Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No Anthro Zone Review - Modcloth's Enchanting Entomologist Dress by Corey Lynn Calter

Modcloth's Enchanting Entomologist Dress
by Corey Lynn Calter

I would love to thank my Aussie friend Jen of vintageglammz for this marvelous adventure.  I clicked a link to her favorite thing and found this dress.  And one enchanting dress this is.  The instant I laid eyes on it, I was struck dumb. Entranced by a vision of glorious Silk Butterfies floating about me. What was I thinking, ordering a dress with no reviews to guide me.  There is only one explanation.  A SPELL was cast upon rational me.

Leather Belt Included

I am the proud owner of Anthropologie's Fragrant Valley Dress by Corey Lynn Calter - Size 6.  I love everything about the FV dress. The Silk Print with it’s rich colorful floral pattern on Black background.  One of the very rare Floral Dresses in My Closet. The simple, comfortable, easy to wear fit and style.  The year round versatility.  What I hoped for was another CLC dress that had the same characteristics as Anthro’s FV Dress.

See Anthro’s Fragrant Valley Dress by Corey Lynn Calter HERE, and HERE.

Fragrant Valley Dress - by Corey Lynn Calter  - Anthro Orig $198 Sale $100 - June 2010
The Good Stuff in SIZE 6:

1. Gorgeous Silk! Soft and Glossy! What you can't see from the online images are Pastel Green Butterflies along with Black, Blue and Red. These fantastic colors make styling this dress with Cardi and Pumps a snap.
2.  Fully lined in Yellow Cotton.
3.  The back Zip is made by YKK.  The best there is.  Hook and eye are at the top.
4.  The Bodice is Boned. The construction is top notch!
5.  At 5'6" the hemline hits just above my knees.
6.  The construction is top notch!
7.  The leather belt is stamped by Corey Lynn Calter, but made in China.  I wasn't impressed by the belt, but it does carry a certain aged, vintage impression.

First Attempt...
1. I tried the dress on with a bra. The waistline seemed to land several inches above my natural waist.
2.  I could not zip the dress past my Rib Cage (30"). Although I could hook it at the top.
3.  The top of the bodice was several inches too big and hung away from my chest.

Second Attempt...
1.  I went at it bra less, after realizing that was the reason for boning.
2.  I put the dress on backwards and zipped it all the way up.  Then carefully turned it around and shimmied into it.
3.  I then pulled my…well for lack of better words…chest up. 
4.  The dress fit, but I could barely breathe. It’s obvious this dress is meant to be worn bra less. Something that should have dawned on me when I read the word boning.

The problem is, the GIRLS are spilling out to the North, East and West.

This dress is exactly as Modcloth states…a PARTY DRESS!

Not what I was hoping for!

If you are not so modest about having your Girls spilling out over the top of this Marvelous Little Silk Dress…

Shop Modcloth’s Enchanting Entomologist Dress HERE.

That kind of presentation is not for me. I sadly returned my Spring Dream Dress yesterday.

Any day now, a new dress will catch my eye!  In the mean time, I wait for Anthro’s Magellan Dress and Land of Springs Dress to make sale.

Both Dresses Reviewed HERE.

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