Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anthro Dress Love! She Hath Done What She Could!

Oh no!  It's happened to me again. I was asleep at the helm. Miss Albright's Finest Hour Heels have been out of stock online for some time.  So naturally I forgot to look at my Wish List carefully and check for sale prices.

Anthro's Finest Hour Heels - by Miss Albright

Like magic, the fabulous Peggy of She Hath Done What She Could found a pair of shoes for me.  Thank you Peggy.  I owe so many wonderful Bloggers and Readers for finding many difficult to get items in the last few weeks.  Not just for me, but for Readers and even other Bloggers.  This community is a wonderful thing.  

You will receive Diamonds and Rubies in Heaven!

Strap yourself in...

Hold on tight...

 Because I almost fell out of bed last night...

My Love!

Anthro's Sweet Osmanthus Shift - By Ranna Gill - Anthro $178 - May 2011

Audible Sigh!  

I envision the Finest Hour Heels at the foot of this dress. 

Anthro Sister Dress Love, Laura (