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Style #4 - Vote for Your Favorite Yellow Cloud Style! Reader's Challenge Series Finale!


Before I introduce Style #4 in this Reader's Challenge Series,  let's re-visit the first 3 outfits that style the Yellow Cloud Dress for Fall.

At the conclusion of the Post, please don't forget to vote for your favorite Yellow Cloud Style on the right side bar.

Style #1 - View entire Post here

Style #2 - View Entire Post here

Style #3 - View Entire Post here


The challenge comes from a lovely Reader (Jessica-chefjess), who purchased the Yellow Cloud Dress from my Blog sale. There are three specific requests in the challenge.

1.  To offer Fall outfit ideas that include the Yellow Cloud Dress.  Not an easy task, since this is clearly a Bright Sunny Yellow Summer Dress.

 2. To include a scarf or sweater that acts as a buffer between the Bright Yellow Dress and my Reader's olive complexion.

3.  To challenge Readers for suggestions and ideas.

Note:  Jessica requested that I model my outfit selections.  I did not include Polyvores, since her request limited me to styling from my closet.  
Yellow Cloud Dress - by Floreat - Anthro Orig $178, Sale $90
eBay new $40 - Apr 2010
Now for Style #4...

Style #4 - Anthro's Yellow Cloud Dress Styled for Fall
The Angora and Cotton Cape is Calvin Klein Jeans Label, Circa 2007.   See me wearing it here
The Angora Cap is Betmar of New York, Circa 2008. The Cap was also used in Style #2.

Style #4 - Anthro's Yellow Cloud Dress Styled for Fall

I love Anthro's Space Between Wedges by Schuler and Sons.
You can see me were them here.

The tights are a loose knit Pointelle in Ivory.

Anthro's Juicy Bloom Scarf by Tara Project (Nov 2009)  is one of my favorite scarves that wasn't hand knit by my Mother.
Style #4 - Anthro's Yellow Cloud Dress Styled for Fall
That concludes Style #4. But I didn't stop here  I added an alternative inspired by Lori of Lorispeak to create a surprise Style #5.

In case you didn't notice.  I finally made it to my hair appointment. Yeah! 

Don't forget to vote for your favorite of the 5 Styles on the right side bar.  Polls will remain open for 4 days.

Below are additional suggestions from Readers for styling the Yellow Cloud for Fall:

 Collette Ann Osuna ...

I think you just need to "dark it down" for Fall......stay away from bright colored tights, etc....those kinda scream Spring\Summer.
When I look at this dress...I see bright colors and texture (with the lace at the bottom)

If I were given this dress and had to style it to wear in the Fall, I would personally add polka dots!! The lace is pretty and feminine, and there is something about polka dots that is so whimsical to me and Id wear it with a polka dot bolero jacket, something like this:

I understand your reader also wanted a sweater or scarf, and since the bolero jacket is long sleeve, Id go with a scarf. I love the feature of the lace on the dress...its fun texture, so Id add a bit more texture by adding this really sweet has a slip hole, where the other piece of the scarf slides through:)

Scarf from Forever 21.

I'm not sure how bold the reader is, but Id personally wear black polka dot tights or plain black sweater tights.

If I wore the polka dot tights, Id wear some really cute and feminine black kitten heels.

If I wore the plain black sweater tights, Id probably go for a short bootie that had some interesting detail like these:

Booties from Forever 21.

For an accessory, Id TOTALLY be toting a black and yellow checkered purse:)

Lady Cardigan said...

My first reaction was to style it with brown and/or orange since they (like yellow) are the color of fall leaves. I am thinking of maybe a relaxed/slouchy brown cardigan and brown tights. The bag you are carrying in #2 is perfect for what I have in mind.

Kalps said...

Wonder how will this dress look with Terrace House Jacket in Blue / Beige or the brass band sweater in Ivory.

Anthro's Brass Band Sweater - Ivory                 Anthro's Terrace House Jacket - Blue

Jamie said...

As for other fall stylings of the Yellow Cloud, I think I would try wearing it with a chocolate brown sweater coat, brown tights...and leopard print shoes!

ali said...

I think i might have also been tempted to pair it with a taupe sweater for an alternative.

Lori said...

here are some other ideas for Fall stylings for this dress. I think layering is key and layering with Fall-like colors. Yellow is a color of leaves in fall, so you can think about what types of colors you tend to see around yellow in fall. Anyway, I put together a polyvore with some ideas for several different layering and accessorizing outfits for fall.

That concludes my 5 Styles for Fall with the Yellow Cloud Dress. You can find the Polling Gadget on the right side bar.

My photographer's favorite is Style #5.

Please vote for your favorite Yellow Cloud Style for Fall!

I appreciate hearing from each and every one of you.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (


chefjess said...

Hi Laura,
style #4 - I like it! This might work for spring/early summer wiht the light colors. I like the length of the jachet with the dress. It flatters the lace.
style #5 - I like the last shot with the white and black scarves and shirt underneath. They accent the white lace in the dress and the black tights nicely.
Overall, I think you had great ideas for the challenge. Thank you and your readers very much for all of the terrific suggestions. Now if only I could pick a favorite.

chefjess said...

I wanted to add that I hope you enjoyed creating these as much as I enjoyed seeing and reading them. I may have to pose another challenge to you. Thank you again for all of your hard work. You look amazing in all 5 styles!

Mandy said...

Laura, you are so stinkin' cute in all of these stylings! I've never experimented with a tie myself (cool idea!!), and you look so sassy in #5 that I'm voting for it along with #4! Keep it up, I love them all! Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!

~ Mandy

Mandy said...

Ok gal, again I'm sorry I'm late commenting! (I added my 2 cents on style 3, but I'm late!)

My favorites are 2, 4, and 5 in that order! Maybe it's just how you mixed a bunch of textures in 2 (the sweet summery lace with the white and yellow on bottom plus the wooly brown bomber jacket and the cream hat on top, and then the white tights and leather booties ... and then that lovely bag that's extremely textured! LOVE!) or the perfect play of bright versus subdued color, but I think you did it perfectly here. It's just so balanced, so fall, so classic. I wouldn't change a thing.

Number 4 is my second. I see that you're playing on the lighter side of the color spectrum here, but unlike style 3 with the confection coat, you balanced it all out and didn't let the white become overwhelming! The substantial yellow scarf and the brown shoes help break up the white in this outfit, and the coat you chose isn't fighting to be the star. Next time you could even play with different accessories (a different color in hat or tights maybe, but I think that overall, you're a total success!).

Style 5 - I love this because you're trying something so different and look so sassy while doing it! My favorite is the second photo. I love the dark trench!! Perfect frame for that pop of yellow! I honestly can't critique this one well because it's not a look that I'd go for myself! But I love what you've done, and it's so sassy! :)

As for what I'd do with this dress, I'd wear a fitted sweater over it in a darker color (nothing bright because it's yellow and it needs a counter color - I'd say dark green or blue would be fun) and let the bottom be a piece of bright color, a chunky or thin belt over the sweater, tights, and knee high boots! Flats or heels would be adorable too.

Can't wait to see what you do next!! :)

Laura said...

Jessica (chefjess) - I had a great time. I did more that just come up with Styles for your Yellow Cloud Dress.

Here is a short list of rewards.

1. I completed my first Blog challenge.
2. I also own the Yellow cloud, so I benefit from these outfits.
3. I came up with a handful of awesome new outfits while digging through my closet. Two of which are ready to Post.
4. I honed my modeling skills. Ha-ha!
5. I certainly learned a lot about Fall Style.
6. My Readers and Fellow Bloggers are more awesome than I ever thought.

If I had time to think about it. This list could go on forever.

The Poll allows you to vote for multiples. So If you are torn between 2 Styles, vote for them both.

Only one Challenge, per Reader, per Year. Tee-hee!Just kidding! But I might need a month to recuperate.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura

Laura said...

Hi Mandy,

I'm so happy you made it in time to comment. One of the first suggestions I offered Jessica was to wear a pullover and treat the dress like a skirt. I mentioned this in one of the Posts. She tried this with success. I just didn't have a darn thing in my closet that worked.

Anthro had a skirt by Lithe that was Orange with the same exact lace on the bottom as nthe Yellow Cloud by Floreat. My friend Heidi has this skirt. In case my link doesn't work, you can view that skirt in the April 08 catalog pg 11.

Walled City Skirt by Lithe

I think I went out on a limb with this challenge by perhaps trying to come up with too many Styles. Since I don't know Jessica's style, I felt I needed to offer as many as possible. For example Style #5. I love the tie idea. But I thought Jessica would not be comfortable with it. So I want to Wal-Mart and picked up the B&W scarves for $5 each. I was right, she loves the scarves.

By the way, that is a clip on tie that belongs to my 22 year old son. Ha-ha! Yep! I rummaged through his closet too.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura

Kelly said...

I really enjoyed this series of stylings!!! I think my vote is for style #2, but all of them were great.

Kay said...

I love #2!! Maybe it's the East Coast in me, but I really do love all the tweed accents!

Laura said...

Kay and Kelly,

I hope you both had the chance to use the Polling gadget at the top of the Right side Bar.

I love that I was able to produce enough styles to please a wide range of preferences.

And Kay, gues what, I am from the East Coast myself. Maine!

Kristina Clemens said...

Laura, I've been crazy sick, so I didn't see your comment on my blog until right now....but I absolutely adore all the ways you wore this dress! Especially the one with the brown tweed jacket. I think that was my favorite. You're simply a stylin' genius! =)

Laura said...


No worry. Hope it wasn't the flu. I got my flu shot last week and it made me sick for an entire day. Something that has never happened.

Take care of yourself. Hope the kids are OK!

Thanks for your positive note. I really went all over the board. I only wish that jacket had been longer in Style #2.


Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

Another great look. On my tally of favorites, it comes in fourth (3,1,5,4,2)...and not because I don't love this combination, but only because all of the other looks are so great too. The Space Between the Wedges shoes have such intricate and well-place cut outs. And the lace-up detail is so delicate. I also adore the Juicy Bloom scarf. I can easily see why it is such a favorite.

BTW, thanks so much for mentioning the difficulty caused by my new commenting layout and the inability to see the pictures. It hadn't even occured to me -- I just switched it back to make for easier commenting.

Lori said...

lol, wow! I never expected to see you in an outfit like #5. It's really amazing to see you out of your normal comfort zone. The other readers are right, you look totally sassy and in charge in the styling with the tie. I like #5 better with the scarves though too. My favorite of the series is definitely #2, but I completely gravitate toward browns so that's probably why :)


vintageglam1234 said...

Hey Laura
I actually like Style # 1 the best, the contrasting colours are great. Not only that, the look is very streamlined with the long cardi and scarf.
Style #5 is interesting, like a mix of musculinity with femininity. Not sure if it's my style, but i'm sure a lot of ladies out there would embrace it.
Style #4 - the shoes are gorgeous!!

Jess said...

Hi Laura! So I ended up going with #2 as my favourite, it is just the mix of fabrics and textures that have won me over! I can see the red in the last set, love it!!!! So awesome!

Anjali said...

Hrm, after deliberating, I think #1 is my favorite. I love yellow and navy together in general, and think the dark accents really bring out the beauty of the dress!

DianeR said...

Darlin" (and that's what you look like in the tie and trench)!!
Hmmm...guess which one I voted for? Of course, I'm a "trenchy" gal (wouldn't trade mine for anything!), but it's still my favorite!

Sorry to hear about your reaction to the flu shot. For people like you, I wish I would have taken a pic of the Walgreen's Marquise that said "Daily flu shots given here". Someone with a brain has since changed it to read "Flu shots give daily here". I won't take one, and I've already had the flu this least I think that's what that 2-week thing was....
I also liked #3...

Tien said...

I love all the looks you created, but #1 and #5 are my favorites. I voted for #5 because it's an unexpected pairing that is so much fun!

Heather said...

I like #3!

Laura said...


You went for the Underdog Style. I'm surprised. It is also my Mother's favorite Style.


I thought you would like seeing your Polyvore Styled. I'm not surprised by your choice. According to the comments Style #1 and #2 are favored among Bloggers.


You picked a winner with #1. Anthro had the most hideous Product Image of The Space Between Wedges I have ever seen.


You picked the favorite. I ordered the Compeer Dress. It didn't look as good on me as it did you. :(


So will you possibly try Style #1 with your Yellow Cloud Dress.

Laura said...


My photographer's favorite is also #5. I rummaged Camden's closet and found the tie. when He found it on his desk the next day, he asked where it came from. I said I used it for something.


Yeah for voting for 2 Styles. I like that.


Thank you for voting and commenting. I love the Underdog votes for Style #3.

None said...

This series of posts were fun to read! You are very creative. I love style #4. It is very cute and charming. My favorite.

Swati - The girl who loves colorful clothing said...

Now i want to see more of much posts :) ......i love it when bloggers style the same dress in different ways

The Girl Who Loves Colorful Clothes

Collette Osuna said...

Hi Laura...Im ALL about style love love it:)
And you are very welcome did an AWESOME job on this challenge...truly:)

Stop by and say Hello ♥
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