Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Anthro Zone Review - The Contemporarian Dress! D'armee Later Today!

No Anthro Zone Review:  The Contemporarian Dress.  Be sure to check back later for my review of the D'armee Dress.

Contemporarian Dress - by Maple - Anthro $128 - Feb 2011
The awesome reviews sucked me in. The adorable scribble print is reminiscent of Orla Kiely’s patterns. The dress is adorable from the front.  It’s the back presentation that is cause for concern. Who ever determined this dress as GREY is out of their mind.

SIZING:  I went with my normal size 4.  I’m 5’6’ Tall, 130-135 lbs, narrow shoulders, low waisted, larger than normal rib cage, 34C.

FIT:  TTS or size up if between sizes. The hemline hit about an inch above my knees. I somehow thought that the waistline would be lower on this dress.  It’s just higher.  The top hit under my bust.  But I was surprised at how well it worked even on me.  I would have liked the waistline to be at least 1 to 2 inches lower to look best.  The dress itself was slightly tight through the ribs. But I had a camisole underneath. Just as I would expect from a waistband with no give. Due to the design of the waistband, belting this dress could be tricky.

The major flaw for me was the arm holes are cut too deep.  Any kind of support would be visible under the awesome detailing.

DETAILING: I added a Brown Camisole under the dress to cover my bra straps. Too much of the camisole shows under the arms.  I’m not sure a strapless would even work. And the string straps in the back seemed too long and kind of hung loose and floppy. I would have to cover the best part of this dress with a Cardi?

I needed help with the Zipper that runs up the back. No pockets!

FABRIC: This is 100% RAYON including the Brown Lining. Dry Clean Only. Has a very Cotton feel to it. The fabric is thin. I can’t imagine the nightmare of getting the wrinkles out of this one.

I think it’s a great dress for 5’7” and under. Would work best for those that are normal to high waisted, and not overly endowed.  Also would work for those that can go braless.  You can see right through the double layer of fabric on the bodice.

I didn't feel the magic or the love. 


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The D'armee is a different story. 

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