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Reviews: Tangerine Flicker Dress and Interspersed Ponte Dress

Anthropologie Dress Reviews:  

Tangerine Flicker Dress size 6 - by Tracy Reese - $358 - Sept 2011

Tangerine Flicker Dress Size 6 - by Tracy Reese - Anthro $358 - Sept 2011
Styled with
Honor Guard Booties - by Messeca - Anthro $168 - Dec 2010

This dress topped my Wish List to try at the 3rd St Promenade Anthro. I lucked out. The store had only 2 dresses. Both in my size.

Dress #1 in Size 6 would not zip.

SIZE: TTS.  Size 6. I'm 5'5" Tall, 130 lbs, 34C, 35-28-36, Narrow Shoulders. Short arms. I normally wear a 6 or Small in Dresses.

Tangerine Flicker Dress Size 6 - by Tracy Reese - Anthro $358 - Sept 2011
Styled with
Honor Guard Booties - by Messeca - Anthro $168 - Dec 2010

FIT: Dress #1 did not zip all the way. Dress #2 did. Neither dress had tight sleeves. Probably because I have narrow shoulders. My bra strap didn't show at the back.  If it had, I would have layered Anthro's Seamless Reversible Tank in Ivory with the V neck to the back. Length is just above the knee. I struggled with adjusting the slip straps to keep the bodice from pulling. Nothing helped. I knew what would.
There are at least 10 size 6 dresses online. I had no idea how many dresses I would have to order before I found a good fit. I wasn't leaving this one behind.

ISSUES: Why attach the slip to the bodice? According to the reviews, potential buyers left the dress behind because of this flaw. One reviewer paid a seamstress to fix the issue. When I arrived home I simply snipped the threads that held the slip straps to the shoulders, and under the arms. That completely freed everything up. No more pulling at the shoulders. I don't recommend doing this unless you know how to re-attach. I can't guarantee this simple fix is the right solution for everyone.

The White you see is camera flash reflecting off the lining under the dress

FABRIC: The shell is sheer, non-stretch, 100% Silk. Not as delicate as you may think. I found no pulls on either dress. Embroidered candle flames on the bodice and hemline are an iridescent Neutral shade. Dots at the sleeve ends are soft and appliqued to the Silk. Lining is Nude acetate. Crinoline is attached 1/2 way up the front of the lining. Rows of embroidery around the hem add weight to hold the lining down to prevent pouf.

This dress needed ironing to give it a smooth appearance.  I also ironed the slip underneath.  Once ironed, it needs only minimal touch up.

Note: I would happily pay $100 less for acetate, than pay for Silk Lining no one sees. Acetate also glides easily over tights so your skirt won't ride up.

Fully Recommended. One Star off for slip design. It's likely the sleeve issue is attributed to wide shoulders. My arms are by no means small, but my shoulders are narrow.

Styled with...
Divided Frond Booties by A Couple of - $218

Try all dresses in your size. Also size up and down. Order two dresses from online where stock is abundant. The sizing may be intentionally inconsistent to accommodate different body shapes for non-stretch fabric. Style with Gray, Gold and Neutrals.

Shop Anthro's Tangerine Flicker Dress by Tracy Reese HERE

SOS: I'm looking for the perfect belt to wear with my new dress.  It should not overpower the embroidery.  If anyone finds it, please let me know.

Interspersed Ponte Dress in Small - by Deletta - $168 - Sept 2011

Styled with...
High Gloss Belt in Yellow - Anthro Orig $28 - April 2011
 Quazar Necklace - Anthro Orig $398 2nd Cut $100 - Aug 2011

This dress would not have made it's way into my dressing room if Personal Shopper Domino hadn't put it there.  It turned out to be the sleeper of the day.

SIZE: TTS.  Small. I'm 5'5" Tall, 130 lbs, 34C, 35-28-36, Narrow Shoulders. Short arms. I normally wear a 6 or Small in Dresses.

Interspersed Ponte Dress - by Deletta - Anthro Orig $168 - Sept 2011
Styled with...
Rachael Sandal in Yellow - by Frye - Amazon $170 - July 2008
High Gloss Belt in Yellow - Anthro Orig $28 - April 2011
 Quazar Necklace - Anthro Orig $398 2nd Cut $100 - Aug 2011

FIT: Like a Dream! Flattering for a larger chest! Well placed pleats just below the waistline, allow this dress to drape nicely over the any size hips. Hides a small tummy pooch. A belt will define the waist further. Medium weight wool adds structure to the bodice. Raised seaming runs down the front and back, which nips and tucks in the right places. Stretch Lace at the shoulders, sleeves and upper back offers a custom fit. Plum or Black Bra will not be visible. Length is to the knee. Hemline is unfinished. 

NOTE: Remove threads used to tack down pleats at the hemline.

FABRIC: Substantial wool that will not fray if left unfinished. Layer a slip if sensitive to wool, and to prevent skirt from riding up while wearing tights.  Dry Clean. 

Interspersed Ponte Dress - Stretch Lace across the Back and Sleeves allows for a perfect fit.
Pullover styling.  Pockets would add bulk with this style.  Color is Deep Plum.  Style this with Boots or Pumps for Fall/Winter. Style with Red, Green, Yellow, Gold, Orange, Gray, Ivory and Black.

Styled with...
Berry Stitched Boots - by Lucky Penny - Anthro Orig $248, Sale $130 - Nov 2010
Infinity Belt in Gray - Anthro
$32 - Dec 2010

Fully Recommended! Fits TTS! Needs a Full Slip and Dark Bra. Wool is heavy weight.

Styled with...
Marjorie Heels Christofoli - Anthropologie Orig $148 EA $75 - Aug 2011
Infinity Belt in Gray - Anthro $32 - Dec 2010

Shop Anthro's Interspersed Ponte Dress by Deletta HERE 

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