Friday, April 1, 2011

Killer Daffodils - EZ Sniper Snipes Again - No Anthro Zone Review Winsor Knot NOT

Every year The American Cancer Society Daffodil Days comes to my office.  I always purchase flowers for my lovely Mother (a Breast Cancer Survivor) and myself. I took delivery last Wednesday and proceeded to trim my Daffodils.  A short time later I used the same scissors to remove the ever present tape that keeps my Trigger Thumb from bending.  Shortly after attempting to cut the tape with dull scissors, my thumb showed sign of Red, itchy blisters right where I had tried to cut the tape. 

Hmm!  I thought, am I allergic to Daffodils

I knew by Monday my flowers would be dead, so I carted them home after work Thursday. Depositing them in my bedroom. For the next few days I barely slept . My ears itched inside.  I had trouble swallowing when laying down. I couldn't clear the back of my throat.  I generally felt like Poo.

It finally dawned on me in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, that it was the Daffodils.  I threw the darn things away outside. Then I grabbed the Laptop and found the info I needed HERE.

Although beautiful, daffodils have resulted in severe allergic problems, including death. Symptoms have included allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, asthma, allergic contact dermatitis, irritant contact dermatitis (from contact with narcissus sap) and urticaria. Most patients affected work in the flower industry (bulb growers, stem pickers or florists) but there are reports of reactions from contact with narcissus oil used in perfumes and fragrances. Narcissus contains a number of alkaloids including masonin and homolycorin. These, in conjunction with crystals of calcium oxalate seem to cause the characteristic sores.

My Thumb still has not healed and looks like it was burned with acid.  As for why it took me FIVE days to get a clue...I'm passing that off as OLD AGE.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Please be sure to support the American Cancer Society.  I plan to continue donating, but will give all the flowers to Mom.

Jemima Shrunken Cardi in Orange - by Moth - Anthro Orig $88 - Jan 2008 Catalog
 I have admired this Brilliantly Hued Orange Sweater on none other than Heidi more times that I can say.  In more ways than one.  It was SOLD OUT by the time I stepped into the World of Anthro. I've longed to poses it for well over 2 years.  Each time I caught wind of it's presence, it managed to slip through my fingers for this or that reason.

But this time I wasn't going to allow that to happen.  For I have the latest and greatest weapon on the planet. 

On Wednesday morning (yes, the day after I discovered I am deathly allergic to Daffodils) I received two separate emails from Readers.  The first came from Midory of Shopping for Two. BTW, Midory creates the most award winning Polyvores I have ever laid eyes on. My long awaited Cardi was up for auction in my size on eBay.  There was only a few hours left. The second email came from a Reader, Sandra.  There was a size Medium, ending a short time later.  Just in case! I immediately thought of my secret weapon...

(I'm not affiliated with EZ Sniper, but if you set up a paid account using my link at the
Top of the Side Bar, I earn a Free Snipe)

Well, much to my surprise I found that THREE Readers had given me FREE SNIPES.  I used a SNIPE  back in December for this RARE LOVELY...

Haviland Sweatercoat - by Monogram - eBay using EZSniper $96 Dec 2010 - Vintage Anthro Orig $168 from Oct 2007
In fact, I forgot about that auction all together until I received eBay Notification of the WIN.

It only takes a few minutes to set-up an account. EZ Sniper bids using your eBay ID and password. All I  have to do to set-up a Snipe is paste in the item number for the Jemima Shrunken Cardi, then I set my Maximum bid to a whopping $125.01. Remember, this Cardi originally sold for $88. Am I nuts? It's used.

If you have the HIGHEST MAXIMUM BID, EZ SNIPER will WIN for you.
This time I sat back and watched the action.

BTW, I called in sick that day from killer Daffodils.  I know, I should feel guilty about that.

This was the standing three minutes before the end of the auction. I had already entered two previous max bids on my own for $50 and $75 as lamartin.  Those were quickly overtaken. The other bidders had no idea EZ Sniper (disguised as me) was waiting in the wings, ready to steal this Rare Anthropologie Treasure.

 With three minutes left to the auction, I am showing outbid from my previous $75 bid.  But I had set-up the Snipe hours before. About 30 seconds before end I started to worry.  But no fear EZSniper is here.

EZSniper steps in about 8 seconds before end and steels the prize from b**r.  I WIN!  There is no way I could ever time that final Winning Bid on my own. b**r then proceeded directly over to the auction for the size Medium and wins.  I checked it out.

I don't feel so bad about the steal now!  Expect to see a lot of this Cardi.

Oh!  I used my very last Free Snipe to bid on another Rare Anthro Treasure that you will all recognize. 

But that's a new story to tell, FIVE days from now.

NO ANTHRO ZONE REVIEW:  The Winsor Knot Dress by Deletta - Orig $138 Sale $70 - Mar 2011
The Dress is SOLD OUT online, but still available in Stores. 

I liked it enough as viewed here...

Product Page

In real life...NOT SO MUCH!  You can see cleavage at the keyhole. The weighty fabric would be too warm for Spring with a Cami layered below the bodice. I'm not liking the Halter Bra straps that show to the front.

SIZE:  I ordered a Small, which normally works fine for Anthro Brands.  Although I own no Deletta Dresses.  Most of my Anthro Brands are Meave. I'm 5'6" tall, approx 130 lbs, 34C, 35-28-36.  Narrow across the Shoulders, Large Rib Cage.

FIT:  The length is perfect.  Just above my knee.  The dress does actually fit.  But this cut does not flatter me at all.  Part of the problem is the lack of structure around the bustline.  Like this.....

 I'm not one to show my Bra Strap grooved Shoulders to the World.

This is the side view with my arms down, no belt. The waistband is much too high. At least 2 inches above my Natural Waist. Sure, I could layer a cute Orange or Green Cardi to cover all this up. But then why not just buy a skirt that I love. I'm just not in love with this dress.

Even with a belt, the elastic waistband raises up in the front. Although the silloutte for me is much improved, the belt really offers no additional structure to the sides of the dress.  I figured as much, but wanted to at least try it for the sake of the review.

FABRIC:  Substantial Cotton Jersey with little stretch.  Very Soft.  Machine Wash. Although I found the color to be drab.  Gold, Orange or Green Belt and/or Cardi would make an excellent outfit, and brighten the dreary print.

1.  Tie with Keyhole to the front.
2.  Slip over the head entry. Best to untie the front instead of unbuttoning the back when putting this dress on.
3.  Very tiny buttons at the nape.
4.  Gathered elastic waistband.  May pull up on busty Gals. High waisted for most Gals over 5'6"
5.  Substantial Cotton Jersey.
6.  Skirt is lined.
7.  NO POCKETS.  It would have been so easy to include them.  Why not?
8.  Very nice length for most.
8.  Fullness of the skirt is excellent.

This dress would look best on Gals with Wider Shoulders if Busty. 

I returned the Small to online yesterday.  So if you have this dress in your Wish List and need a Small, look for a Pop Back in about 2 weeks.  Otherwise, call CS and have them do a store search for you.

Anthro Sister Love, Minus Daffodils, with Snipes, and the Winsor NOT, Laura (lauramartinsemail)