Friday, June 24, 2011

Anthro Stiffs the Competition with a Belt!

Anthro's Sugared Dress - by Corey Lynn Calter - $198 - Free Ship  - and a BELT

I am sure everyone is by now, familiar with this lovely CLC Dress.  The Sugared!  Yum.  I've got a sweet tooth for this dress.  $198 with free ship .....and a Belt is a bargain. Not only that, you can go to Anthro and try this dress on.  In a very nice store.  Thank you very much.  OK, so I can't, but that won't stop you will it.

Modcloths Fetching Fresco Dress - by Corey Lynn Calter - $210 -  $7 Ship - NO BELT

Not more than an hour ago, guess what popped up on Modcloth?  I did a double take.  Hey wait a second.  That's the Sugared Dress by gosh!  Minus the Belt.  And priced $12 higher.  With $7 flat rate shipping.  And no dressing room.  You save $19 and get a Belt from Anthro.  And it will ship faster too.

Modcloth       vs      Anthro

I can't help but notice the difference in print placement between the twins. Hmmmmm! Especially between the shoulders and the cap sleeves.   Hmmmmm!  The Anthro dress appears to have a much fuller skirt.  Hmmmmm!  And well there is the obvious Belt difference.  The sugared has a hidden back zip.  The Fetching Fresco zip isn't so fetching.  You can check that out yourself.  Hmmmmmmm!

You know me.  Nothing escapes my scrutiny.

Kudos to Anthro for stiffing the competition.  I like it! Although they probably had no idea since they basically beat Modcloth to the punch a month ago

Anthro is now my savings place.  You know, Discount Store.  Bargain Basement.

Modcloth? What were you thinking.  I hope all your online shoppers are loyal and don't mind spending almost $20 more for a dress........ummmm minus the belt.

I should mention that I do have a few Modcloth dresses that are well made and were reasonably priced.  For example the 101 Ovations Dress by Taylor Dresses that I am wearing in my header photos.

Antho Sister Love, Laura (