Friday, September 30, 2011

An Egyptian Queen - An OOTD - And a Brave New Anthro Blog

My Egyptian Queen Nefi (Hotot Rabbit) Poses

Nefertari was the Royal Wife of Ramses II.  The King built a temple dedicated to his Queen and the goddess Hathor at Abu Simbel, next to his own. Nefertari's tomb, which is located in the Valley of the Queens, is one of the largest and most beautifully decorated grave sites ever discovered.

Nefi (Hotot Rabbit) and Nefertari (Royal Wife of Ramses II)
I see a resemblance in the eyes, and the ears and um...hat that resembles bunny ears?

Do you think Nefertari would roll over in her Tomb to learn that someone named a Rabbit after her?  I was impressed with the lady's credentials.  Her man obviously loved her.  She didn't plot with the harem to murder him.  She wasn't also his daughter.  She was a Royal wife, so not a lesser wife or consort. She must have wordlessly put up with a lot crap to earn such high regard.

Test for aggressive behavior before attempting to grab an abandoned Rabbit

On the way back to the office after taking OOTD photos, I noticed a streak of White dash under a car. This was my first glimpse of a rabbit that was abandoned near the office weeks ago. Several employees had attempted to trap this friendly Hotot Rabbit.  Armed with a piece of banana I begged from a passerby, a few carrots, and a little help, I got bunny into a box.  We immediately bonded.

Abandoned Hotot Rabbit

I learned bunny was already promised to an employee in the Legal Dept.  Said employee was away until Monday. I offered to foster bunny until then.  Ha-ha!  Finders Keepers!

Heishe and Nefi had an eyeball to eyeball stare out for several minutes today. I would never tag my sweet natured 7-year old male cat as having a predators bone in his body. I was wrong. Heishe received an immediate predator warning thump from Nefi. This is wild rabbit behavior, that is learned by rabbits that inhabit a warren. Since then, Heishe is scarred sh*tless of Nefi, and has abandoned my bedroom entirely. But Nefi is on a mission to make friends. MewTwo and Nefi are working on mutual respect, after MewTwo received the warning thump more than once. She was amazingly patient when her tail was given the Nefi once over. I was on the receiving end of a few thumps myself.

A donated cage and a trip to the Pet Store and Nefi is given the Royal treatment a Queen deserves

When and where did this tame, non-aggressive, house broken, lovable little Hotot learn the warning thump? How did she survive in 100 degree plus weather?  A warren of wild rabbits won't take in a stray from another warren, but will accept a lone homeless rabbit. Hmmm! Our office is definitely located next to possibilities.

Nefi is in good shape, although thin. Dawn dish washing liquid and warm water helped with removing grease from her back. She finished the job. She and I are still working on her tiny tar covered feet.  Otherwise she is clean, has no injuries, no bad behavior, and no hair loss either.  Her ears are immaculate.  I suspect another animal has been grooming her. I couldn't find a single flea. 

She has the most amazing character, and adores Tomatoes.

The Hotot Breed is Globally Endangered.  Once raised for pets, show and meat. You should be able to hear my complete disgust! 

A trip to the vet is in the near future. I'm worried about exposure to pesticides and possible disease from wild rabbits.

Violet Bloomtown Dress (Anthro's En Plein Air) - by Eva Franco - Rue La La Orig $228 Sale $80 - July 2011
All Leather Handbag Handstitch Patent Green - by Orla Kiely AW08 - PerriBerri Orig $620 Sale $400 - April 2009

This is Wednesday's Outfit of the Day. Temperatures in the Central Valley of CA continue to hover at the century mark. There are no signs of Fall, which is no reason not to enjoy a Fall color palette.

Violet Bloomtown Dress (Anthro's En Plein Air) - by Eva Franco - Rue La La Orig $228 Sale $80 - July 2011
Jackie Cardi in Dark Rosewood - by J Crew - $62 - July 2011
Skinny Weave Belt in Yellow - Anthro Orig $34 Slae $20 - June 2011
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Considering all the upheaval that has been taking place in our small community, I truly admire anyone brave enough to start a new Anthropologie related blog, post Anthro-Apocalypse.  The name Anthro in the title, deserves a standing ovation. 

Hand Woven Amber, Walrus Tusk and Mammoth Bone Bracelet - Alaska - Gift
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Violet Bloomtown Dress (Anthro's En Plein Air) - by Eva Franco - Rue La La Orig $228 Sale $80 - July 2011
Stunt Double Booties -by Pikolinos - Anthro Orig $188 Sale $90 - May 2010
Sally Hansens
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My new Post Anthro-Apocalypse read is Melissa of Head to Toe in Anthro here.
I applaud you for your bravery Melissa.

Have you recently discovered a Brave New Anthro Blog?  Please let us know in the comment section.

Nefi grooming after a first attempt to clean her Asphalt coated feet
Only one potty accident in the house in over 24-hours. It was entirely my fault. Luckily it was on vinyl floor. She has dramatically increased her appetite. She runs her territory before bed several times.  All rooms, and occupants (feline and human alike) are carefully inspected by her intelligent, lined eye.

Anthro Sister Loves Nefi and a New Blog, Laura (