlist when it was regularly priced. I had to size up in order to get more length b/c I disliked how short it was (the product shots on other websites kinda scared looked so short on the models). I think it can work well in your regular size or one size up (wearing it lower on the hips).

Lori said...

I like how you paired the Remaining Lilies cardi with jeans. It helps it from feeling overly prim, but it gives such nice tailoring to an otherwise casual outfit.

sorry to hear your flu shot made you a bit sick! I hope you feel better today.


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