Monday, February 14, 2011

No Anthro Zone Review - The Glanz Dress Not By Beth Bowley!

Anthro's Glanz Dress by TABITHA
---I received this fabulous dress this evening.  Wow!  Anthro shipped fast.  I ordered the dress Friday morning.  It came along with the De Chelly in size 4, which would fit like a dream if a lost about 3 lbs.  So I will keep the De Chelly and work on that issue.

No Anthro Zone Review - The Glanz Dress

The Glanz Dress Product Page

I wish this report was better for several of you that were as excited as me over this dress.

#1 This is Tabitha not Beth Bowley. Sorry BB fans.

SIZE: I ordered a 6. Most Anthro Brands I am a 4. When I read this was a BB dress I sized up. I am 130 lbs. 5'6" tall. 35-28-36. Narrow Shoulders. And a 34C.

FIT: Thank goodness I did size up. This dress fits great until it met the girls. At this point it squashes me. The waistline is a bit high as are almost all Anthro Dresses on me. The length as you can see is just above the knee. The skirt doesn't flair too much. The pleating was a bit wrinkled and out of place from packaging. The arm holes are not too long or big. Nor are the shoulders too wide.

Where did my shapely figure go.  Maybe it's hiding between the lines.  Ha-ha!
If you are TALL (I'm guessing over 5'7" or more, or have very wide shoulders, this may not work well for you. But I can't blame you for trying. The whole idea of the dress is lovely. The vertical color blocking was an immediate attraction for me. I ordered it 5 minutes after seeing it the day it hit online.

FABRIC: This is a 100% Cotton Shell, and Fully Lined in the same. Dry Clean. The fabric resembles and feels like fine burlap or canvas. Stiff but high quality as is the construction. There is no give at all and no drape. The wide pleating works nicely with this sort of fabric.

DETAILS: Sadly lacking pockets for a $158 dress. The waistband is a very dark Brown. It's hard to decipher the color in the product image. It has a side zip, with hook and eye. I had no problems with the zipper.

The Girls Get the Big Squeeze

This dress fits fine everywhere, but is sadly too tight is the bodice for me. Size 8 would likely be too big everywhere. I think because the fabric is so stiff it will be difficult to get a flattering fit for those that are well endowed.

*****I recommend this dress even though it didn't fit me. It would be a five star dress with pockets and a softer fabric with a little more give. Anthro is getting a bit sloppy with Brand name mix-ups. Especially with a stunner like this one.*****

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Hope this helps.  Please email if you have any concerns or questions about the Glanz Dress.

Thank you for letting me share my enormous disappointment.  Now please excuse me while I go back to mooping.  Whaaaaa!

Anthro Sister Love, Laura