Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Great Divide

So this is what it comes too.  We divide.  Your either for or against.  In or out.  Accepted or outcast.
At least I have a choice. So I thought!

When I arrived home today from work, I discovered I had lost a Follower.  OK!  It's not the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last.  I have so few.  It's enough that I have no idea who.

I'm way under G O M I Radar.  I'm a bump.  A hopeless blip.  Not worthy of their time.  Thank You God!

Does it matter?  Not really.  I've never been about the numbers.  I know what I am capable of handling.  Anything over 200 Followers, and I will run screaming with blood shooting from my eyes. Going down a few is a blessing. With age comes a knowledge of my limitations.  Something at least one of us has no grasp of what so ever. That should read one of them.

I'm balanced on the wire looking up at Hope and Change.
 I'd rather make a Change, than sit around Hoping.
Upon arriving home after an 11 hour work day, I had planned to...

...use the Stop Following Button for the first time ever.  Before I could do that I had to find it. That's right.  I'm the dumbest Blogger that ever lived.  I asked a Reader for help. Then in my extreme stupidity, I thought I had to go to this blog so I can..............Stop Following.  After all, that's where I started Following.  Makes sense right?  Ha ha!  So I click on this blog and...

I Am Blocked.  

Drafting Shift  - by Tabitha - Anthro Orig $158 Sale $80 - Aug 2011
Via Cardona Wedges in Moss - by Dolce Vita - Anthro Orig $198 Sale $50 - May 2011
Sunspots Necklace - by Nashelle - Anthro Orig $198 Sale $100 - June 2011
Chiaroscuro Bracelet - from Sundance - Labradorite 14K Gold Vermeil Sequins $130 - Mar 2009 
Labradorite Briolettes - Etsy - 2010

It appears that the choice was made for me. The tables have been turned. Although I haven't taken a stand (at least not until now) I am automatically considered a traitor. After all, isn't that what most criminals and liars do.  Point the finger in any other direction but themselves. If I want inside the castle walls, I must knock softly, ask politely, and grovel for entry.  Otherwise known as...laying down at the door like a mat.

I prefer to stand, thank you very much!

Something of grave importance is going on over there. And I'm not on the welcoming list. No one but groveling worshipers are allowed though the Golden Gate. What could it be?  Then it hit me.

All natural Stone Jewelry Today
Labradorite and Solar Quartz
(a fancy name for plain old White Quartz)

It's just another Giveaway!  Man oh man!  I'm not missing much. Perhaps a dress picked out in a style that anyone can wear. Impossible!  I passed on that one months ago. How could that possibly work. I hopped, skipped and jumped right out of the way.

Honestly, who could possibly find time to post with all this turmoil.  Someone took my Photo from someones Sunday Readers Submissions and Posted it on G O M I.  Of course, since I have given it to someone else, I automatically loose all copyright protection.

At least that much I know. That's important stuff. Finding the Stop Following Button never needed my attention.  I honestly thought I would never use it.

I suddenly feel as carefree as a bird.

So do you want to know what I have been doing.  I have lurked everywhere you could possibly want me to be.  G O M I, Anthro Forums, Posts by Bloggers that have been scammed.  I have to tell you I was prepared to defend her.  But the minute I saw her hopeless Anthro-apology, I knew the game was over.

Spare me please!  She never liked me to begin with.  I am too old to have anything worth while to say.  What could I know about fashion?  OK!  So that one is true.  But you know what.  I pushed myself to learn.  I worked at inspiration.  I spent hours in my closet.  More time than I had to give.

Drafting Shift  - by Tabitha - Anthro Orig $158 Sale $80 - Aug 2011
Via Cardona Wedges in Moss - by Dolce Vita - Anthro Orig $198 Sale $50 - May 2011

Honestly!  Do you know a Fashion Bogger ( I use that term loosely, because lord knows I'm really not) Geologist that used Reader Submitted Rocks to Style Outfits? Inspiration That Rocks!  The one cool, unique thing I have done in one year as a Blogger.  It's not enough.

The only excuse she could have given that would have brought me to my knees is Simon.  That's right, her little dog that needed extensive back surgery and physical therapy. I can't imagine how much that would have cost.  I believe she was unemployed at the time.  I grew up with Dachshunds.  I love them all.  They are my weakness.  I love my parents Dachshunds.  I was there for Kim (ha I said her name) during that period, because I truly understood. It's heart breaking.  I cried over that sweat little dog.  I prayed for him.  One thing she didn't lie about is her feelings for Simon.

But she didn't go there!  I was spared the embarrassment of falling for the dog.

Ask me anything about what I saw and read over a 5-day period.  My awesome friend even stepped in and tried to defend the use of OUR photo on G O M I.  If anyone can stand up to being picked on, she can.  Even she was no match for bullies.  One comment was enough for her. It's still there right under the photo of the Stepford Wives in the Bowed Lacerta Mary Janes. Followed by an attack of piranhas not worthy of your attention. BTW, GOMI posters.  That tattoo on Snow Kitties foot says 26.2.  As in miles.

G O M I  didn't root out Anthroholic.  Her clients did!

I just don't have the patience to fight stupidity.  I'm not on this planet to make trouble just so I can hear others make a lot of noise. Nor do I plan to make noise over nothing but trouble.  I either enjoy myself, or I'm gone.  And no one tells me how to dress, how to stand, and what to write. I am my own machine. If someone doesn't like my choices, they can step out of my tiny breath of air space.

Next post, let's talk about Anthro.  Because that's what brings a smile to my face and yours.  That's something that Bonnie (Small Town Fashionista) and I have in common.  Wow does she impress in a Bathing Suit.

What are you feeling right now? Ask me anything.

For the first time ever, I am dropping that corny stupid line I always use.

Laura  (