Monday, June 13, 2011

Operation Anthro Switcharoo!

Welcome to Operation Anthro Switcharoo!

Who is this gorgeous Goddess of the Garden?  
Her feet clad in shining Silver sandals.  
 A circlet of Enchanting Eyes wraps about her waist

The grass beneath her grows lush and Green as she passes.   
Her Mossy Atoms Skirt floats about her like a Vibrant Gown.  
Everything she touches comes to life.

Flowers bloom in her presence. 
Their scented petals unfurl with her beautiful smile.

Birds are enchanted by her grace and beauty.
Suddenly tamed by her gentle touch.

Do you know this Enchantress of the Garden?

Anthro Outfit:
Molded and Melded Tee
Hanging Gardens Cardigan
Mossy Atoms Skirt
Enchanting Eyes Belt
 Got-Rocks Gladiators
From a Seed Clip

Have you had the pleasure of meeting the vivacious Mandy on her Blog "Bobs And Doodads"?

Mandy and I agreed to switch outfit photos, and write a Post about each other.  The instant I saw her photos I knew exactly what I would say. I could see that Mandy took extra special care for her photo shoot.  Her hair is freshly styled and the color absolutely amazing. I love her choice of Lipstick. She is a Genius for pairing her Hanging Gardens Cardi with the Mossy Atoms Skirt. She makes me long for that skirt.

Stop over at Bobs And Doodads and tell Mandy how crazy, gorgeous she is.

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (