Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sale Picks! Orla Review! Anthro Response!

Woohoo!  I was not expecting a sale today.  It was in the back of my mind naturally.  And of course I checked as I do every Tuesday.  So I was happy to see a few things made sale from my Wish List.  Although I winged it for a few additions.

Drifting Lilies Dress - by Leifsdottir - Anthro Orig $298 Sale $150 - Apr 2011

Leifsdottir's Drifting Lilies Dress SHOP HERE is the Cream of the Crop.  It's very different for me.  I don't normally go for romantic.  My thought is to tone it down with a rugged topper....

 Lengthy Days Vest in Green - by Sanctuary - Anthro Orig  $128 Sale $70 - Apr 2011
 I like the idea.  But I can't be sure about the execution as an outfit.  The dress was not Wish Listed, but the
Lengthy Days Vest SHOP HERE was. I may remove the Vest belt and belt over with one of these...

Curves and Lines Belt - Anthro Orig $54 Sale $30 - Apr 2011.JPG


Sliver Belt in Green - Anthro Orig $38 Sale $20 - Apr 2011
go for a more colorful choice in Green. Or maybe the softer version that looks Orange, but is described as Pink....

Sliver Belt in Pink - Anthro Orig $38 Sale $20 - Apr 2011
Any one of these belts might work.  All these colors are wonderfully light and Spring ready. I normally have better luck wearing stretch belts like the Curves and Lines SHOP HERE.  But if the Sliver Belts SHOP HERE are soft enough (they do look soft) then they will work just as well.

Remember this Orla Kiely Bag?   We Orla fans were so excited to see OK back at Anthro.  My excitement turned to disappointment when I saw this bag first hand. 

Sustainable Sunflowers Bag - by Orla Kiely -  Anthro $258.jpg

Heidi ordered it.  We poked, prodded and discussed it.  She returned it.  I reviewed it. 

Shop this bag and read my NOT-SO-STELLAR review HERE

While adding my Review I happened to notice this little Miss Albright Satchel sitting on the Side Bar.  It was Wish Listed immediately. 

Bursting Peony Satchel in Green - by Miss Albright -  Anthro Orig $148 Sale $80 - Apr 2011.JPG
Now maybe it will work for this outfit, maybe not.  I thought it was Yellow, but it turns out the bag is pale Green.  I like the Appliqued Fabric, But I know I had better protect it with something to keep it from picking up dirt.

For the last 3 years I have sufficed with 1 pair of Espadrilles.  See Anthro's Roadways by Bobbi Blu  HERE.  Just the other day I was wearing those with the Mompos Dress.

Anthro's Mompos Dress by T Reese with Roadways by Bobbi Blu
Suddenly I have found myself starving for Espadrilles.  Then I saw Anthro's Lemon Stick Wedges by none other than my favorite Anthro Brand Miss Albright SHOP HERE.  Guess where I saw them first?  On Molly's awesome Blog Anthromollogies.  She paired them with the Mompos Dress. 

I did ask her if it was OK for me to run with her idea.  She approved.

Now back to the subject.

To make a long story short I was compelled to grab at another pair of Espadrilles. This time on sale.

Etruscan Espadrilles - by Bettye Muller - Anthro Orig $198 Sale $100 - Apr 2011

I'm thinking the Etruscan Espadrilles by Bette Muller SHOP HERE 
will work very nicely with this outfit.  Don't you?

I received a response from Anthro regarding the Mompos Review Situation. 

Read my email message to Anthro HERE

Here is Anthro Response...

Hi Laura,

Thank you for being such a passionate supporter of Anthropologie. We all enjoy your blog and reading your thoughtful and thorough reviews when you submit them. As you know, our ratings and reviews section is an open forum for customer’s to share their personal experiences with our products. We welcome all opinions but do take the time to read each review prior to posting to ensure they are appropriate. In our experience, we have found that customers can have very different opinions on the exact same item. In regards to these two reviews, they are two customer’s opinions and although they may seem skewed, we cannot remove them as they are within the Review Guidelines and follow the Terms and Conditions we have set for submitting reviews. We appreciate that you took the time to share your thoughts on the dress (you looked great in your photos on your blog!) and made us aware of a possible issue with the content on our site.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime regarding any issues you have or see!

Joannah Holmes

Don't you just love how Joannah first attempted to smooth my ruffled feathers.  Very apropos!  I would have done the same thing if I were in her shoes and given the responsibility of dealing with me.  Ha-ha!  I think I like this gal.

However, I felt like I was being addressed like a child. Why explain the rules to me? Why repeat issues I had already suggested? I explained there was nothing inappropriate about the review.  I didn't ask for the reviews to be removed. And I didn't say the reviews were skewed.  I said the votes were skewed.   The most important question I asked was not addressed.  So who knows if the system has been compromised by someone using a server that can randomly generate IP Addresses.

Should I now consider Anthro's Review System as possibly compromised and untrustworthy. 

I suppose it's time to rely on the Blogs as I should have been in the first place. 

The big question is...should I continue providing reviews to Anthropologie?
Or should I reserve my energy for my Fellow Bloggers?
Is my Top Ten Ranking really all that important?
What do you think!

Actually don't answer the above questions if you don't wish to.  Here is an alternative discussion.

What did you get from the sale today if anything?  I'd rather hear about that!

SIDE:  I am so sorry I'm behind on blog rounds.  I feel so bad about that, because everyone comes to visit me even when I can't seem to get over to them.  I promise to work harder on that.

Did you notice the other day that my replies to comments were filled with gobbledygook?  Is that HTML code?  That is what happens if I use my Laptop PC from Yahoo mail..  But when I use my iPhone from Yahoo mail it's fine.  But it's also very hard to type on that little keyboard.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com)