Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Take 1: The Take Action Twins! Plus...The Mompos Dress Meets Kristine Ko!

What are these crazy, gun wielding dames up to in the back of this old limo?  

Am I seeing Double?  Wait a minute!  
These two don't look like twins. 

Is that Anthro's Take Action Dress? 
It appears to be living up to it's name.

Kris and I are wearing Anthro's Take Action Dress by Girls From Savoy - May 2011

One minute they're all Sweetness in Silk!  
The next they're going at it with Weapons.

And now they're friends again!  What gives?

Kris and I are wearing Anthro's Take Action Dress by Girls From Savoy - May 2011

Meet my friend Kris of Kristine Ko Creative Studios. Six weeks ago, we began to conspire on a Project. Kris is much more than a Photographer, she is one of us.  That's right ladies!  She is an Anthro Addict-Aholic. 

Kris was looking for an Anthro Blogger to collaborate on a Photo Shoot.

Would I be interested in working on the Project involving Anthro and a Professional Photographer? 
I think you know the answer to that.
Heck Yes! 

With a bit of luck, some unseasonable cool weather, and awesome friends that live on a beautiful stretch of River, we managed this two gal operation like an entire Team.  

Anthro's Take Action Dress by Girls From Savoy - May 2011

The above images were brought to you by my Olympus SLR, on a tripod, with a remote.

Kris of Kristine Ko Creative Studios in Anthro's Take Action Dress - May 2011

Everything else is the Magic of Kristine Ko and her Pro Canon.

Styling Courtesy of Kristine Ko

The Mompos Dress - A Plenty by Tracy Reese - Anthro $228 - Mar 2011
Sulky Belt in Blue - Anthro Orig $48 Sale $30 - March 2011
Lass & Laddie Oxfords - by Poetic License - Anthro $98 - Aug 2010
Great and Small Coin Purse in Bee - by Ipa Nima - Anthro Orig $28 Sale $20 - Feb 2010
Present Perfect Necklace - by Tataborello Italy - Anthro Orig $138 Sale $40 - Mar 2009
Bejeweled Bee Ring - by Kenneth Lane - Anthro Orig $105 Sale $70 - July 09

See Bonnie of Small Town Fashionista in her Mompos Photo Shoot HERE

Take 2 from inside and around the House will Post Friday  Here is a Sneak Peek!

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (

Please leave a comment for Kris and I.  Which photo is your favorite?  Mine is the Mailbox stroll bye!  Kris and I both love #5.  I like how my Red car snuck into the action. See it next to my left hand?

All Photos are courtesy of Kristine Ko Creative Studios and are the property of Laura Martin. Email for permission to : )