Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Mullany Dress is back! My Dream Shoes! Options for Kris!

First!  I jumped on Anthro's Sailboat Skirt Band Wagon.  View Friday's OOTD HERE.  You can pan to the next photo by clicking the right arrow above the first photo. I swear I didn't get implants or anything like that. I had to wear a padded bra to combat High Beams under the Lundin Links Sweater.  It makes me look one cup size larger. Poo!

Shop Anthro's Sailboat Skirt $78 now on backorder HERE, and the Lundin Links Sweater $78 HERE.

Review for Sailboat Skirt as GeoInCalifornia found HERE.
Lundin Links Sweater Review should be available on Anthro's site by Monday or later.

Who could forget Anthro's Mullany Dress by Eva Franco...

Mullany Dress by Eva Franco $258 Sold Out
If you missed your opportunity to own this Polka Dotted Retro Frock, then stop by Modcloth and cast your vote to ensure this very similar version, also by Eva Franco, makes production and release on Modcloth.

Sample #933 ...
Modcloths Be The Buyer Sample #933 - by Eva Franco - $248

View Modcloth's look-a-like Mullany HERE
Remember Anthro's Kingston Road Dress...

 Kingston Road Dress by Eva Franco $228 Sold Out
I like Sample #930 even better ...

Modcloth's Be The Buyer Sample #930 - by Eva Franco - $228

View Modcloth's look-a-like Kingston Road Dress HERE

Are you smitten with Sample #927?  I Picked This Pretty Eva Franco Dress through Modcloth's Be The Buyer Program...
Modcloth's Be The Buyer Sample #927 - by Eva Franco - $225
This reminds me of Anthro's Monochromatic Dress, minus the lacing up the back.  It works for me. It only takes a second to choose the Pick It button for me HERE.

Modcloth is currently in collaboration with Eva Franco. Click this link... Modcloth's "Be The Buyer Program." to find even more Look-A-Like Eva Franco Anthro Dresses.  Tell me if you spot some in a comment.  The Program allows you to vote for samples you would like to see released by Modcloth. 

When I first saw this Eva Franco Skirt, it was instant love...

Modcloths Sample #932 for Be The Buyer - by Eva Franco - $145

What isn't to love about the Vintage Beach Scene?  I looked closer.  It's not the naked baby, or the bathing suit clad ladies with high beams that make the print questionable for me.

Get a closer look at Modcloth's Sample #932 by Eva Franco HERE

What the..........??????????

This morning I received a sizable Anthro Return Credit. Like so many of you, Anthro credits are strictly reserved for more Anthro. However, Anthro has been disappointing of late.

Last night I happened upon this stunning pair of Lola Ramono Pumps.  Where else, but Modcloth!

Modcloth's Get To Glow Me Heel by Lola Ramona $210
These are my Neutral Dream Shoes.  Along with a 4 inch heel, there is a 1 inch hidden platform.

Just for you, Kris!  Lola Ramona UK 36 equals US 5.5.  

I recently disclosed that purchases made on the spur of the moment rarely work for me. I decided to sleep on this purchase.  Early this morning, I dreamed about these Shoes. In my recent recollection, I have never dreamed about fashion.  Not ever.  Not Chie Mihara's.  Not even my favorite handbag designer Orla Kiely. Before last night I had never heard of Dutch Designer Lola Ramona either.

Shop the Get To Glow Me Heels for $210 at Modcloth HERE.

Wait! Not yet!

This morning I searched THE FIND for Lola Ramona Shoes

Shop the Pippi by Lola Ramona for $175 at HERE.  

PayPal Excepted.  Price $35 less than Modcloth. An additional 15% off using code 15FREE at check out. Plus Free Shipping over $150. 

At Modcloth's price I would have spent my entire Anthro Credit plus some.

Here is something Anthro should be concerned about... I spent my Credit elsewhere.

Topics to comment on...or not...

Do you take time to consider a purchase?  
Do you research prices, options, new brands, and reviews?

Share a Passion Purchase Story?

What do you think of Sample #932 - Modcloth's Skirt by Eva Franco?  Do you love it? Where would you wear such a potentially controversial print?  Do you think others would notice? Should I not be concerned.

Where are your Anthro Return Bucks going lately?

Anthro Sister Look-A-Like Love, Laura (