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No Anthro Zone Review - The Mompos Dress by T Reese

The Mompos by T Reese is an experience of itself. Lovely, flattering and filled with unique qualities befitting an Anthro dress

Mompos is in Columbia the Republic of Colombia!

Anthro's Mompos Dress by T Reese - April 2011
I know I wasn't the only gal put off by the initial reviews. Luckily I had already ordered before any reviews appeared.

No Anthro Zone Review: The Mompos Dress, A Plenty by Tracy Reese, Anthro $228.
Anthro describes the color as Light Denim. Personally, it appears Purple with a slight Gray tone. Not Pastel, Blue or Chambray.

SIZE: I ordered size 4 and 6. All my T Reese clothing is size 4.  I chose to be on the safe side, since Free Ship was about to end.

MEASUREMENTS:  I'm 5'6" Tall, 130 lbs, 34C, 35-28-36, Narrow across the Shoulders. Larger then average Rib Cage.

FIT: The 4 was so snug through the Bust, a deep breath was uncomfortable. However, the Torso and Waistline fit was exceptional and flattering. I immediately changed into the size 6 dress. This dress was slightly tight in the bust, and somewhat lose in the torso. 
Comparing the Mompos Dress Front View - Left size 6 - Right size 4

I found it difficult to get flattering photos of the size 6 dress. I had positioned the belt using the loops.  It seemed a bit too high. After 20 minutes I noticed the bodice was no longer tight.

The Size 6 Dress Developed an Unflattering, Stretched Out Fit in no time

I decided to give the size 4 a second shot. This time I tightened my bra straps to give the Girls a support boost and add some length to my mid section. Sure enough, the dress stretched out slightly by the time I had taken a few photos. The Bust no longer felt tight. The fit was now flattering in the Torso.

The Size 4 Dress Felt Right in all the Important Places

The color difference is an anomaly caused by a different location in the yard.  That is Scientist Speak for "The sun was shining on me at a different angle"

Comparing the Mompos Dress Side View - Left size 6 - Right size 4

You can really see the difference in the fit in the above comparison in side view.

If I had tried this dress on in an Anthro, I would have left with the wrong size. Who's going to stand around for 30 minutes to see if fabric stretches?

The All Important Details 

BELT closure is to the back, with 2 rows of 2 snaps. Nicely Reinforced! All 4 snaps must be used to keep the belt tab from hanging loose. The size 6 belt was too lose, since it can't be easily adjusted, it didn't offer any aid to reign in the stretched out waistline.

Mompos Dress by T Reese - Belt Detail

The Size 4 belt was perfect. There is an inch difference in length between the belts. This belt can be easily altered by taking a tuck behind the Bow to the front. Too bad they didn't think to put the snaps under the Bow in front for easy access. Dah!

The ARM HOLES for Size 6 were cut to far to the front. This is clearly seen in the Comparison images in Side View.  The arm holes for the size 4 were just right. No pulling or rubbing in either size as described by JennaNY and AnthroAddict12.
LENGTH:  Size 6 measured an inch longer than size 4,  from waist to shoulder. Another inch from waist to hemline. The six hit at an unflattering knee position. The 4 at my preferred above the knee location.
FABRIC: Sheer 100% Cotton Shell. Dry Clean. Nylon Net Slip attached at waist for volume. Full liner of 100% Cotton attached at the waist and bodice. Adjustable Straps? A redundant detail, since the lining is attached. Snap Tabs at shoulder. Also redundant. Dah!

An attempt to reign in the Size 6 Mompos with
the Enchanting Eyes Belt - Anthro $58 - Apr 2011

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WRINKLED: I lightly spritzed with water and tossed in the dryer on low heat for a few minutes. Still needs pressing.

ZIPPER is exposed. High quality YKK brand.

ODDLY PLACED fabric pieces around the Bodice Darts can be seen on both dresses. The online image is naturally pieced to perfection.

THE STRIPED SKIRT PANELS are placed in a Flattering CHEVRON Pattern.

SIZES 0, 2 and 4 are on backorder.  Showing 99 plus for size 4. I've seen large numbers like this for backorders before, that later appeared much smaller.

Oh to be admired by a Cat that appreciates The Mompos Dress - April 2011
  I just realized, that the last time Heishe looked at me like this I was wearing my only other T Reese Dress. 
See Heishe's Admiration and my Review for the Powdered Pigment Dress HERE.

My cat has an appreciation for the finer things by Tracy Reese.

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I've got a handful of fabulous stylings planned for this dress.  It looks like I found my PERFECT SUMMER FROCK after all.

Have you seen this necklace before?  Meet my cheapo $18 version. The idea originated from an Anthro review. I liked it enough to give it a whirl.  Of course, it doesn't come close to resembling the original. I didn't expect it to.

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Perhaps the review was not the correct place to share this idea.  Regardless, I applaud the gal for her creative ingenuity.  Unlike the dressing down followed by a lecture from two subsequent reviewers claiming to be artists/jewelers.  
And that wraps up this weeks installment of Good Reviews Gone Bad.  With a healthy dose of Mompos for good measure.  Haha!  

Ready or not, here I come.  Blog rounds start now!  

Oh!  Today is Camden's 23rd Birthday.  Please wish him a Happy Birthday for me.  I'm such a bad Mother.  I didn't even remember until I saw todays date on my PC.

BAD Laura!
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