Thursday, December 2, 2010

Waffle Weave in Autumn Splendor! More Berry Stitched Boots Please!

 ANTHRO! The Waffle Weave Dress is PURPLE!  Where were you when you decided to call this Brown?  Or is that a decision that comes from RicRac. What do I know?

Waffle Weave Dress - by RicRac - Anthro Orig $118, Sale $60 - Nov 2010
Lion Gate Sweater - Sleeping On Snow - Anthro $148 - August 2008
Plum Paisley Tights - by Tintoretta - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $10 - Nov 2010
British Poise Cincher - Anthro $48 - Nov 2010
Berry Stitched Boots - by Lucky Penny - Anthro Orig $248, Sale $130 - Nov 2010
Limoncello Necklace - Anthro Sale $30 - Feb 2009
 Last night I tried this dress on and decided it wasn't a keeper. I really loved it on Jen of Vintageglammz. My BF chimed in immediately! He pointed out the connection with the Berry Stitched Boots!  Purple!  I decided to humor the well meaning man.  Within minutes I had put this entire outfit together.

Waffle Weave Dress - by RicRac - Anthro Orig $118, Sale $60 - Nov 2010

Shop the Waffle Weave in Pop Backs HERE
 I didn't actually try the outfit until this morning. I was fairly certain this would work. The cut of this dress reminds me of my all time favorite Anthro Dress. The Fragrant Valley Dress by Corey Lynne Calter.  I expected it to look somewhat the same on me.  But it doesn't.  The Waffle Weave is a heavy nylon with some spandex for stretch as opposed to the Silk of the Fragrant Valley.  The folds of fabric in the cowl tend to stick out more than I like. Of course my chest sticks out more than I like too.  Which only makes matters worse. Ha-ha!

What jumps out at you in this photo? 

Waffle Weave Dress - by RicRac - Anthro Orig $118, Sale $60 - Nov 2010
Berry Stitched Boots - by Lucky Penny - Anthro Orig $248, Sale $130 - Nov 2010
 Did you notice the plant behind the bench?  I did not plan this by the way.  My photographer instantly put two and two together for me.

This is what dreary looks like in Bakersfield CA.
Waffle Weave Dress - by RicRac - Anthro Orig $118, Sale $60 - Nov 2010
Lion Gate Sweater - Sleeping On Snow - Anthro $148 - August 2008
British Poise Cincher - Anthro $48 - Nov 2010
Limoncello Necklace - Anthro Sale $30 - Feb 2009
The cut of this dress, like the Fragrant Valley, is easy to style.  I could come up with several ways to wear this. So did Jen of Vintageglammz. She is a creative gal.

British Poise Cincher - Anthro $48 - Nov 2010

I knew this belt would get lots of wear. 
See me wearing this belt HERE with the In The Trees Skirt and the Berry Stitched Boots.
Shop the British Poise Cincher HERE.

Waffle Weave Dress - by RicRac - Anthro Orig $118, Sale $60 - Nov 2010
Plum Paisley Tights - by Tintoretta - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $10 - Nov 2010
Berry Stitched Boots - by Lucky Penny - Anthro Orig $248, Sale $130 - Nov 2010
 I expect there will be Pop Backs on these Sold Out Boots.  So check HERE often if you want a pair for a great sale price. The Plum Paisley Tights (Sold Out) jumped right out of my drawer and into this outfit.  I wonder why?
Plum Paisley Tights - by Tintoretta - Anthro Orig $18 Sale $10 - Nov 2010
Wow! This outfit was so easy for me to put together.  And to think I was about to stuff this dress back in a box and return it.

Did I make the right decision?  Do you like my 3 minute outfit?

Why are some outfits easy, while others defeat me?  Does this happen to you?  Tell me about it.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (


MsGiggleswurth said...

you look adorable as always and i'm really lovin' that belt and the hosery!

Jess said...

Love the outfit, keep the dress! I don't think the cowl neck over emphasizes anything too much either, just looks great :) I love yellow and purple together, or gold and purple. Very nice Laura, and you add a nice pop of colour to the background. Not so much dreary, just fall-winter transition!

Diem said...

I had the same issue with the dress. I wasn't sure I was going to keep it because of the cowl neck. But once I put it on and styled it with several sweaters, I decided to keep it. I have the same British Poise clincher belt. Will have to try it with the dress.

Peggy said...

Love the textures and the winterized Waffle Weave! Looks great!

Kim said...

LOVE this outfit!!! I think the dress looks awesome on you, and I adore it with that color cardigan. I want this dress so badly, and of course I decided that after it sold out :(

Laura said...

MsGigglesWurth, You might say that I waffled back and forth or the dress.

Jess, Did you notice the Purple and Gold plant next to the bench?

Diem, This is a dress you have to style before you can really appreciate it.

Peggy, The sweater has the same nubby texture as the dress. And the design on the neckline of the sweater reminded me of the Plum Paisly Tights.

Kim, Thanks for the awesome compliment. The catalog was still showing Pop Backs of the dress. Sadly it's now been overwritten by the December catalog.

LittleMissSeamstress said...

Hi laura! I was so excited to see you wearing waffle weave~ I own this dress too and was just thinking how to transform it to the warmer month outfit! You just gave me a great idea~ Thanks~


Kay said...

Laura, it looks amazing! I totally turned the corner on this dress and I expect it to arrive at my house TODAY. Your pairing with the yellow and the boots is DIVINE.

And Kim, I scored it on a popback...I'll bet you still have a chance!

vintageglammz said...

awww Laura, you are so sweet! Btw - i am nowhere near as creative as you when it comes to styling :-)
I totally love this outfit, it's definitely one of my favourites!!
Isn't the Waffle Weave a cinch to syle? You've done an incredible job only needing 3 minutes to get this together. I never knew the WW dress could look so good with yellow accessories. It looks amazing! And is simply perfection with those boots and tights. I will have to purchase more "yellow" things just so i can try this one day!
I too have no idea why Anthro chose to call it "brown". it's definitely purple alright! that pic of you on the bench.The plant was meant to be :-)

ShelleyW said...

LOVE the outfit! I have that necklace and I have never worn it! You have given me an awesome idea to where it with deep purple! Thank you thank you!

Kim said...

Laura - actually your catalog link for the boots works for me still - it has the dress in that same catalog, so I will obsessively stalk the link and hope an xs pops back!

Laura said...


That's what the community is here for. To give each other great ideas. And to spread the Anthro Love.


I originally scored a Small on Pop Back. Then re-ordered a Medium on Pop Back. Can't wait to see how you style it.


Well, thank you kindly for saying so. I guess what you refer to as creativity, I think more of as over the top and eclectic.


I've had this necklace for ages. 2.5 years. I used to wear it often, but with Brown and Blue. Doesn't it drive you nuts how it gets tangled up. I have the Pink version too.


I should have checked the catalog availability. I guess I was lazy. I sized up to a Medium for the dress. And it fits great. An XS will work for you. Hope you get one. Will be looking out for your styling.

LindsFM said...

I adore those boots! Not a bad deal either.

Leana said...

Love the outfit! And thanks for the tip, I managed to score a Waffle Weave dress tonight!

Mandy said...


You look AMAZING in this outfit. The color combination, the textures ... just PERFECT. The BF should be commended for his keen eye! Love everything about it, the dress really suits you so so well! And the yellow is so gorgeous with it ... just lovely!

I'm re-following you because I don't think your posts have been showing up lately. Boo! Hope that'll fix it!

~ Mandy :)

Jewish Girl said...

LOVE the outfit!! I am beginning to feel like the only person in the world for whom the waffle weave dress didn't work out. It looks fabulous on you, though, and the boots really make it an everyday look.

Marcela said...

Hi Laura!

I loved this outfit! I even ordered this dress again (!) after seeing your pictures. I didn't think it was very flattering on me and returned it, but I decided to give it another try. I swear that when I bought it for the first time, it was brown... I wonder if some people got it in brown and others in purple. Or maybe I am as color blind as Anthro. I am so curious to see what color will be the next Waffle dress I'm going to receive!

I always have blanks when I have to find tops to wear with skirts. For me it's the hardest outfit to put together. I end up returning skirts that I love because I can't figure what to wear on top!

I just saw your profile and was thrilled when I saw in what field you work! A couple of years ago I worked for this company. I wonder if you have ever heard of them. Back then, they were the same company as HRT, but are separated now. If you ever want to live and work in Rio for a while :), these are amazing people! There were geoscientists and engineers from all corners of the world and most of them can only understand each other in English. I really loved to work there!

Laura said...

Hi Jewish Girl, Sorry to hear the Waffle Weave didn't work for you. Like I said above, I had it on for 30 seconds and immediately decided it was a no go. If nor by BF's astute observations, I would have returned it.

Laura said...

Marcela, the reviews all claimed Purple. I have the same issue with putting skirts and tops together. Dresses are easier. Best advice I can give is go solid color and the most flattering to your shape. Then pay attention to textures and fabric. Don't wear something that covers the details of the skirt. Visit the anthropologieconnoissuers blog for some awesome tips on styling anything from Anthro. IPEX sounds familiar but I'm not sure why. Your Blogger profile is unavailable.

Marcela said...

Anthropologieconnoissuers is fantastic! Thanks for the link! I don't have a blog, I have a Flickr account (msuarez) just for fun. I started reading those Anthro blogs to see if I learn something about putting things together. I have a lot of Anthro stuff and, shamefully, I almost collect them instead of wearing them.

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