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Style #3 - The Yellow Cloud Dress Brightens Fall with The Cream Confection Coat - Reader's Challenge

I'm back with Style #3 in this Reader's Challenge Series.  If you missed Style #1, click here.
To view Style #2 click here

If you are wondering about my lovely Reader Jessica, she has been busy in meetings this week.  Her profile name for commenting is chefjess! Monday will conclude this challenge with Style #4. Then we will put all 4 outfits to the vote.  If I can figure out how to work the crazy voting gadget.

My wood doors need immediate attention 
Not to mention glass cleaner
Does this pass as Blog Cool Urban Decay?

The challenge comes from a lovely Reader (Jessica-chefjess), who purchased the Yellow Cloud Dress from my Blog sale. There are three specific requests in the challenge.

1.  To offer Fall styling ideas that include the Yellow Cloud Dress.  Not an easy task, since this is clearly a Bright Sunny Yellow Summer Dress.

2. To include a scarf or sweater that acts as a buffer between the Bright Yellow Dress and my Readers olive complexion.

3.  To challenge Readers for suggestions and ideas.

Yellow Cloud Dress - by Floreat - Anthro Orig $178,
Sale $90, eBay new $40 - Apr 2010

See my Summer Style for the Yellow Cloud here.

Laura through dirty window panes again?
I was sure, as my photographer took these pictures at my bidding, that not a one would be blog presentable. I was surprised at just how much I liked them.

Cream Confection Coat in Cream - by Idra - Anthro Orig $178 Sold Out - Oct 2010

This outfit sprung from nowhere when 2 of my planned outfits failed on photo day.  I naturally reached for this brand new, unworn Jacket. And unlike the Professoressa Jacket in Style 2, the Cream Confection Coat was long enough to cover the top of the lace overly on the dress.  This outfit looks much more put together than Style 2.

The Yellow Cloud Dress in Style #3 For Fall

Springing Scarf Lime 100% Cashmere - Anthro $98 Sold Out - Dec 2009
 The Springing Scarf was used in Style #2, and is one of two items that is used twice in the 4 outfits. It was a natural progression to add the Turquoise Felted Fur Cloche.  A hat I have been dying to wear since purchasing it last Spring.

"Sara" Fur Felt Cloche Hat in Turquoise - by Mary Ann Koch
Couture Creations $145 -Mar 2010

I have not worn these shoes in years.  In fact, they were listed on the Blog Sale Page.  After seeing them here, I had a change of heart.  The Taupe Platform with Turquoise heels adds the extra kick in color at my feet. 

Too Many Cooks - by Seychelles - Seychelles $99 - July 2008

Isn't part of the photographer's job to make sure boats in the background aren't
screaming out of the side of the models head?  Tee-hee!  Me a model!  Sure!

Style #3 was a no brainer. The more I see it, the more I like it.  Instead of masking the dress, everything works with it.  Nothing stands out as out of place.  The hat, scarf, and shoes offer a nice even color spread.  I am liking this one more now, than I did at the time of the photos.

Hmm!  I might have to change the order of my vote.  Don't forget to look for Style #4 Monday.

How would you rank the 3 outfits posted so far? For example:  1, 3, 2.    With #1 the favorite in this example. I have a crazy need to know what you think.

Anthro Sister Love,  Laura (


chefjess said...

You look great! I think the length of the jacket works well, the scarf and hat add nice color, and the contrast of the not-so-dark-shoes with the light tights is a winner. The turquoise really compliments the yellow. Love it! Now I'm torn between my favorite so far.

Laura said...

Hi Jessica,

I am looking forward to Style #4. It will Post early Monday morning. It shows off the dress, instead of layering over it in an attempt to hide it. And it was a fast, last minute Styling, that was a no brainer.

I'm a little worried about Style #2. You did not comment. Please do even if it's not a favorite.


vintageglammz said...

Hi Laura

Thanks for your message on my blog, even though you mixed Cindy and I's funny and I read your comment anyway! Don't be embarrassed!
You are one stylish lady and have such a unique style.
I will have to check out your other outfit ideas!
PS - i love that blue cloche. it's such a lovely blue and so cute!

Lori said...

Hi Laura! This is such a fun dress to style! I think thus far my favorite styling is a tie between #2 and #1. Here I think the cream confection might over power the dress a bit, but everything else here works!


Lady Cardigan said...

I will say 2, 1, 3. The reason I like 2 best is because you wore it with the brown jacket, and my first reaction was to style it with brown and/or orange since they (like yellow) are the color of fall leaves. I am thinking of maybe a relaxed/slouchy brown cardigan and brown tights. The bag you are carrying in #2 is perfect for what I have in mind. And I really think the scarf you are wearing in this post goes great with the dress. You have such a pretty, fun wardrobe!

Laura said...


I have been a little bit of a ditz lately. Usually I am running circles around life. but occasionally life turns on me and runs circles around me.


Now that you mention it, maybe the coat is too over powering. The ruffles do take over. And I see now that the coat makes a heavy statement in this outfit. Thank you for being honest.

Lady Cardigan,

I love that everyone is all over the board on their choice as a favorite. That means I have done a good job of offering a selection of styles that please a wide range. Instead of one good style everyone likes, while all the rest of the outfits fall flat.

Thank you everyone for comtributing to the Challenge. Jessica and I appreciate differing opinions, and a wide range of styling suggestions.

I hope everyone will come back Monday Morning to see Style 4. I am working on a quick Style 5 that was inspired by Lori.

Lori of Lorispeak Polyvore

Thanks, Laura

Kalps said...

Hi Laura
I got to your blog from your comment on Jen's @ vintageglammz post. You have pretty interesting stuff going on your blog.
I love the yellow dress your are styling (I wish I had this dress too). My favorite look 3 followed by look 2. Wonder how will this dress look with Terrace House Jacket in Blue / Beige or the brass band sweater in Ivory.
Drop by sometime.

Anonymous said...

I think my order would be 1, 2, 3, but it's a close race! Great job!

Jess said...

Hi Laura!

Ohh another outfit :D Hmmm I think I still like #2 the best, but this one is really cute. I love how the shoes pick up the teal in the hat and scarf, very nice! That jacket is smashing on you as well, a very nice choice in outwear.

Peggy said...

Great Blog! I added you to my blogroll!

Mandy said...

Ahh Laura I'm so sorry I'm late commenting!!

Ok gal, I think I'm going to say that I like #2 over this one because this one has a lot of white in it with the coat and the tights. Add that to the yellow with the white accents, and it's a little much white to me (although you'd look cute as a button wearing a paper bag, haha)!

Someone above mentioned the white coat might be a bit much, and I'll agree. With style #2, you chose a brown coat, and that really balances out the yellow beautifully (and I LOVE how you added the substantial brown boots too - they add a nice texture and color and even "toughen up" the sweet dress ... these heels are a more muted color and blend with the whites; they don't stand out as well to me. Maybe choose a shoe that "pops" a little more?)

I LOVE the colorful hat and scarf. Maybe you could pull from the colors in the scarf to use for the shoes or the coat? Something a little more "fall-ish"?

I'm so glad you like your cream confection jacket! I'd try wearing it with something darker underneath to showcase it! :)

Jamie said...

I think this is my favorite of the looks. Including your bonus outfit, I would say my favorites are 3,1,5,4,2. The addition of a jewel tone with the teal is the perfect complement to the bright yellow. I love all the ways you have incorporated the teal: from that glorious cloche to the heels on the booties to the threads of the scarf. I saw a similar scarf today when making a return to Lord and Taylor and immediately thought of you.

Thanks so much for your comments on my latest post. How funny that you could diagnose my gum condition immediately. You seem to be a wealth of information! Yes, I do indeed have receeding gyms and had a graft to correct it. I am just hoping the recession doesn't continue...because as long as I am paying for these surgeries, I have to cut back on my Anthro. :(

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