Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Anthropologie Twin!

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Quintuplets in the Bowed Lacerta Mary Janes by Miss Albright

As I poured over the photos of Seven women scurrying about a small area stuffed with every Anthro item they could think of, I couldn't help but notice a re-occurring theme. It's practically a phenomenon among the Anthropologie Community.

From L to R:   Liza, Joni, Ashley, Domino, Karen, Heidi and Myself
The Anthropologie Twin

Liza and Joni twins in the Noon and Night Dress

Joni and I in the Horticultural Cardigan by Guinevere

She is as familiar to you as she is to me.  She is the smiling face of Anthropologie.

Liza, Joni and Heidi Triplets in the Pansy Corset Trench by Elevenses

It’s not all about the cloths
Age does not factor into the equation
Height isn't a prerequisite
Color only makes the bond stronger
Language isn't a barrier

Just walk into an Anthropologie and look around. The most inspiring part of the experience, are the people that love Anthropologie.

Heidi and I in the Frilled Echelons Peacoat by Elevenses, and  Houndstooth Collage Pencil Skirt by Maeve.  Domino looks on 

What I wouldn't give to be a store employee watching the drama unfold

Me in the Fatigue Finery Cape by Madchen

For many years Anthropologie has brought the World to my doorstep in a box

Clothing Rack on Level one 3rd Street Promenade Anthropologie Santa Monica CA

Last Saturday I ventured to Anthropologie with friends

From L to R: Joni, Myself, Karen, Heidi and Liza
wearing the Bowed Lacerta Mary Janes
standing in an ice skaters T-Stop

Everything that occurred after our arrival at the Santa Monica Anthro plays out like a dream

Hardly!  There is plenty of real damage carefully pressed, polished and put in its own special place in my closet.

It's an hour before opening. Heidi, Karen and I eagerly peer through the glass next to a towering distressed wood door in the quiet 3rd Street Promenade. A small arm is seen waving from amidst the colorful dimly lit store.  We watch as the waving arm weaves its way towards us from the depths of beautiful displays. This must be our store manager Lauren. She opens the door with bubbly laughter, waving us inside.

 This woman is so obviously my long lost Sister I never had

I instantly adore her!

Lauren  - Store Manager 3rd Street Promenade Anthro Santa Monica CA

We walk into the far reaches. I'm filled with anticipation. There is so much here to smell, touch, see, and test. I'm a self appointed Anthropologie Inspector. I’m dedicated to trying as much as possible in a few hours.

I realize there's not enough time in a year!

Liza in the Across The Land Dress by Maple

Introductions are made. We climb twisted stairs.  At the top is a smiling woman. I know her by process of elimination, and hazy dressing room photos from the day before. She recognizes me instantly. I was here today because she kindly asked me to be. Liza is my Tippi Tipster. The name I gave her when she began helping me match up Readers and community members with a special Anna Sui creation for Anthropologie. The Tippi Dress.

 Karen laughing in the Familiar Fit Cardigan
The Cardi went on sale today
Karen qualifies for a PA

We hug!  We chat!  We make note of what we are wearing. Liza and I in head to toe Anthropologie, Heidi decked out in Orla Kiely, Karen is the exception. No fear! We will joyfully immerse her until she is senseless. Most of which will go against her traditional concepts of fashion.

Joni Shows of her Written-In-Stars Heels by Chie Mihara
It's then I see a familiar face step onto the landing.  I know her voice. I recognize her vintage Anthro dress.  Her perfectly coiffed 70's flip.  This is Joni, for which the Caranday Cause was formed. This Petite, delicate wisp of a woman is a professional ice skater, with a heart of Gold, a love for all things Disney, and the Lord of the Rings. I would know her in a crowd. From within her eyes shines a strong determined Pollyanna. And in her hand a Fruit Tart.  I hug another long lost Sister.

Liza in Noon and Night Dress with Horticulural Cardi, Myself in the Painted Plaid Dress (review online HERE) and Heidi in an Unknown Top

The girls are setting up the dressing rooms with all our Wish Listed requests. What shall we do? We begin by exclaiming and pointing out near, dear and familiar items, as we slowly make out way to the largest sale room imaginable.

Domino (Personal Shopper) with Ihrin Shirtdress by Lili's Closet

Oh yes!  Then there is our photographer. What I wouldn’t give to know Aarons thoughts as he attempts to sort us out and photograph our every interest. It would seem an impossible task for Liza's husband.  I compare it to throwing me into the middle of a football field and expecting me to know which way the action was going.

Ashely (Selling Supervisor) lends a helping hand
The next Four hours is a scene of dressing room confusion

Liza wearing Unknown Bracelet

A collection of clothing and shoes seems to change position from one place to another as if by magic.  That magic is assisted by Ashley and Domino. It wasn’t until later that I see photos of our Joni picking up shoe boxes and peering into dressing rooms to ask if her assistance is needed.  Bless you Joni.

Heidi in the Houndstooth Collage Pencil Skirt, Twisted Ascot Tee and Waving Pennant Necklace 
Joni keeping track of everything

Karen has a specific idea for an outfit that she accomplishes very quickly. 
Heidi, Liza and I have a shopping list from the Fall Collection ready and waiting in our dressing rooms.
Joni, our self designated helper doesn’t walk away empty handed.

Squeek go the Nightshades!  Back go the Nightshades!
I returned these very expensive Chie Mihara's at the store.
The first day I wore them out of the house, one shoe had a very loud annoying squeek

We exhaust ourselves, some before others.  I could have easily kept going until closing, but not without much needed energy.

Sonoma Wine Garden

The ever thoughtful Lauren, my new found Sister, made reservations at the nearby Sonoma Wine Garden.  If you ever have the chance to venture there, our Server, and now Joni and I, recommend the Austrian Pancakes.  A concoction of squares of what seemed like French toast, smothered with grilled plums and raisins drizzled with caramel.  On the side is fresh Whipped cream with Vanilla Bean.  A not too sweet confection that is more like dessert.  Don’t forget the Pomegranate Wine.

Pidgeon Toed in the Bowed Lacerta Mary Janes by Miss Albright (Reviewed online)

I didn't leave with these shoes.  I couldn't find a pair that was defect free that fit me.
I left instead with the Glossed Loafers by Lucky Penny

Glossed Loafers by Lucky Penny (Reviewed online)

After a leisurely lunch on the roof top, we made our way back to Anthropologie to pick up our packages. We pose for a parting Window photo.  We express our unwillingness to say good bye. We watch Aaron, Liza and Joni walk away, then make our way to the Parking Garage, to find a parting GIFT from the City of Santa Monica on my Windshield. 

Five Friends after a day of shopping at Anthropologie

Liza and Aaron (photographer)
Next year my Front License Plate will be in it’s proper place, or Heidi drives Cheeto to LA for the Spring Event.

Ascot Swing Coat
Color Blocked Sweater Skirt
Painted Plaid Dress (Review online)

I’m ready to go back now!

Odd Shoe In
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Anthro Sister Love, Laura (