Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesdays OOTD - Find the Orla Kiely in my Office

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Love the Anthro Outfit videos.  But what is up with the Bike Ride Outfit?  Hello!  She never even gets on the bike.  Lame!

I refuse to go outside and take photos today. I was drenched in yesterday's photos. You know what that means? I had to crop myself out of the picture.

And find a new location that's indoors, and cool.  So welcome to my 13x13 windowless space under the stairs. The 2011 business plan is gearing up on labor with no plan to find additional office space.  So I may soon be sharing an office. Something I haven't done in years. That's the new corporate America.

Whine over!  OOTD begins!

She looks great doesn't she.  I think she's one of my favorite Anthro models.  She goes clear back to early 2008 when I stepped into the Anthro at Cesar's Palace in Las Vegas. At that moment I was hooked.  Still am, and always will be. Until the day I die. Hallelujah!!!!!!

Let's play find the Orla Kiely items in my office. Sorry no prize.  I just want to see who knows their Orla Trivia. HINT:  There are three.
Magnified Geranium Blouse - by Tabitha
Anthro Orig $98 Mar 2010

Such a lovely Silk Blouse. But a bit low cut. I layer either the Ivory or Brown version of Anthro's Reversible Tank underneath. This blouse hit sale, but not for many months.

Bright Button Trousers - by Pilcro
Anthro orig $98 - Feb 2010

Pilcro are my favorite jeans.  They don't break the bank. The different cuts fit me well. I do have to hem them. Still, not a bad deal for under $100. This version Sold Out before hitting sale.

Beloved Cardigan - by Leifdottir - Anthro Orig $288, sale $90 -  Jan 2009.
In 2008 and 2009 you could pick-up Leifsdottir on sale for less than 50% off at Anthro.  I have several items including the Beloved Cardi that went sale for far under 50% off.  Not true anymore. Anthro has finally wised up.  And recently they have started putting Leifsdottir on sale at the same time as Leifsdottir.com and the Majors. 

Don't forget to count the Orla Kiely in the photos.

Dreaming in Stitches Booties - by Everybody - Anthro orig $188, sale $90 - March 2010

 I got my Flu Shot this morning.  Make sure you get yours this year.  I safely crosses the road in my favorite Everybody booties.  You can't help but see me coming in Bright Glaring Orange. 

Did you find all 3 Orla Kiely items? Tell me in a comment.
Most important, did you get your flu shot?

Laura (lauramartinsemail)@yahoo.com
I'm still waiting for Autumn to arrive. 


Loraine said...

Oh, how fun!

1) Your handbag
2) Your coffee mug
3) Your blue box with the flowers

Great post and great outfit, Laura!

Jessica said...

Love that top on you!

Jess said...

Hi Laura!

Hmmmm your mug, your purse, and the tissue box (is it a tissue box? and if so, from target?) If there was a secret santa, and I was yours, I would totally know what to look for for you! Love orange, my favourite colour, and you look great in it!

I think Everybody is quickly becoming one of my favourite shoe designers.


Jess said...

Ohh and no, I did not get my flu shot, but I don't get it every year, so nothing different there lol.

GeoInCalifornia said...


You are a fast, observant, and an Orla expert.


Thanks you for the compliment. It's comfortable and pretty darn easy to wear.


I have several pairs of Everybody. But these are my first and favorite.


l said...

This is my favorite outfit on you!

GeoInCalifornia said...


Awesome compliment. thank you!


Kay said...

I have nothing to add except that I just think you are too adorable for words :)

(oh, and also that blouse is rockin')

Jamie said...

I found all three Orla Kiely items, and the mug is fantstic! The print on the blouse is beautiful, as is the detail around the neckline. And those boots are beautiful -- love the burnt orange color! As soon as the BBCA challenge is over, I will be wearing my orange Ballroom Pumps by Pink Studio.

Thanks so much for your comment on my post! Sadly, I am not receiving an award -- just going to be attending an awards dinner to help with set-up, reception, etc. In terms of Statcounter, go to www.statcounter.com, and you can create free account. It's a very helpful too, and it's great to track visits to your blog. Let me know if you have any questions about it!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

You look fabulous, Laura! The orange is very flattering on you - you look casual and comfortable but still fashionable.

Mandy said...

Gorgeous outfit!! Looks right up my alley, Laura - the top is perfect, and the cut of those trousers make me want to shout with joy (they look just like a pair of jeans that I recently bought and adore!). I love how you always have a pair of perfect shoes to bring the outfit together - that's where I usually fall flat on my face!

Orla Kiely items ... I'm still learning about the wonderful Orla! I see just one, but the comments are teaching me to look sharp! :P

P.S. Thanks for reminding me to check out Leifsdottir.com! I haven't been to that site in ages! :P

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