Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Anthro Zone Review! D'armee Dress! Winner!

I received Four dresses in the last week. Returned were the De Chelly Dress, the Contemporarian Dress reviewed HERE, and the Glantz Dress reviewed HERE.

Only one of the Four was a keeper. This was the dress I truly wanted to work!  I've been posting and blogging about this dress for months.  And I am excited to say that it was worth the wait.  It warms up fast in the Central Valley of CA.  I really want to wear this now, not 9 months from now in the Fall.

No Anthro Zone Review:  The D'armee Dress by Parameter $138 in Khaki.

Obviously I can't speak for the Navy and Charcoal colorways.  I read the sleeve length is 3/4 on those colors.

I simply love the Khaki.  The bodice and skirt of this dress are a shiny, smooth Green with very little give to the fabric.  The sleeves however are more Brown in color, and made of a stretchy material with a jersey feel. I assume Viscose.

SIZING: I'm a little chunky right now.  But I am working on it.  Normally I wear a size 4.  Sometimes a 6 if a dress has a high waistband or the fabric has no give.  I'm just under 5'6".  35-28-36, 34C. Narrow shoulders, larger than normal rib cage, shorter than normal arm length.  130 plus lbs. Relatively Busty.

 Thank goodness I ordered a SIZE 6.

I love how this dress looks and feels.  I realize this isn't Silk or Cotton.  But the price tag isn't bad.  Dry Clean is not my favorite option.  But is one of those negatives I can overlook at times.

Antho's D'armee Dress - by Parameter -  $138 in Khaki
 FIT:  The waistband is a bit too high.  But unlike the Contemporarian Dress, this one I could cover with a wide Belt.
The actual waistband is at the top of the belt I am wearing. The length is a little short.  About 2.5 inches above the knee.  The skirt isn't too full.  The long sleeves are just right. It's not really tight anywhere.  It's fairly forgiving everywhere else.

Anthro obviously doesn't capture the true colors in the models outfit.  I am wearing the exact same outfit except for the belt.

DETAILS:  The front zipper can be worn at any level.  I love how they extended the zipper all the way up to the top of the bodice.  A very unique look and a fun way to make the closure adjustable.  The shoulder tabs and tiny pockets are not interfering to the smooth fit across the chest.
FABRIC:  The skirt of the dress is very wrinkled and lined in the same fabic. I haven't had the chance to wave my magic wand over this one yet.  You will see this outfit again next week when I wear it to work.

This dress works for Petites and anyone under about 5'7".  Depends on how short you are willing to go. It could be flattering on busty and non-busty alike.  I'm not sure how this will work for those with wide shoulders.  Read the online reviews for that info.

Antho's D'armee Dress - by Parameter -  $138 in Khaki

I recommend this dress in the Khaki. Although I suggest waiting for sale if price is a concern.  The dress has been online for 6 months and there are still many in stock. So add it too your wish list and keep an eye on the stock amount. I am very certain that this dress will make sale eventually in all colorways.

Shop Anthro's D'armee Dress HERE.

You can check the amount of stock at any time by adding the dress to your shopping bag.  Then change the quantity to a very high number.  I use 99.  It will then tell you how many are left in stock in your size.

Three more Anthro dresses are on their way.  Anthro's Draped Denim and Fluttering Obi Dresses.  Both on sale now.

Any Question?  Please leave comments!

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