Sunday, June 5, 2011

Big Sale Confirmed! I Thought I Saw...! Tippi Matchmaker Me!

I'm trying not to think about the long work week ahead.

Here's what's really on my mind...Something big is coming Tuesday.  It's been confirmed by several SA's.  Break out your wallets Ladies.  This could be the Red Tag!

Remember Anthro's Tippi Dress by Anna Sui?  She has a Sister and a Half!  Ha-ha!
Anthro Orig $268, Sale $130 - May 2011, View Anthro's Product Page and Reviews HERE.

The reviews weren't stellar. So why all the sudden love for the Tippi Dress? 

 Several things!

#1.  Making the connection to Alfred Hitchcock's Movie "The Birds" starring Tippi Headron.

#2.  Making the Potato Sack fit work.

#3.  Seeing other fabulous gals in this dress.

It was Becca of Best in Shop seen HERE that first inspired me to style the Tippi Dress.

The first day I wore the dress I stumbled upon Anjali of Goldenmeans seen HERE wearing her dress. Tippi Twins Tuesday was born.

It was Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed seen HERE that saw me in the Tippi Dress HERE, then managed to score a dress of her own.

For those of you that may be fretting over the price of the Tippi Dress (Orig $268, Sale $138). 
Fret no more.  Rejoice instead.

Just take a look at this Anna Sui duplicate dress in a different Silk Print.

Gag! Especially on the price. $440. See this Dress HERE.

Did Anna Sui cut a great deal for Anthro on the Tippi Dress?

It's obviously not the style of the Tippi Dress, as it is so much the Print and Color on Gorgeous Watered Silk.

Since I'm the designated Tippi Matchmaker, please help these ladies looking for a Tippi Dress...

Natalie is looking for a Tippi Dress in a Size 0. 
Please contact her at

Nicole is looking to trade her new, unworn, tag attached Size 4 Tippi Dress, for a size 6 Tippi. 
Please contact her at

Maeve is looking to purchase a Size 4 or 2, but may consider a size 0 Tippi Dress.  She is willing to pay a good price, but not crazy e-bay prices. 

Please contact her at

Here is another version of Anna Sui's Dress that has several of the same details of the Tippi also in Silk Crepe.

Much better than the $440 Dress above, and it's on sale at the bargain price of $130.  See it HERE.

Your's Truly wearing Anthro's Tippi Dress with the All Along Knit Jacket in Black - May 2011

Moving on to Anthro's Fragrant Valley Dress by Corey Lynn Calter - Anthro Orig $198.  I picked mine up on sale for $100 just before the catalog was overwritten.

This dress made it to sale in stores for $40.  The Tippi knocked this dress down from #1 on my All Time Favorite Anthro Dress List.

For those of you still seeking the Fragrant Valley Dress...

It's back, and available at Modcloth.  The Print is much different.  Still, I like the Fragrant Valley as much for the Print as the Dress Style.  The dress works for me.  I don't have to work for the dress.

Modcloth's Atlantic-Pacific Dress - by Corey Lynn Calter - $210

I'm waiting for sale!  But don't keep me too long. See this Dress HERE.

Remember these....

Anthro's Corn Lane Slingbacks - by Chie Mihara - $388 
Chie Mihara's Taiko is still available in 37.5 at Anthro online for $388 HERE

When I ordered these from Anthro I thought I had done my research.  Last week I discovered this...

Chie Mihara's Taiko are also available on sale at Clemintine's for $80 less HERE

So much for research...Drats!

Happy Red Tag!

Anthro Sister Love, Laura (