Monday, October 10, 2011

Verdant Swamp Things*

I have been blog AWOL.  Bad Laura!  I am fully devoted to a sweet little Rabbit that goes by Nefi.  If you missed my Bunny capture post, you can see it here.  This week will be an adventure for both Nefi and I. While I go on a 3-day Team Building Trip with my fellow coworkers, Nefi will be with a fellow employee that volunteers for the Bunderground Railroad for Rescue Rabbits.  I could not have wished for a more perfect Bunny-Sitter for my furry new friend.

Verdant Slip Dress - by Moulinette Soeurs - Anthro $138 - April 2011
Jackie Cardi in Bright Cinnamon - by J Crew - Orig $62 Sale $50 - Aug 2011
Wide Scalloped Embroidery Slip Cream - Etsy A Slip Shop - Sale $18.75 - June 2011
Sea Ribbons Bracelet - by Tataborello Italy - Athro Orig $218 Sale $100 - Feb 2010
Tree Of Life Necklace - by Nakamol - Anthro $68 - Oct 2008
Labradorite Briolettes - Etsy - 2010
Fall normally arrives late in Bakersfield CA.  The expected high is just over 80 degrees F today.  Climbing to the 90's on Friday. Just in time for the company sponsored trip to Santa Barbara for wine tasting. Then on to Shell Beach and Montana de Oro to study the oil rich, beach front outcrops, of the Monterey Formation. If I weren't goin on this trip, I would be jealous.

*Things continues to be Verdant in the Killer Kern River Swamp.  No signs of Fall here.

Right now is the time to wear those favorite Summer Dresses. The Springtime print of the Verdant Slip Dress (green version) contains colors that translate well for Fall.  I cued off orange for the J Crew Jackie Cardi, and blue-green for Anthro's Marine Depth Wedges.

Verdant Slip Dress - by Moulinette Soeurs - Anthro $138 - April 2011
Marine Depths Wedges  - by Maypole Spain - Anthro Orig $148 Sale $80 - Aug 2011
All Leather Handbag in Ink Handstiched Patent in Pink - by Orla Kiely London AW08 - PerriBerri Orig $620 Sale $400 - April 2009
The Verdant Slip Dress is available in most sizes, in blue and green, on eBay here. Starting at $88. 

See my alternate styles for the Verdant Slip Dress here and here.

Sea Ribbons Bracelet - by Tataborello Italy - Athro Orig $218 Sale $100 - Feb 2010
Anthro's Sea Ribbons Bracelet blends into the scene like a giant Caterpillar.

View all items in this outfit here.

Warning:  If you find photo's of rabbits offensive, then you should be somewhere else.  I am being kind by not suggesting the alternate location where you can go.  Ha-ha! 

Nefi - my cute, adorable little rescued Hotot Rabbit. 

If you haven't yet noticed, I do in fact have a Troll that goes by Ann or Anon. I thought it would be fun to keep score of Me (GeoInCalifornia) vs. Troll (of a certain IP Address)

Here is the point tally from my last post. 

GeoInCalifornia = 2 points (troll finds fault with my Nefertari link that was in fact correct)
                            2 points (troll accuses me of trolling, when in fact I was the one that was trolled)

Troll = 1 point (for a minor spelling error - judgement vs. judgment) note:  I think the error was in the comment section.

Final score = 4 to 1.  Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.  I win!

Just a little bit of fun that is not to be taken seriously.

Anthro Sister waits for Fall, Laura (