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No Anthro Zone Reviews - Cream Confection Coat, Barometer Top, Shimmer Obscura Necklace

Dear Anthro,

Please keep up the good work. I don't know, or care, how you changed your process for online returns. Whatever the reasons, I am grateful for email notifications arriving in under 10 days.  And  my dedicated Anthro return money in 24 hours. If you had kept up the snails pace, my Cream Confection Coat would have sold out before I had my return credit.

I may be an Addict, but I am smart enough not to use a credit card.

And please beef up your quality control personnel. 

A Thankful Online Addict in a No Anthro Zone.

Now for No Anthro Zone Reviews:

The Cream Confection Coat was Wish Listed in Cream, Black and Camel.
Camel was sold out in my size.  I don't wear Black often. The obvious choice was Cream.

How on earth will I manage to keep this coat clean?

The coat is TTS.  I am 5' 5" tall, 125 lbs, 35-27-36. My normal size 4 is perfect, with an inch to spare in the body. Overall length is just above the hip. Sleeve length is perfect.. Unlike the Oxer Coat I reviewed here. 

Fabulous when Zipped.  Zipper is good quality.  Buttons are sewn on well. Not even a stray thread to snip.
The blend of mostly wool, with polyester (yucky) and rayon is smooth, soft, and the perfect weight for mild CA Winters. 

Fabulous worn open.
The coat looked passable right out the package.  But my OCD-ness demands perfect presentation.  I unbuttoned the ruffle and ironed out the creased areas. Then attacked the coating of dark lint stuck to my cream coat with a sticky roller.

Fabulous tailored fit from every angle.

The picture of perfection, even from the back. The faux cape and side flaps are appreciated by this detail driven gal.

Such perfection. Then, hello cute Cotton Polka Dot/Bow Lining. Why are you upside-down? I am curious if anyone else noticed this.  Is it a flaw, or a cute detail?  Are the bows falling down perhaps?  If you own this coat, please comment.  Curiosity is killing me. 

Recommended by GeoInCalifornia - order TTS

Cream Confection Coat - by Idra -Anthro $178 - Sept 10

Shop this coat in Cream and Black here.

The Barometer Top has been Wish Listed since reading the great reviews.  I ordered it as part of a personal challenge to incorporate more neutral wardrobe pieces. 

I normally would pass on this top.  Cowl necks hang down, adding folds of bulky material on my chest.  The last thing I need.  And it wasn't until recently that I have come to appreciate the vertical stripe.  Read my Post  "The Fashionable Stripe - One Busty Gals Testimonial" here. 

Styling Option One: Cowl worn buttoned up. Love!

I ordered my normal size Small. This top runs a full size too big.  The material is high quality Cotton, but too thin through the body.  Nothing a cami can't fix.  The cowl is a double layer. The collar is attached at the shoulder and ruched so the over sized collar will fall into folds.

Styling Option Two: Cowl worn unbuttoned. Blah!

This top was selected based on styling I found attractive, along with great reviews. And low and behold, it contains two former dislikes.  Both cowl neck and stripes.  Anthro described the color as Yellow. Beige would be more accurate.

Fashion design has come a long way.  The diagonal stripes and downward pointing collar elongate, instead of widen.  I like this top. I will love it in an xsmall. 

Recommended by GeoInCalifornia - Size Down

Barometer Top in Yellow - by Pilcro - Anthro $68 - Oct 2010
Shop this Top in Yellow and Purple here.

The Shimmer Obscura Necklace - Anthro quality check missed the boat. This seems a great choice for a neutral statement piece. It looks great online. It's not overly bulky. It's light weight. The soft, comfortable Jersey tie makes the length adjustable.  The price doesn't break the bank.  But it wasn't my necklace of choice. That necklace went on sale Tuesday. That is next weeks story.

Shimmer Obscura Necklace - Anthro $48 - Oct 2010

Shop this necklace here.
Remember the song "One of These Things Just Doesn't Belong Here" from Sesame Street?

Can you spot several different things in the second image that are not in the first.

Online product image zoomed

Image of Actual Product Received

Did you find the things that don't belong in the second image?

If you observed an extra clear spacer bead at the base of the flattened beads in my image, you are correct.  There is only one reason for this addition. The center holes of the flat beads were drilled too wide for the head pins. 

This was clearly a quick last minute fix.  Gold spacers would have been more in line as a color choice. I would not even purchase this on sale.  Perhaps others will appreciate, what I see as a flaw.

Not recommended full price - Clearly a last minute fix that impacts the design in a noticeable and negative way.

How do you feel about writing a negative review?  Especially knowing your review may be the first. Do you ever feel bad and gloss over the negativity because everyone else loved it?

As a reviewer,  I am obligated to point out both negative and positive observations. The impact should not be considered. If my review is first, it's even more important to be honest.  The next buyer is basing a purchase entirely on my observations. 

Don't forget to comment if you have the Cream Confection Coat.  Is the lining up-side-down as I see it?  Does it matter?

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (


Katie said...

First, I ADORE the jacket on you. Looks like it was made for you! So pretty.

Second, thank you a MILLION times for saving me $ and heart ache by reviewing the necklace. It was on my wishlist (as in, I was going to pay full price for it) because I adore the subtle neutrals and could style this so many ways with my neutral-heavy wardrobe. Boo to the quality!

You absolutely should provide an honest review on the website like you did here. I know what you mean about leaving feedback that isn't "popular" but you must let Anthropologie and it's customers know that this isn't acceptable.

Thanks for the reviews!

Chrissy said...

That coat looks GORGEOUS on you! Now I want one!:)

LC said...

Hate to tell you but the bows in my cream confection coat are not upside down. I still think it looks great on you though! I wanted the cream the most but went with the tan because I was worried about keeping it clean. I also went up a size because I wanted a looser fit so I could wear sweaters underneath, since it gets pretty cold here.

Jamie said...

The Cream Confection is a stunner, Laura! I truly think you made the right choice by going with the ivory. So beautiful with your skintone. I am trying hard to remember whether the bows were upside down or not in the Cream Confection that I tried in the store. I am honestly unsure -- I am afraid I am not so detail-oriented as you!

The Barometer top is gorgeous, and I especially like it buttoned up. But I do agree that it looks a bit loose on you. I am excited to see how you incorporate more neutrals into your wardrobe. Like Cat at an Anthrosdottir, I am a fellow color-phile!

-suz said...

I just checked my coat...and they are upside down!

Bronzi said...

Loved the Cream Confection Jacket on you. I bought it in black and while you can't see some of the details, it still fits fabulously and stunning. I need to go and check whether my bows are upside down or not. LOL

Also, reviews should be honest, even if not complimentary.

Anonymous said...

Wow I really love that on you, I hope I can find it by using CS because im a 4 too and theyre sold out.

Jess said...

Gorgeous jacket on you Laura! The ruffles frame you perfectly. That is such a shame about the necklace though, the beads really do make it look very different :(

Lori said...

ooh the cream confection looks great on you! The necklace differences btwn product pics and IRL are really annoying! False advertising!!


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