Friday, September 16, 2011

A Lesson in Constructive Criticism - It's Open Season on GeoInCalifornia

How do we learn to give constructive criticism? Is it something that should be practiced, or does it come naturally? Apparently not. Otherwise we wouldn't need all these guidelines.

If you're not sure how to word constructive criticism, you can find simple guidelines here..

If you need some pointers on how to graciously receive, there are guidelines for that here...
7 Guidelines for Accepting Constructive Criticism

Note: Please refrain from profanity, abuse, name calling, demeaning comments or threats. Those are not considered constructive. On the flip side, I see no need to sandwich criticism between Puppies and Rainbows. Make it plain as day. And it never hurts to be reasonable at the same time.

Nothing is more irritating than replying to empty space. Wait. Let me rephrase that.  Irritating doesn't sound constructive.  Please stick around for my reply or kindly leave a forwarding email with Intense Debate.

The first outfit is an unposted set from a few weeks ago. 

Polka Peppered Dress - by Maeve - Anthro Orig $148 Sale $80 - May 2010

Jackie Cardi in Cerise - by J Crew - $62 - July 2011
Apple Pie Mary Jane's in Black - by Poetic Licence - Ideeli Orig $98 Sale $25 - Aug 2011
Pear Print Beach Bag in Dandelion - Orla Kiely SS09 - Orla Kiely $196 - Feb 2009
Limoncello Necklace - Anthro Orig $58 Sale $30 - Feb 2009
Clear Bangle - Commemorative Anthro Gift from Maryland Accessory Store - Dec 2010

See the Polka Peppered Dress styled different HERE and HERE

Now that the serious discussion is over.  Let's have fun with it.  At the same time I will practice receiving your constructive criticism. Any part of this post is fair game.  Photo, location, outfit, pose, grammar, spelling and punctuation. You must leave at least one constructive criticism.

The second outfit I wore to work today.

Mompos Dress - Plenty by Tracy Reese - Anthro $228 - Mar 2011
Jackie Cardi in Laquer Yellow - by J Crew - $62 - June 2011
Factory Leather Belt in Orchid Shadow - by J Crew Factory Orig $24.50 Sale $6.50 - Apr 2011
Finest Hour Heels - by Miss Albright - Anthro Orig $158 Sale $80 from Burlingame Peggy - May 2011
Preserved Gypsophila Necklace - by De Jarnette of New Orleans - Anthro $68 - March 2011
Resin Animal and Natural Stone Bracelet - by my Mother - 1993

See the Mompos Dress styled different HERE and HERE
Warning:  I'm old and tough!   If you plan to have me for lunch, douse liberally with meat tenderizer and heat slow over an open flame. But please remove my Mompos* Dress first. Bad Laura paid full price for it. 

*Mompos is a city in Colombia South America. 

I need a tattle tale. Send me an email if you are interested.

I sincerely can't wait to hear what you have to say.  

Too many Polkas.  
Too old to wear the Mompos. 
Cardigans too bright. 

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