Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No Anthro Zone Review: The Drifting Lilies Gets a Second Chance for Brittany!

Anthro's Lengthy Days Vest layered over the Drifting Lilies Dress with
Sliver Belt in Pink (Coral)
I did my civic duty today.  Jury Duty that is.  One day.  I'm done.  The judge excused me for health reasons.  The case involved 3 gang members on trial for Murder.  It could have potentially lasted as long as a month. And please excuse my slightly disheveled, end of the day appearance.

Today's No Anthro Zone Review is for Brittany.

Anthro's Drifting Lilies Dress by Leifsdottir - Orig $298 Sale $150 - April 2011

Online Product Page

You can see my big plan for this dress plus much, much more...HERE

I'm not sure who orchestrated this thought provoking rhyme I'm about to share with you.  It could have been my very own, multi-talented Mother, or all the ladies on the Church Alter Guild. Stuff like this can forever warp the mind of a young, busty, impressionable teenager. Here goes...

Father Howard will Falter at the Alter
when he sees Laura in her Halter

Obviously my Mother was not busty herself.  I am blessed by my Father's side of the family.  

Well, you can't possibly imagine my surprise when I saw the words HALTER on the package description for this dress.  Who wasn't paying attention in class the morning of last weeks Anthro Sale?  


Hello Halter!

SIZE:  I ordered my normal size 4 for most dresses. I take a 6 if there is a band around the rib cage area.
I'm just under 5'6" Tall.  About 130 lbs. 34C. 35-28-36.  Narrow across the shoulders.  As an Anthro reviewer, I describe myself as Curvy On Top.

FIT:  When I received this last night, I threw it on for a few minutes.  Took one look in the mirror and removed it immediately. I was too tired to deal with the mess.  But today, when Brittany asked if I had received the dress, and commented that she was waiting for my review, I came home and made an effort...For Blogs Sake.   You guys are worth it.

BTW, I'm wearing a Barely There Bandeau Bra.  I normally wear these to sleep in.  They don't offer much in the the way of support or lift. But they do keep things comfortably contained.

Shop Barely There right HERE.

1.  The dress is a bit short to the front of my knees. 38 inches in length is a stretch that was likely measured down to the longest wispy side panels. 
2.  My Girls won't get the tailoring they need to look happy.
3.  No pockets.
4.  The Silk Shell is soft, but very wrinkled. Fully Lined in Gray Polyester, edged with a touch of very pretty lace. One of those sweet little Leifsdottir details. Both layers are very sheer when viewed from the inside. But do the job from the opposing vantage point. The print is mostly deep Gray-Green and Ivory, with flecks of Bright Orange, Coral and Green.
5.  The elastic in the waistband and bodice is in the back only.
6.  The bodice has folds at the top that are difficult to see with this print.
7.  Slip over the head styling.

As expected.  A baggy mess up top.  

It's impossible to structure soft, draped Silk.

Anthro's Sliver Belt in Pink, on sale HERE, didn't help much in that regard either, but it sure livened up this dress and made my waist appear smaller.  The color appears to be Coral.  What do you know, a perfect match to the Coral in the Silk Floral pattern

I think an attitude does more to raise the sides of the dress than a Belt.

I could stand around all day with my hands on my hips.

Maybe, but not for $150.

Does anyone else feel a 2nd cut on this dress?

Did you notice that the dress has the same problem on Anthro's Dress Form in the Product Images?  Ladies!  I am a size Small.  And it just so happens that Anthro uses a size Small form for all their Dresses, Tops, Jackets and such.  Only problem is ...my waist and my Gals are slightly larger than a standard Small.  I think my waist is lower too.  

So I took a few snap shots of different ways to tie the Halter that might help.

I know this looks funny.  I want to show you how the Halter is attached at the waist.  It wraps around under the arms from back to front.  Part of the reason so much puckering is going on under the arms.

Crossing the Halter Ties in front actually worked fairly well to pull the sides of the dress up and in.  But the fabric edges are a bit sharp when tied tight enough to accomplish this.  There is no way I can wear this dress on it's own.  Since bra straps are going to show no matter what I do, I decided to put on a bra with support.

Now I simply tied the Halter Ties in a bow to the front.

Shop the Drifting Lilies Dress by Leifsdottir HERE.

Anthro's Drifting Lilies Dress, with Sliver Belt in Coral and Lengthy Days Vest in Green

Then I went with my original plan, and covered the bodice with Anthro's Lengthy Days Vest by Sanctuary, on sale HERE.  I removed the original belt and replaced it with Anthro's Sliver Belt in Pink (really coral) on sale HERE.

Anthro's Etruscan Espadrilles - by Bettye Muller - Orig $198 Sale $99 - April 2011

I love the complete outfit.  Including the Etruscan Espadrilles by Bettye Muller on sale HERE. I normally wear an 8, these are a size 39.  Very comfortable.  And they aren't loose around the ankles at all.  Nicely cushioned instep.  I'm all over these.  They are very different from anything in my closet.

Anthro's Drifting Lilies Dress under the Lengthy Days Vest -
Halter Ties wrapped to the front as a Scarf

Hmmm!  Where did that matching scarf come from?

With a little extra effort, I think my plan for this outfit is even better than I expected.  It's a good thing Brittany lit a fire under me, or I might not have given this dress a second chance.  Thank you Brittany!  

Any questions?  Because I know it's not possible to answer everything in one fell swoop.

Anthro Sister Love, Decisions, Decisions, Laura (lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com)