Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Style GeoInCalifornia For Spring! With a Small Reward!

This idea is from none other than the fabulous Kim of Anthroholic.

I won an eBay auction for this Rare Anthro Treasure...

Wye Valley Dress new - by Maeve Jan 2008 Cat - Anthro Orig $148 eBay $102.50 - Apr 2011
Ummm, yes, I'm not ashamed to admit I sniped this dress. Full disclosure ladies!

Last week I won an eBay auction for this Anthro Gem...

Jemima Shrunken Cardi used - by Moth Jan 2008 Cat - Anthro Orig $88 eBay Auction $96 - Mar 2011

Also Sniped! 

Thank you to those ladies that opened paid accounts and gave me 3 Free Snipes.  As you can see I have put two of them to excellent use.

The dress arrived, but is a bit tight though the rib cage.  A common problem for me.  The major concern is the bodice is so low cut I consider it indecent exposure for a chesty gal like me to wear.  No fear.  The Jemima Shrunken Cardi comes to the rescue.  It look perfect buttoned up the front.  And you have to agree that all the action in this dress is located on the skirt.

The plan was to get these two together for Spring. Mission Accomplished. But I'm not sure where to go with the rest of the outfit.  I'm thinking bracelet and earrings.  No necklace.  I would let the Cardi be the upper statement and the dress skirt the lower. I also need shoes, possibly tights, and a bag. But I really need some assistance from you.

I truly do struggle with styling my over abundance of cloths.  What do you say to helping me by making styling suggestions using items from my Virtual Closet. ?

All my Footwear is HERE 
Tights are HERE

Bracelets and Earrings HERE and HERE
Please Note: I added the most perfect pair of Paved Red Tulip Earrings by Juicy Couture to my Virtual Closet. It was instant love.  What girl with a Tulip Dress and a passion for paved jewelry pass these up?  However, these earrings are reserved for the reader that suggested them.  If you want to make a conservatively priced suggestion of your own, then please feel free.  I do of course have the option of purchasing or not.  Please be sure you make a back-up selection from my Virtual Closet also.

Handbags HERE

Another Note:  Most of these albums have more than one page, so be sure to click to the next page to see everything. You may also notice that some captions have not been update.  These are older items I have not used on the blog.  I really only have time to update the item info when I decide to use the item.  Please refer to the slide number and I will update the description before all is done.

You can tell me which items by the caption name, or the URL. Polyvores work too.

I will compile everything.  Take photos wearing each styling suggestion.  Then prepare a Monster Post of all your ideas. Then we will vote the best for GeoInCalifornia's Spring Outfit. Because the truth is, you Gals are the Supreme Anthro Style Mavens on this planet.

So start sending your styling ideas to

The reward for the top voted Style is a $25 Anthro Gift Card out of my pocket. The closing date for submissions is Thursday April 28th. 

If you have a concern or any questions please let me know.
Anthro Sister Love, Laura