Friday, October 15, 2010

An Outback Cinderella Story in Today's TGIFO - What to Wear to Dinner?

April 2008, a dear friend and co-worker (William Benmore PhD Geology) died suddenly while I was in Las Vegas attending a class and experiencing my first Anthropologie. I was crushed to learn of his passing from my dear friend Heidi D.  I am reading one of his old books in my photolog. "Manual of Minerology" (the study of minerals and their crystal structures 1947).

Pick any well on "THE HILL" and Bill could tell you the history from drilling, to production, to abandonment. He was also an accomplished surfer. We still miss you Bill.

Lynx and Leo Dress - by Maeve - Anthro Orig $138, Sale $70 - Aug 2010

I am also wearing this dress here, and here
Today I am Cinderella once again in a Thank God It's Friday Outfit.  I adore the ruffled and laced petticoats under this dress.  Even if no one sees them but me.

Blushing Bouquet Cardi - by Sparrow - Anthro $88 - July 2010

I topped little miss Cinderella with diagonal srtipes and pretty flowers from the Blushing Bouquet Cardi by Sparrow.

Delphi Hippodrome Belt - Anthro Orig $42, Sale $20 - Oct 2010
Then I did something I have only done one other time.  If you clicked on the links under the Lynx and Leo Dress above, then you know what that thing is I did here only one other time. Well, how did I do?

Shop the Delphi Hippodrome here.

By now you should be wondering what the Outback in my title has to do with this TGIFO.  Notice you haven't seen a very important part of this outfit.
Anthro Catalog November 2009

Anthro Catalog December 2009
What do these two young ladies have in common?

Space Between Wedges - by Schuler & Sons - Anthro Orig $158, Sale $80 - Mar 2010.
If you said "a very ugly pair of shoes from Anthropologie", you are right, and wrong!  Not so ugly on my feet. 

These shoes tone down the girlish-ness of the Lynx and Leo Dress, by introducing a little Outback to the Cinderella Dress. Needless to say many passed these lovelies by.  Which left many a pair to go on sale.

Magic Carousel Necklace - Etsy - Shop Japonicas $28 - May 2009

Hmmm.  I'm supposed to go out for dinner tonight.  I can't decide what to wear.  Last night my Precious Materials Cardi came in the mail from eBay. I really want to wear it.

So I could wear it with my Babergh Dress like Tien of Adiaphane wore it here.


Or I could wear it with my new Leifsdottir Paseo Leather skirt.


Please help me decide. Tell me your choice in a comment. Should I go to dinner in outfit #1, or outfit #2.

No one in Bakersfield dresses nice for dinner.  The BF and I always do.  And we haven't been out in months. Hopefully I can convince him to take some pictures.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (


Jess said...

#2! On a date with your boyfriend you should wear the leather skirt. Those are great shoes, I tried to order them, but there was no international shipping on them for some reason. I love how they toughen up the white dress just a smidgen. Ah date nights are so much fun! My fellow just started a new job in Seattle, so I won't see him for a bit, but that just means I get to live through everyone's date nights. Also more girl's nights out then :)

Katie said...

I love the photos. So sorry about your friends passing in '08. My boss passed away suddenly in '08 too, and I still remember him at random times. Time heals the wounds but the memory is always there.

I am going to guess you belted the cardi. I picked up that same belt on sale! I really like it with that cardigan!

Yes, I agree with Jess! Even thought the Babergh has a special place in my heart, I say go with the skirt. It screams date night! Have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

Both outfits are great, but I vote for #2. I love the leather skirt!!!

Mia said...

Another vote for #2!! I think the outfit is fabulous. Have a fun time tonight!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

You are queen of mixing Anthro pieces that I would never in a million years think to put together - and you make it work!

Lori said...

I vote for #2!!! dang those shoes look waaaay better on you than in the product shot. that's crazy! Have you always had grey borders around your pics and I've never noticed, lol?

btw, I think your 27" waist looks the same size as mine. You are slightly taller than me, so maybe that affects perspective?


l said...

The thing about the precious materials cardigan is that i thought it was navy on the shoulders. But it is black! I even tried it on and thought it was navy hehe.

Lady Cardigan said...

I think I am too late, but I would go with choice 2. Hope you had fun!

Laura said...


Dinner was great. And yes I took everyones advice and wore outfit #2 with the Leather Leifsdottir Skirt. Took some photos. Didn't turn out well. But I will include in my next post. I am now over 2 weeks over due for my hair appt. My poor hair looks just horribly grey and frizzy. Can't wait until Wednesday.

Jess, He thought the skirt and shoes were hot.

Katie, Not only did I belt the Cardi, but I wore it to work all day.

Kelly, I appreciate everyone's advice on the outfit. You guys picked it. He loved it.

Mia, Dinner was superb at Frugatti's. Had Lobster Ravioli in Sweet Vermouth Sauce.

Laura said...

Lisa, And I had the guts to wear this little number to work all day.

Lori, Yes the borders have always been grey. It's my large chest area that gets in the way of great photography. And I have gained a few pounds. Guess where it all went. Drats!

I, An easy mistake to make. Has happened to me many times. Take the Polka Peppered Dress. I'm still not sure if that dress is Navy or Black.

Lady Cardigan,

#1 with the Babergh = Zip! #2 with the Paseo and Precious Materials = 6. I'm smart enough to recognize the clear winner.

Jamie said...

I love your belted cardigan look, Laura. Another successful belting experience for you...or should I say, another notch on the belt, hahaha). The magic carousel necklace is so lovely -- it looks slightly vintage, which is so nice.

It's a good thing I didn't read this post before, because I think I would have the been the sole person to vote on choice number one for your date night outfit (but it was almost a toss up for me). How funny is that?! But both outfits are truly stunning and I can't wait to see your pictures from date night.

Are you succumbing to today's sale? I am thinking of the Breezy Polkas cardigan in red. However, when I tried it on the bow was VERY floppy, so we shall see what I decide. The Oleander cardigan also made it to sale this week -- why is it always all or nothing???

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