Saturday, February 5, 2011

One Dress Worn TEN Ways! eShakti Custom!

Meet my custom fit eShakti Dress. When eShakti contacted me and asked me to pick anything from their site as a gift for reviewing the order, well, like any girl who loves cloths, I jumped at the chance.

See Peggy of "She Hath Done What She Could" in her fabulous eShakti Dress HERE

To introduce you properly I thought I would show you just how versatile my little Hummingbird Dress is. 

So versatile, I pulled 10 outfits from my closet in under 3 hours and photographed them myself.

Please don't miss my review after the Fashion Show...
#1 - eShakti Belted with Sweater, Tights and Booties.

#2 - eShakti with Belted Pullover, Net Slip, and Pumps!

#3 - eShakti with Retro Jacket, Tights and Boots

#4 - eShakti with Orange Stripes and Platforms

#5 - eShakti with Ivory Cardi and Wedges

#6 - eShakti Belted with Pink Cardi and Metallic Heels

#7 - eShakti  with Yellow Cardi and Platform Sandals

#8 - eShakti in Pink, Orange and Yellow

#9 - eShakti with CATS IN A HAT

And #10 - eShakti and Me
 Which style was your favorite?

No Anthro Zone Review:

Why did I order this particular dress? Mostly for the little Hummingbird Appliques. I also have no Grey dress in my closet. What I found out is, Light Grey is not a flattering color on me.  Especially right now since I'm white as the new driven snow.  Glaring, Blinding, Snow White!

If you check out the prices on eShakti you will find they are very reasonable.  It costs only a bit more to customize your order.

This dress is solid as a rock.  I included my custom measurements with my order.  The fit is spot on.  Including the length.  Most dresses are too long in the arm holes or too wide.  Not this one, it's made to my specifications.  The waistband is elastic, and the dress has a side zip. 

There is no lining. The 100% cotton jersey is medium weight, with just the right amount of give.  But not so thin that your bumps, rolls and undergarment's show through.  This is machine wash, tumble dry.  That is an important factor for me when ordering a dress. 

It takes approx two weeks for delivery.  Naturally my dress was a wrinkled mess from the packaging.  No fear.  I spritzed mine with a mixture of liquid fabric softener and water and tossed in the dryer on medium heat for 10 minutes.  The wrinkles fell right out.  I didn't even have to wave my magic wand over this one.

Shop my Hummingbird Dress HERE. 

If you have any questions about eShakti, or my experience with ordering from them, please leave your questions in the comment section below.  I will reply as soon as possible.  Or you can shoot me an email at

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