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No Anthro Zone Review - Polka Dot Fun!!

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Anthro's Great Dot Maxi Dress - by Moulinette Soeurs
with Outlook Belt, similar HERE, and Spectrum Phlox Necklace (soldout online)
In the above review photo I tucked the cowl into the bodice. Later I hand sewed the cowl at the edge to the inside of the liner.

Before I start this dress review, I want to honor a Blog Tag from Lisa Respect The Shoes.  She has tagged me with this handwriting exercise. In turn I am passing this little call of duty to Molly of Anthromollogies.  Why?  Because Molly Inspired Me!  Tee-Hee!

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Wait! This isn't handwriting.  This is printing.  Look Mom, no lines either. 
Maybe bullets would have kept me on the straight and narrow.

No Anthro Zone Review:  Anthro's Great Dot Maxi Dress - by Moulinette Soeurs - Orig $158 Sale $80 - Mar 2011

This dress is cut for Gals that are Curvy on Top, or not so Curvy, and have Low Hip/Waist Ratio. 8 inches or less. I wasn't impressed by the unruly short cowl.

 Great Dot Maxi Dress
by Moulinette Soeurs

SIZE: I ordered my normal SIZE 4 for M. Soeurs. I'm 5'6" Tall, 130 Lbs, 35-28-36, Narrow Shoulders, Low Waist. Normally 4 to 6 in Anthro Brands. 6 to 8 for other designers.

FIT: Spot on. Arm holes not too low. Perfect fit through waist, and hips with spare room to sit comfortably in non-stretch Silk and Rayon. For ref. my waist/hip ratio is 8" (36-28). This dress will fit most gals with waist/hip of 8" or less. Length is perfect for heels, a little long for flats.

Can be worn with or without Belt.

Did someone say something about a RED BELT?

FABRIC: The Sheer, Silk Bodice provides flattering drape if you don't take the cowl in consideration. Online, the Bodice appears White, but is actually Ivory. The Navy, Polka Dot Love Skirt is substantial Rayon that floats.  Needs pressing.

1. Loads of POLKA DOT FUN!
2. Full Lining good! Polyester Bad!
3. Shell and Liner have their own Back Kick Pleat.
4. Bodice and Liner not connected at neckline.
5. Side Zip with hook.
6. Bra Strap Snaps
7. Quality materials
8. Excellent construction
9. No Pockets!

COWL: The short uncooperative cowl was unflattering on busty me. Every time I moved, the cowl changed position and shape. Sometimes morphing into a horn that appeared to grow from my chest when viewed from the side.  I loved the rest of the dress. But the cow-l had to hit the road.

Modified Cow-l - Anthro's Great Dot Maxi Dress

I pinned the cowl to the inside of the liner while wearing the dress inside out.  I didn't attempt to incorporate pleats.  Instead I allowed the fabric to float freely around the neckline. I then whip stitched along the edge of the cowl to the liner, careful not to catch the bodice shell in the stitching.  It was a little tricky, but I love the results.

This dress passed the "Style It Three Ways" test.

With that note, I'm about to leave you hanging and wondering what those three outfits might entail.  I'm not about to spoil my OOTD's!  I ordered a pair of shoes to complete one of the outfits.  Everything else I already have, or had ordered before I got the dress.

See Kim of Anthroholic Review The Great Dot Maxi Dress HERE.

Highly recommended, versatile Maxi Dress for Curvy On Top Gals, with LOW HIP/WAIST RATIO.

Shop the Great Dot Maxi Dress in all sizes HERE.


Would you spend hours working through an issue for a dress you really love?
An issue, that if un-solved, meant the return of the dress?
Would you risk making changes that would make the item non-returnable?
Have you actually made un-reversible alteration yourself? Was it a pass or fail?
Tell me please!
I need to know if anyone else does these crazy late night Clothing Projects.
For My Sanity!

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