Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inspiration That Rocks! And the Winners.................are!

The Winning Inspiration That Rocks Outfit is...

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Style #3...

Anthro's Building Blocks Top - by Deletta - Anthro Orig $78 Sale $40 - Aug 2008
Dark Denim Ruched Panel Skirt - by Leifsdottir - Gilt Fuse Orig $150 Sale $64 - Oct 2009
Anthro's From The Poles Jacket Purple - by Sparrow - Anthro Berkeley Orig $128 Sale $70 Red Tag $52- Dec 2010
Opaque Tights in Green - by Hue - Anthro Orig $12.50 Sale $7 - Feb 2011
Anthro's Sevilla Heels - by Coclico - Anthro Orig $385 Sale $190 Red Tag $142 - Jan 2010
Anthro's Meteorology Necklace - Anthro Gold Filled, Smokey QTZ, Amethyst and Prynite, Orig $128, Sale $50 - July 2008
Inspired by...

Lab Grown Bismuth

Submitted by Keiko of Keiko's TanPoPo. View Entire Post HERE
Keiko and her young daughter are currently in Japan with family!
God Bless Them!

Congratulations Keiko,
It will be my pleasure to send you this one of a kind lovely...

Vintage Tatted Snowflake with Seed Pearls 
Handmade by my Mom Nancy
and turned into a necklace by me
 In honor of Keiko's winning Inspiration That Rocks Mineral, I am wearing my inspired outfit to work today.

You read my Post Title correctly! Winners!

The Runner Up is...

Molded and Melded Tee - by C Keer - Anthro Orig $48 Sale $29 - Oct 2010
Washi Wrap Skirt - by Fei - Anthro Orig $88 Sale $40 - March 2011
Drawn To You Cardi - by Lilka - Anthro Orig $68 Sale $40 - Jan 2011
Sulky Belt in Brown - Anthro $48 - Feb 2011
Striped Tight Red Motif - by Eloise - Anthro Orig $18, Sale $10 - Apr 2010
Malted Barley Boots - by Area Forte - Anthro Orig $378, Sale $190 - Apr 2010
Tour De Jewels Necklace - Anthro Orig $38 Sale $20 - March 2011
Style #5...

Inspired by...

Submitted by Karen.  View Entire Post HERE
Karen lives in my Hometown of Bakersfield, CA.

Congratulations Karen,
I happen to have an extra lovely with your name on it...

Vintage Tatted Snowflake
Handmade by my Mom Nancy over 35 yrs ago
and turned into a necklace by me

Thank you to all the Ladies that submitted Inspiration That Rocks Photos I used to create Inspired Oufits from... 

Style #2 Opal - Submitted by Saskia  See Entire Post HERE

My Son Camden took this awesome photo
using River water to capture the Sparkle
in the Opal


Style #4 Ammolite - Submitted by JG of Stuff Jewish Girls Like - See Entire Post HERE

Another amazing photo taken by Camden - I love how
Anthro's Dissolved Spectrum Cardi captures the shapes and
colors of the Gemstone

Style #6 Labradorite - Submitted by Leanna   See Entire Post HERE

What fun to find this Oilfield Equipment Display of pipes that
 resemble the elongated lath shaped crystal faces in the Labradorite

Below are just a few of the additional Rock and Mineral entries

Lisa of Confessions of a Call Center Gal - Chert
This was next on my Radar!  

Another Submission by Karen - Sandstone?
I made an attempted - my closet defeated me

Terrie of The Anthropological Shopper - Peacock Ore (copper)
One of my favorites
Lori of Lorispeak - Chalcedony
Another attempt - my closet would not cooperate

I took a vacation day yesterday.  I awoke to the sound of crashing waves past my open Lanai.  I leisurely strolled onto my secluded beach, sipping a Mimosa, wrapped in my Silk Anthro Robe to watch the Sun rise....Ahhh!

In My Dreams!

First, I spent 2.5 hrs cleaning my guest bathroom which is also my Son's bathroom.  I drenched it in bleach and scrubbed it from top to bottom.  Washed the shower curtain.  Cleaned the walls.  Even bleached the floor.  Now that he's employed, I've lost a full time live in housekeeper and gained a lot more work than a one thumbed girl can handle.

Next on the agenda! TAXES!  Three hours with Turbo Tax is a piece of cake compared to years past when I spent days wading through Schedules and Forms. 

Woohoo! REFUND!

State of California offered me Ready Return! Forms are prepared online in advance. It's FREE! Problem? I needed to make changes.  But everything relates back to the line number on the Federal Form.  Turbo Tax doesn't work that way. I couldn't make heads or tails of the necessary changes.  I gave up and paid the extra $36 to file State with Turbo Tax.  I saved $20 filing Federal before March 25th.  Total cost $66.  Six dollars up from last year.

Why pay?  Free eFile! I can expect a refund on April 1.

As long as it's fast, convenient and accurate, I don't mind the extra cost.

Are you a Refund Early Bird? Or Pay Later Procrastinator?  What method works best for you?  Paid Tax Preparer? Do it yourself? Paper Forms?  PC or Online Software. 


Modcloth's Enchanting Entomologist Dress by Corey Lynn Calter. I returned Anthro's Magellan and Land of Springs Dresses for this Butterfly Graced Frock.

Anthro Sister Love with Spring Snowflakes, Laura   lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com