Friday, October 29, 2010

ANTHROOOOOOOOO.......Returns - OOTD - Free Ship - 1 Review - 1 Score

ANTHROOOOOO…….Thanks for Free Shipping.  But...

16 Days is Not Acceptable for Return Credit

Just when I thought you understood
Fast return credits are always GOOD
The last was back in under TEN
I knew you couldn’t repeat that again

I mailed three boxes in the last two weeks
This latest return rate totally stinks
I am dying for those Miss Allbright boots
But you’re holding all my Anthro loot

I despise waiting for Return Credits from Anthro.  All my credits are ear-marked for guessed it, more Anthro. Why is it they trust me enough to return defective products?  And will even mail out a new item without me having to pay for the item again.  So doesn’t it make sense to trust me to return unwanted items and just give me online or store credit?  Is anyone else now experiencing this sudden down time in return rate after last months awesome 10 day returns? 

I’m a little behind on posting OOTD’s.  This one is from Thursday.  The day I moved into my dreaded CUBICLE.  Here is where I was.  Here is where I went...
Cubicle 145D.  Sounds like a Bra size.
Where the hell am I supposed to put my maps? THE FLOOR! Poo!
Polka Peppered Dress - by Maeve - Anthro Orig $148, Sale $80 - May 2010

Buy it here in size 10, size 6, and size 2.
I never knew I was a Polka Dot enthusiast. But then, I never saw a Polka Dot I could love before Anthro.  The first time I saw this dress was on Heidi D.  We were in the Monterey CA store.  Christine too!  I Wish Listed this the minute we arrived home.  Then patiently waited for sale.  I believe this dress dropped to a phenomenal $30.  I'm not unhappy with $80. I do have to use the straps.

Curio Collar Jacket - by Idra - Anthro Orig $158 - Feb 2010

Buy it here in size 12.

I had to have this Jacket the minute I first set eyes on it. This is only the second time I have worn it.  The first time was with a Silk Leifsdottir Blouse.  The sleeve kept getting caught up in the brooch of the jacket.  So it was time to find something more suitable to style is with. I think I found the perfect mate in the Polka Peppered Dress.
I love the light pole coming out of my head. 
Since I am the photographer, there is no one to blame but me today.

Anthro's description of the Dress claimed Navy.  Ha!  It's Black. So Black tights seemed a suitable counterpart.  And to throw in a bit of color, I added Anthro's Limoncello Necklace. 
Limoncello Necklace - Anthro Sale $30 - Feb 2009

And the finishing touches include:

All Leather Handbag in Ink - by Orla Kiely AW08
PerriBerri Orig $620, Sale $400 - March 2009
and the very cool
Quelusia Heels by Re-Mix Vintage Footwear
Anthro Orig $228, Sale $100 - July 2008

Shop Re-Mix Vintage and these shoes here

Now for a Quick No Anthro Zone Review: The Dog Trot Cardi by Monogram (HWR).  Was $128, now on sale for $70.

Shop the Dog Trot Cardi here.

The last HWR (Monogram) Sweater I ordered (the Chocolate Box Cardi) was horribly itchy.  I am pleased to say this Cardi is wonderful.  Maybe a little scratchy feeling, but definitely not itchy. I ordered the Brown Colorway with Pink Dogs.

SIZE:  I ordered by normal size SMALL. 5’6” tall, 125 lbs, 35-27-36, with narrow shoulders. 

FIT:  The fit is excellent.  The sleeves are not too long.  The hem length is right below the hips as it should be.

DETAILS:  This is a Grandma/Grandpa Cardi.  If you don’t like that style, then outfit the Cardi with something ultra feminine.  I am on the look out for a ruffled Pink or Yellow dress preferably. Although a blouse might do the trick. There is an extra Button/Yarn tag included. This is hand wash, lay flat to dry.

The sweetest detail is the little Pink Scottie Dog under the left Pocket. His collar is Yellow with a Gold Puffer Heart tag.

Regarding negative reviews:  I am sensitive to wool, and did not find this sweater itchy. A little rough? Yes!  I had plenty of room in the sleeves.  They did not feel tight on my arms.  Maybe that would be an issue if I wore a blouse with sleeves. I didn’t at all find the knit to appear cheap.  There were no seems that appeared torn or ripped.  Due to the print of the knit, I think that is an illusion.

This product is recommended with a full 5 stars from GeoInCalifornia – Order TTS or down if between sizes.

And look what I scored for $30 yesterday from the August Catalog. I'm thinking I might wear it with the Dog Trot Cardi.  Hmmm, what can I add for color? What shoes should I wear?  Pink?
Doubly Adorned Dress - by Floreat - Anthro Orig $148, Sale $30 - Oct 2010
Check out the beautiful Red weave my wonderful Sara added to my hair.  It's pretty bright now, but should tone down in a week or two.

The sky was so lovely at 7 am this morning.  Laura in the Sky with Diamonds!  If that doesn't beat all!

Anthro Sister Love, Laura  (  email me anytime.  I love to hear from my Readers.


Jess said...

Yay you are back! First off, love love love the first picture, so gorgeous. Second, I saw that dress in the catalog, but it was not in my size, so I am happy you got it :D. Third, the hair! Love the red in it, love the brightness of it too!

I am sorry about your maps, maybe you could put them on the ceiling above the cubicle (ok no, but that would show them!) Ohhh and wear yellow or teal with the dress, or maybe purple...

Kay said...


You look adorbs in the Dog Trot Cardi! I think it's totally cute. I can't wait to see how you style the doubly adorned dress. It would look really cute with pink or yellow or a pop of teal (I think there is teal in the pattern).

Laura said...


Ha-ha! You are hilarious. I looked up at the office ceiling when I read your comment. I was trying to imagine what kind of creative sticky stuff I could use to glue them to the ceiling. He-he! SPIT WADS would work. Ho-ho!


The Grey plaid does have Teal lines. I have seen it up close on friend Heidi. The amount Heidi saved on the $30 dress, she used to buy the scarf and necklace to make the outfit. I'm certain I can come up with something I already have.

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeen, Laura

vintageglammz said...

Hehehe..oh golly Laura, you crack me up about your cubicle - yes, it does sound like a bra size!!!
I love what you did with the polka peppered dress, you look fabulous in it. The jacket is a great match!
The dog trot cardi looks surprisingly cute on you! I think how a pendant is on one of the dogs is too cute!
What a scoop you got with the Doubly Adorned dress! I think pink would go nicely with it, as will a pair of red shoes. Hope to see you debut it soon!

Bronzi said...

I bought the Dog Trot cardi as well and just wore it with a white tee underneath and grey pants and flats.

Lori said...

i love the polka dot dress with the yellow beaded necklace and that jacket. Great pairing!


Laura said...


The Doubly Adorned arrived. I sized up as suggested. The six is gi-normous. :(

Thank goodness I was able to find a 4 at the S. Lake Store in Texas. I couldn't be happier. :)


Thanks for the Dog Trot outfit suggestions. I paired the Cardi with a Pink Ruffle Tee, and Eva Franco's Cafe Cream Skirt in Brown with Pink Polka dots, along with MissAlbright's Rennsellear T Straps.


It took me so long to find this perfect match.

Jamie said...

Love how you styled the Polka Peppered Dress -- especially with the gorgeous yellow necklace. I am now on a mission to style my Polka Peppered with yellow accessories. And hopefully not go overboard and look like a bumble bee, because you are definitely right about it being BLACK.

And I actually think the Doubly Adorned Dress would look spectacular with the pink shoes you're wearing in this OOTD. The little accent of red is just perfect!

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