Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finding Hidden Anthro in My Closet! A week behind OOTD!

Polling for the Yellow Cloud closes tomorrow morning.  If you haven't voted for your favorite Style, the Gadget is on the right side bar. 

This is last Monday's OOTD.  Notice my hair is pre-salon appointment.. My photographer kindly agreed to meet me at the Riverwalk Park for a quick mid-day photo shoot and lunch on me at Panera Bakery. I had tried unsuccessfully to take a photo with my mini tripod at this vine covered brick wall next to the Maintenance Yard of all places.

I love finding hidden Anthro in my closet.  Take this Green Sweater Dress for example.  Had I lost it, or returned it? Because the last time I looked, it was nowhere to be found.

Great Lengths Sweater - by Sparrow - Anthro Orig $88, Sale $50 - Aug 2009
I'm pretty sure I wore it one time with Grey Leggings and Gold Sandals.  I remember I wasn't thrilled with the outfit, despite getting a compliment from a female co-worker.

I was jazzed when I accidentally ended up holding the Sweater Dress in one hand and the Vines and Buds Cardi in the other. 
Vines & Buds Cardigan in Beige - by Charlie & Robin - Anthro $128 Sold Out - Dec 2009

 This outfit is overly warm for even a relatively cool day in the sun.  As it turns out, the sweater dress looks great without the Vines and Buds Cardi. The sparkle of the necklace stirs up some needed interest when the  Sweater Dress stands alone.

Striped Tights in Red Motif - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18, Sale $10 - Apr 2010

This outfit screamed for special legwear. And these Stripped Tights in Red were the perfect amount of special.  Heidi D, Christine, and my Photographer all agreed.  A rare occurrence. I'm calling these Orang-ish - Coral.  The online Product shot looks Brick-Red.

Ribbon Rays Necklace - by Tataborello -Anthro Orig $258, Sale $129 - Mar 2010

Malted Barley Boots - by Area Forte - Anthro Orig $378, Sale $190 
 From Oct 2009 Hidden Catalog Stock - Apr 2010

I wasn't sure about the boots. But the Reddish Brown two toned colors compliment the greens. Funny thing!  The stem print on the Cardi is a perfect match to my Orla Kiely Dark Stem Tote and my Porcelain Mug.

What do you think of the Reader's Challenge Results. I am very pleased. Four of the Five outfits were in a neck and neck race.  This beats having one or two outfits that score well.  And I am very grateful for all my stylish and talented Readers who pitched in with suggestions for styling the Yellow Cloud Dress.  I believe Jessica was satistisfied too.

I knew this was coming! I was upset and angry yesterday when I got this news.

My Co. is ramping up the work force to drain our reserves as fast as possible. And they are out to impress the newbies by offering them all Window offices.  I hinted at this coming a few weeks ago.  A co-worker with a window, is moving into by 13x13 windowless office, and I am moving into a 6x4 foot cubicle. I am sadly feeling de-valued after 10 years of loyalty. 

I'm not going tot get over this quickly. At least until I get 4 walls around me again. It felt like I had just been fired as I carried out half of my office contents to my car. The work environment right now does not feel friendly between the employees and the Company. 

Is this a new era for the American Worker?  Has this happened to you? Is there tension and dis-satisfaction in your work place?
On to a better topic. 

Have you ever lost a seemingly useless item in your wardrobe, only to find it again and put it to good use?

I can't wait to hear from my Readers about either of these topics.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (


Peggy said...

love this sweater and all the lovely knits!

Mandy said...

Ooh I LOVE your entire outfit today! I am seriously mad that I didn't buy that sweater dress now ... it is GORGEOUS on you, and I think the boots and tights are perfect colors with it! And that Charlie & Robin sweater is so you, Laura! A perfect topper. :)

I'm so sorry to hear about your work place trouble! That sounds awful having to move offices, and I can semi-relate through my fiance's work circumstances (I hear all about it when he comes home). It's a long story about him, but the ending is the same - it's completely awful not being appreciated or recognized for all you do at your job and seeing work tensions start to come home with you. So so difficult. I definitely think people are under appreciated in so many work situations, and it completely stinks! Hope things get better for you soon! :(

Jamie said...

What a fantastic shade of chartreuse green on that sweater dress. I absolutely love it and the gathered hemline (is that the right term?). But with the Charlie and Robin sweater? What perfection in an outfit! And your chance pairing reminded me of Anjali's recent post on her surprise dressing room combos.

Thank you so, so much for your fun Halloween-themed emails! They really made my day. I have been feeling a bit under the weather...not sure if from the perio work or from something else, but your emails really brightened my day. And the squirrels ate my pumpkin(?!), so I need to work on carving a new one with the fun gadget you sent. Carving via mouse is surprisingly tricky!

I am sorry that you are being forced to move into a small cube at work, especially after all these years of dedicated service. We downsized last summer and some have been displeased by the transition. The space really wasn't planned well...there are 8X8 cubes that are adjacent to windows...and 6X8 cubes that are totally enclosed. (I have a smaller one, obviously). For some reason, the window cubes are given to some people who aren't even in the office every day. The rest of use feel a bit resentful that these nicer spaces are unused for much of the time.

As one of the newer employees, I was not surprised to be put in a cube. But there are some tense relationshps that I am trying to manage carefully at work. My bosses always make sure I feel appreciated, and often give me the opportunity for professional growth. But I have one colleague in particular who seems to be sabotaging my career path. I am very unsuspicious by nature so "CYA" is new to me, but now I feel like I always have to be on the alert.

vintageglammz said...

Hey Laura!
That floral detail on the sweater is too pretty.
Your outfits are always so vibrant, and have so much character in them.
SOrry about how you're feeling at the moment with work. It must be awful and I would feel exactly the same as you right now if I were in that situation. Well, today I found out that i am getting paid LESS than one of my colleagues, who has been in the job for shorter time than me. We do pretty much the same thing, and the thing that bothers me is that I have a uni degree, whereas she doesn't. Also, my computer skills are a bit more advanced than hers. It's not her fault that her salary is more than mine (the difference is only slight), but it just bothers me is a pain in the backside sometimes!Anyway, that's my story if it makes you feel any better!
Anyway, im pretty much over it!
Ps - the said colleague reads my blog, best that i don't write anything else about the situation! oops...

LilMissSeamstress said...


Sorry to hear what happened at work. Right now at my work, there are so many empty offices and cubes with windows.. Company went thru the tough time and in turned had to let go lots of people who used to be in that primal office space. Now that I am still in my little humble 6x4 cube, it really gets me wonder what if I ask to move to the window office, but then again I am just a little girl right out of college doing what I do with very little passion(if you know what I mean..hehe) Hope there will be a better resolution or re-location plan will unfold at your work soon!

And and about your outfit! aww~~~really really super cute! Subtle differences between two different hue of green is just brilliant and it works! and works great~ Gathered bottom on the green sweater dress is one of my favorite~Looking good looking good!


Jess said...

Hi Laura,

First off loving the combination of the sweater and dress, they go perfectly together. Those boots are just great for you too, they seem to go with just about everything on you :D

That is really sad about your office space :( I remember seeing you office in those pictures you took a few weeks ago, and I was thinking how great it looked. At my work our back room is about the size of a small storage closet compared to others with room enough for tables and chairs, so I understand, it just really sucks.

p.s. can't wait to see the new close up pictures :D


Mia said...

I love your outfit. The combination of colors is gorgeous!

I'm so sorry about the office situation! I've been in a very similar situation and it really does suck. Your office should be focused on taking care of their long term employees like yourself who have been there through thick and thin instead of trying to impress new employees. It's not right! At one of my past jobs, I had my tiny windowless office taken away when we got a new manager and she wanted to impress one of the new hires who had more seniority in terms of work experience than I did by giving him my old office and moving me to a cubicle. I think I still harbor animosity about it because I felt so disrespected and devalued.

I really hope that your work situation improves soon!

Laura said...

Knits and Sweaters! My reason for loving Fall and Winter.

Today was moving day! I am so bummed. Two good things came out of this. Two other tech's are sharing the space. I love them both. And my iPhone works. I hardly got a signal in the office. Wow! I almost said "My Office"

I couldn't help myself with the Halloween emails. I hit a lot of Bloggers with them. Doesn't seem right to leave nice work space unoccupied. And that is a bummer about the co-worker. I would be much more concerned about a problem person then inadequate work space. I hope you feel better soon.

Laura said...

I would be in my bosses office asking for a raise. Does your Company have a salary scale? Use it to make your argument.

I think you should ask! maybe no one has thought about it. To argue your case, site that with better office space comes higher productivity. Although it could also start an exedus. Everyone will want to move. I think it's a great idea for you to get the ball rolling. But then only you know how management would react to such a suggestion. It never hurts to ask!

I am so sad that the Compeer Dress I ordered was too big. I just had to try that dress after I saw it on you. You have been my inpiration for several changes lately.

Close-up of my hair in tomorrows Post.

This is exactly what is going on at my Co. Employers have the advantage in this economy. They want to attract the best and brightest. But the best and brightest want a lot of perks. Since Bakersfield itself is not exactly a perk, money and office space is all they have to offer.


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Something similar-ish happened to my BF in his previous job. He and two other of the most senior sales guys got moved out of their offices and into cubbies in a hangar so that the cute new dept admins could get the offices closest to the VP Sales. Suffice it to say it was the start of some bad stuff and eventually they all left!

I agree you should be upset but unfortunately I can't offer any good advice on what to do! Maybe things will settle themselves once everyone is on board?

(That aside, this is one of MY fave outfits on you - the green tunic is unexpected and gorgeous!)

Jess said...

Aw I am sorry the compeer didn't work out for you, I was hoping it would, the colour would have been fantastic on you!

Kay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kay said...

I meant to say, I LOVE the sweater AND I'm super sorry about what's going on at work. After 10 years, a cubicle!?? I mean, really? Can you say something? It's kind of a weird situation :( I'm sorry you have to deal with that.

I guess I'm lucky I work retail and all of us have the same view :) Keep us updated to what happens.

Lori said...

that sweater is so phenomenal! Lovely outfit my dear!

omg, that's really infuriating about moving long-time employees to the cubes and newbies to the window offices! How does that make sense at all!? What happened to company seniority? I'm so sorry!


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