Monday, October 18, 2010

Style #1- The Yellow Cloud Dress Brightens Fall - Reader's Challenge

Fall weather has finally arrived in Central CA.  Thanks to all my Readers that helped encouraged Summer to make a hasty retreat.  My cool weather cloths are lined up for some awesome OOTD's.

Style #1 - Yellow Cloud Dress Styled for Fall

 Today's Post introduces Style #1 of a Series.  The challenge comes from a lovely Reader (Jessica-chefjess), who purchased the Yellow Cloud Dress from my Blog sale. There are three specific requests in the challenge.

1.  To offer Fall styling ideas that include the Yellow Cloud Dress.  Not an easy task, since this is clearly a Bright Sunny Yellow Summer Dress.

2. To include a scarf or sweater that acts as a buffer between the Bright Yellow Dress and her olive complexion.

3.  To challenge my Readers for suggestions and ideas.

Initially I suggested that Jessica try a pullover sweater that would treat the dress like a skirt.  She did this with success.

Keep in mind that I have never seen Jessica.  Also, my color choices are complimentary to me. Choosing colors that compliment olive tones was not part of the Challenge. And last but not least, I work in the oil fields and know nothing about style.  I break rules I know and probably many I don't know.

Yellow Cloud Dress - by Floreat - Anthro Orig $178, Sale $90, eBay new $40 - Apr 2010
 See my Summer Style for the Yellow Cloud here.

Yellow Cloud Dress with Pin Dot Tights and Proscenium Cardi in Navy

I immediately break the rule that states "Dark tights are a No-No below light garments."  The notion is shot down by the long draped front of the Navy Proscenium Cardi. The dark tights and cardi are now in very close proximity, and act to break up the wide strip of brightly colored dress.


Proscenium Cardi in Navy - by Splendid
Anthro Orig $68 - Jun 2010


Pin Dot Tights in Navy - Carmel CA Anthro
Sale $5 - Apr 2010

Today is my Boy Friend's Birthday.  Please give him a big round of applause for photographing four outfits in one day, plus enduring an all day Saturday closet escapade while I pulled at least a dozen outfit ideas together. He is an honest critic.  A rare and wonderful asset in a man. An artist by nature, he has a natural insight for coordinating styles and color.

Tripp Laptop Bag Car Print - by Orla Kiely SS10 - eBay $220 - Apr 2010

Shop the Tripp Laptop Bag here.

Rensselaer T Straps - by Miss Albright - Anthro $148 - Aug 2010
Shop these shoes here.
 Anthro's Rensselaer T straps offers eye catching depth with cutout suede detail that is in keeping with the floral buffer scarf.  One of many scarves lovingly made by my Mother. Both the scarf and the Tripp Laptop Bag add the bright color that keeps the dress from looking out of place among so much dark Navy.

Yellow Cloud Dress with Proscenium Cardi Styled for Fall
 All the ingredients can easily be substituted with basic wardrobe staples.  Choosing them in the correct order was key. I did not get help from any outside source. I used common sense for mixing colors and patterns.  And I kept trying until I liked the outcome. Here are the basic steps that worked for Style One.

     - Choose a drape front Cardi in a solid dark color that coordinates with the dress. Navy was an easy choice for Yellow.
     - Add a coordinating pair of tights to break up the Bright Summer Dress. My Navy tights have Pink Pin Dots that add further interest and texture. 
     - Next chose a bright colored scarf with pattern, interest, and color that compliments the Summer Dress and keeps it from looking out of place among it's Fall and Winter cousins. My scarf is brightly colored, in addition to the knit that emulates the lace overly at the base of the dress.
     - Choose a solid dark shoe color that compliments the tights. The same color shoes would blend too much.  A light shoe would distract. Brown is a basic color that compliments any Blue.  
     - Tie the bag to either the scarf, shoes or both.

Styles Two, Three and Four are completly different.

Yellow Cloud Dress with Rensselaer T Straps and Orla Kiely Tripp Laptop Bag
Style #1 isn't my favorite.  But it comes in a close second. It worked just as well on paper as it did IRL. I was elated that the entire ensemble met Jessica's request and needed no last minute changes when I tried it on.. Unfortunately this was not the case for all four outfits.


I have the first 2 requests covered. But I can't meet this Challenge without your help. Please provide Jessica with your own ideas to style the Yellow Cloud for Fall. 
And as always, I want your opinion good or bad for Style One. 
1.  Does Style One meet the challenge?
2.  Is the Style pleasing?
3.  Is it basic enough that it can easily be re-created using wardrobe basics?

You guys are awesome.  My dinner date was fabulous Friday night.  Thanks for choosing the perfect outfit.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura
I like your styling and i have to say i think you seem to know a lot of color!
I like how the navy tones down the bright yellow. I think i might have also been tempted to pair it with a taupe sweater for an alternative.

Jessica said...

I love how you styled that yellow dress for fall! It looks great with the dark tights and cardi. And you are making me want those t-straps even more now!

Lori said...

here are some other ideas for Fall stylings for this dress. I think layering is key and layering with Fall-like colors. Yellow is a color of leaves in fall, so you can think about what types of colors you tend to see around yellow in fall. Anyway, I put together a polyvore with some ideas for several different layering and accessorizing outfits for fall.

You can go here (I think) to see the polyvore set and what it's composed of.


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Laura said...


Taupe is not one of my favorite colors. But Style #4 with the Yellow Cloud has Taupe shoes.

Hi Jessica,

I love the Rensselaer T Straps. You should get them.

Laura said...


Thank you so much for the polyvore with the Yellow Cloud. I love the idea of the White long sleeved top under the dress with B&W scarf and Black tights. I am going to get that look together for an OOTD.


Jess said...

Hi Laura!

Love the combination of the yellow and navy together (and are those tights just the cutest!) I am glad your date on friday was fantastic and that the outfit was a success :)


chefjess said...

Hi Laura,
I love this outfit. I think you look fantastic. You inspired me to create my own OOTD. I think the dark tights look good with the yellow and the navy is a nice combo. The length of the cardi flatters the lace. Thank you for all of the help in styling. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the styles.

I like the white blouse under the dress. Nice suggestion. I will need to try that as it will definitely keep the yellow away from my face. Thank you for the polyvore styling suggestions.

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