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Style #2 and Jessica's Outfit - The Yellow Cloud Dress Brightens Fall - Photographer in the Line of Fire

Today's Post introduces Style #2 in a Reader's Challenge Series.  If you missed Style #1, click here.

The Yellow Cloud Dress Styled for Fall

I do believe this Orla Kiely Bag is large enough to hold a BOWLING BALL?

If these photos don't turn out, the Photographer gets it!


The challenge comes from a lovely Reader (Jessica-chefjess), who purchased the Yellow Cloud Dress from my Blog sale. There are three specific requests in the challenge.

1.  To offer Fall styling ideas that include the Yellow Cloud Dress.  Not an easy task, since this is clearly a Bright Sunny Yellow Summer Dress.

2. To include a scarf or sweater that acts as a buffer between the Bright Yellow Dress and my Readers olive complexion.

3.  To challenge Readers for suggestions and ideas.

Jessica received a compliment from a co-worker on this outfit she put together shortly after our first discussion. It seems she was inspired by me, but I think Jessica should give herself the credit.

Jessica's Outfit

Anthro's Yellow Cloud Dress
Anthro's Shadow Sleeve Cardi in Teal
Talbot's Scarf in Teal and Yellow
Cream Tights
Brown Bandolino Boots

She even removed the scarf to show the co-worker how well it worked as a buffer to shade her olive complexion from the bright Yellow bodice of the dress.  The co-worker suggested she get some antibiotics. I was amazed by the images she sent me, both with and without the scarf.

Yellow Cloud Dress - by Floreat - Anthro Orig $178,
Sale $90, eBay new $40 - Apr 2010

See my Summer Style for the Yellow Cloud here.

The Yellow Cloud Dress with the Professoressa Jacket by Ett Twa

If he misses this shot...smacko with the Bowling Ball

I adore the Professoressa Jacket.  But I found the length a little short for this dress. The Yellow Cloud tends to pull up in the front. So the top of the lace overlay runs unevenly around the dress. It would have worked best if the Jacket was longer and covered the top of the lace all the way around.

Professoressa Jacket - by Ett Twa - Anthro Orig $148, Sale $80 - Feb 2010

See me wear the Professoressa Jacket in an OOTD here.

Springing Scarf  in Lime  - Anthro $98 Sold Out - Dec 2009

Somehow he manages to make me look presentable! 
Score 3 for him, 0 for the Ball.

The Pastels in the Springing Scarf are complimentary to the Yellow Cloud Dress.  Besides, I can't resist cashmere with tweed. The fringe adds a nice sprinkling of ivory down the front.

Malted Barley Boots - by Area Forte - Anthro Orig $378, Sale $190
From Oct 2009 Hidden Catalog Stock - Apr 2010

Since the Jacket is so short, I am inclined to stick with the rule I carefully broke in Style #1.  But no one said I couldn't use Ivory tights with colored sprinkles. The sprinkles add a bit of tweedy texture.

Speckled Tights in Ivory - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18, Sale $10 - Feb 2010

I could whack him up side the head and he wouldn't even see it coming.
Bless him, he is doing a fabulous job for an amateur

I have one pair of boots from last Winter. You're lookin' at em! Anthro's Malted Barley Boots from the Oct 2009 Catalog.  This is the first pair of boots I have ever truly loved.  They offer plenty of space above the toe box. And I was completely astonished at how comfortable these are.  I am on a quest to add a pair of Area Forte's in Black. Although I love Schuler and Son's just as well.

Hey Mr. Photographer! Who do I look like to you? Napoleon Bonaparte! 

  I found the cap in a Mall department store about a year before I was sucked into my first Anthro.  I have never worn it. This just isn't something Bakersfield-ites wear.  So I didn't pay much for it.  The cap adds a nice poof of fluffy soft Ivory on top.

All Leather Hand Stitched Wool Bowling Bag - by Orla Kiely 08 -
Orig $800, Gently Used from eBay bid $420 - Apr 2009
 I love this bag.

How to Style a Summer Dress for Fall
On second thought...I wouldn't want anything to happen to my awesome Orla Kiely Bag!

In this image you can see how the dress rides lower in the back, than the front?  My Jacket needs to be longer.  The idea for this outfit was to sprinkle little bits of color from the dress, Ivory in this case, and spread it about.  This removes the emphasis from the Bright Yellow Dress.

Thank you Lori and Ali,

Lori of LORISPEAK created a Polyvore for the Yellow Cloud. View her inspiring outfit ideas here.  I am definitely intrigued by the idea of using the dress as a jumper with a white long sleeved blouse underneath with Black and White accessories.

Ali suggested using a Taupe sweater. I don't have much Taupe is my closet.  But I do have Taupe Seychelles platforms that I had already incorporated in Style #3 for Friday.

Please help Jessica style the Yellow Cloud for Fall.  Leave a comment with some of your own ideas.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (


Mia said...

I love the way you styled the dress! You did a great job of transitioning a true summer shade into a wearable fall shade. I also love those boots! I just bought some tall boots but now that see those, I need to try and find those!

Tien said...

This is a great fall look, Laura! It's adorable and fun and definitely a styling I expect to see in the catalog.

Jess said...

What an adorable blazer Laura :) I like how it looks with the dress, and it works well for fall. I can see what you mean about it pulling in the front, but I am sure it is not as noticeable when you are not standing still for the camera. Those boots are a great height for your legs as well, very cute!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I think you look fantastic - and those boots are great! I wouldn't think of pairing light tights with boots that height, but that entire outfit works together - love it!

goldenmeans said...

The Yellow Cloud dress is one of the earliest items I bought from Anthro and still remains one of my favorite dresses. I like how you winterized it (fall-ized it) for the chill we've got going in the air lately -- so much texture and color. I've usually (boringly) worn mine with black tights and a long black boyfriend cardigan during the colder months. And oh! I still owe you styling ideas. I haven't forgotten! Just perpetually behind on my todo list..

Jamie said...

The Yellow Cloud dress looks great with the tweedy blazer. I like the mix of textures between the tights, the lace, the tweed, and the knit on the bag. I'm glad the OK bag and photographer both survived the shot.

As for other fall stylings of the Yellow Cloud, I think I would try wearing it with a chocolate brown sweatercoat, brown tights...and leopard print shoes!

Lori said...

I love all the pieces in this look! And seriously wha a cool bag! Love seeing you in boots for the first time :)


Laura said...

Mia, I'm in need of another pair of boots in black. But there's so many to choose from what's a gal to do.

Tien, I don't know about the catalog for this outfit, but 3 and 4 are catalog worthy in my book.


Laura said...


It took me a year to find one pair of boots that I like. I hope it won't take that long to find another.


I am still learning how to style tights with boots. This Challenge wasn't easy for me.


The Yellow Cloud was one of three dresses I purchased from Anthro when I first started ordering online. The Mint Leaf dress and the Fire Island dress I sold. But I love this one so much I replaced it for a smaller size on eBay.

I hope you will try some of these styling suggestions for your Yellow Cloud Dress.


Laura said...


Thank you for commenting with an outfit suggestion. A rich, warm brown sweater and tights would be great for Fall.

My photographer got an excellent bonus for his work. All 4 styles were done last Sunday afternoon at the same time. About 4 to 5 hours.


If I don't find a few more pairs of boots soon, you will be sick of seeing these.


chefjess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chefjess said...

Hi Laura,
I tried to add something and the comment got deleted. Let me try again.
I adore the boots and scarf with the dress. I think the jacket looks great on you. The mix of colors is fantastic. I think this would be my favorite if the jacket were just a little longer adn skimmed the top layer of the lace. The longer top layer with that dress in the first style really made the lace pop.

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