Monday, May 30, 2011

No Anthro Zone Reviews: Sweet Osmanthus and Silver Dusted - APB: Shinning Eddie Bracelet

Happy Memorial Day! I'm enjoying my day off.  Yay!  While looking forward to a short 3-day work week. Double Yay!  Then another 3-day weekend.  Triple Yay!  Then a dreaded 5-day work-athon.  Boo!

Anthro's Sweet Osmanthus Shift - by Ranna Gill - $178 - May 2011

The APB is for my new found friend and co-conspirator, Kris.  Ha-ha! Did that sound like I put out an APB looking for her? This is on her behalf.  And yes she is the person I met up with this weekend.  You will be seeing and meeting her in the near future.

Shinning Eddie Bracelet in Purple - by Tataborello - Anthro Orig $218 Sale $100 - June 2010

Over the weekend, Kris took a Shine to my Shinning Eddie Bracelet by Tataborello.  She would love to have one of her own. I know it's a long shot. The bracelet is from the 2010 Spring/Summer collection. So, if you have this Tataborello in your possession, and are willing to part with it, please contact me (Laura) at  I will connect you with Kris to work out the details.

Anthro's Sweet Osmanthus Shift by Ranna Gill - $178

No Anthro Zone Review - Anthro's Sweet Osmanthus Shift by Ranna Gill - Online Exclusive - $178 - Size Small

Osmanthus - A genus of 30 flowering plants native to Asia.

This dress was an Impulse Buy.  Within minutes it was in the Bag.  The only reason I didn't check out immediately was to shop for a pair of sandals.

Loud crack of a whip heard.
 Bad Laura! 
Shoe reviews to follow

SIZE:  Since this is an online exclusive, I took the plunge without reviews for guidance.  I ordered my normal size Small (4 to 6) for dresses.  I'm 5'5" Tall, 130 lbs, 35-28-36, 34C to D, narrow shoulders.

FIT: I'm smaller through the hips. The dress fits from the waist down with enough room to sit. The arm holes are not too long. My bra was completely covered.  But the bodice was a vise. The girls were FLAT OUT unimpressed. Despite the fact that this is described as a SHIFT, the fit is tailored. 

If large through the chest, order one size up from your True Size  
If small through the chest stay with your True Size

The length was ~ 2 inches above the knee.

DETAILS: The White Embroidery is exquisite. This is what Ranna Gill is best known for.

Not a stray thread or hiccup in the pattern  
The placement is precise 
No crossing over seams. The flower stems start from the hemline, obviously stitched after the pattern was cut. The inside is reinforced. That said the looped edging that resembles Pom-Poms at the hem and neckline was already beginning to fuzz after trying the dress on twice. No Pockets! Side Zip!

FABRIC: Yummy Leafy Green Cotton Voile that is...

 thin, sheer, and wrinkles easily 

For the price, a liner should have been included to back the sheer shell and cover the maze of embroidery on the inside.  The dress is 100% Cotton and Dry Clean Only. You can't wear this perfectly pressed for more than 2 minutes. Unless you plan to stand the entire time.

ZIPPER MALFUNCTION:  Unfortunately for me, the ribbon loop at the top of the side zip was pulled into the zipper on the way up. The only means of escape from this dress was over head. The zipper is top quality YKK brand.

When will Bad Laura learn. Impulse Buys net nothing but large shipping and return fees.  Remember Modcloth's Enchanting Entomologist Dress by Corey Lynn Calter?  Review seen HERE.  Need I say more!

Not recommended at Full Price.  I'm not even tempted on sale. Cut is tailored and fitted.  TTS or Size Up if Busty. Needs a Liner. Fabric is thin, sheer and wrinkles easily. The only thing going for this dress is the Exquisite Embroidery!

Shop the Sweet Osmanthus HERE

No Anthro Zone Review  - Silver Dusted Wedges by Dolce Vita - Online Exclusive - $168 - Size 8

These are the Sandals I picked for the Sweet Osmanthus Shift.  Even though I crossed the dress off my Wish List, I still love these shoes. But the style is OLD Laura.  So I am going to resist temptation.  I doubt the 7.5 will ever make sale.

These are an excellent Neutral Sandal. Easily styled dressy or casual
The color looks both Silver and Gold depending on the light

SIZE: I normally wear an 8.  Occasionally an 8.5.  Very seldom do I need a 7.5. I went with size 8.

Anthro's Silver Dusted Wedges by Dolce Vita - May 2011

FIT: It's clear I need a 7.5.  There is an inch of space to the front.  Otherwise, the fit it fabulous. Not too loose around the ankle.  Perhaps just slightly big across the top of the foot. No toe squash or bite between the soft leather straps.

Run long - Size down a half size

The top of the zipper bites at the back of the heel 
Nothing a Foot Petals Strappy Strip can't handle

DETAILS: These are not a quick, slip-on-and-go Sandal. You will have to sit to put these on carefully. I'm not a fan of the Large Tassels that hide the Knot detail down the front.  The tassels can be removed without cutting them.

These are Fully Recommended even at the Original Price.  Very comfortable Size down 1/2 size.

Shop the Silver Dusted Wedges HERE

Then I saw Keiko of Keiko's Tan PoPo wearing Anthro's Peggy of She Hath Done What She Could tracked down a pair for me. Last Thursday I paired the Finest Hour Heels with my favorite Tippi Dress by Anna Sui.  Sweet!

No Anthro Zone Review:  Finest Hour Heels by Miss Albright - Orig $158 Sale $80 - May 2011
Sold out online.  Possibly available in stores.

Online Reviews HERE.

SIZE: Peggy managed to find a pair in my true size 8 at her local Anthro.  She put them on hold for me.
FIT: Perfect! No pinching anywhere. The crossed leather straps that wrap across the top of the foot and tie at the back give a custom fit.

Finest Hour Heels - by Miss Albright - Anthro Orig $158 Sale $80 - May 2011

DETAILS:  I found the back tie a bit difficult to manage.  My bow kept turning perpendicular to the ground.  Then I remembered the rule every good Girl Scout knows...

Right over left, left over right
makes a knot both tidy and tight

The same applies to Bows. If the initial half knot and bow are tied opposite, the bow will always come out straight.  I tie mine left over right, then right over left.  If the initial half knot is right over left and the bow is also right over left, the final outcome will be cattywompus and Visa Versa.

The clog is solid wood, but light weight. The non slip rubber sole is not only slip proof, but almost entirely clip, clop proof too.

The color is medium Cream. The leather is almost buttery, with a smooth finish and stitched pleating that looks amazing dressed up or down. 

My only complaint is the very hard wood instep. There wasn't enough clearance to insert cushions.

Recommended - these are truly an Anthro 5 Star Classic – TTS
Note: As with most clogs, the wood sole has no flex and is very hard. 

I rarely wear shoes that tie. I tend to forget the Bow Tying Rule for shoes.  Although I always remember it for clothing with bows.

Are you familiar with the Rule?  Or was this the first time you have heard it?  Or do you sometimes forget the Rule like I do?

Anthro Sister Bow Love,  Laura (