Monday, May 2, 2011

Style GeoInCalifornia - ACC Readers Style the Wye Valley Dress

Happy Monday.  The Heat Is On.  The news declares Temps will reach almost 90 degrees F. 

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I present to you all 13 Style GeoInCalifornia Submissions.  

Please read all the information below.  There is a link that will direct you to a share site with all the photos.  Once you have seen all the styles, then return to this location and vote at the Polling Station on the right.

Note to Submitters:  Spring has sprung well into the 80's in Bakersfield CA.  Please forgive me for not wearing your suggested tights. 

If your submission is Style #2, please reply back to me at with your email address.  I have your first name only.  No forwarding email has been set for Intense Debate.

Style #1
Anthro's Wye Valley Dress with Jemima Shrunken Cardi
Anthro's Blushing Mercury Heels by Chie Mihara
Anthro's Peeking Pleats Bag by Tano
Anthro's Lapilli Bracelet in Yellow by Gerard Yosca of NY
 Red Tulip Stud Earrings by Juicy Couture
What is this Reader Challenge all about?

I challenged Readers to style Spring outfits for Anthro's Wye Valley Dress and Jemima Shrunken Cardi (Jan 2009 Catalog) using items from my Virtual Closet.  In return, the Submission that is voted the best Style will received a $25 Anthropologie Gift Certificate. 

In order to make this work, I used 4 images for each Style.  The last is a Product Shot of the difficult to capture earrings.  Yours truly had no help what so ever for this gargantuan project.  I am model, photog, wardrobe, director, and editor in chief.    

I took close to 200 photos in about 5 hours on Saturday.  I used a tripod, and a point and shoot Kodak with 10 second 2 shot timer. My worst moment was when my camera batteries went dead between the last two outfit changes.  While I was changing the batteries, the sprinkler system came on. My tripod and camera were right in the middle of the yard. Whack me on the head!  I made a beeline to the off switch for the sprinklers. Thankfully nothing was damaged, but if I look distressed in Style #13, it's because I was.

Weeks ago I concluded that Blogger Editor could not handle the massive Post that this project might produce. How did I solve this problem?  I created a brand new share site called Style GeoInCalifornia.

Once you have opened the link below, navigate down to the first album named Style #1.  Click on the first image.  This will open the image Full Size.  You can then use the arrows above the image to move to the next image.  There are a total of 4 images with captions outlining the item this particular Reader selected to form the outfit. Once you have seen all 4 images you can navigate back to the Home page and scroll down to Style #2 etc. Or you can navigate back to the album that contains all the Folders. 

Once you have viewed all 13 styles and selected 2 favorites, please navigate back to ACC by using the Link on the upper Right Corner of the Home Page called "Click to Navigate Back to Anthro Closet Chaos Blog."

After you return here, please proceed to the Upper Right Side Bar and vote for your favorite Style at the Polling Station.

Also, you may notice that some Styles are almost identical.  In actuality there was no total duplication. Styles were photographed and presented on the share site in the order by which they were received.

Polls will remain open until Thursday May 6th at Midnight.  I will announce the winner of the $25 Gift Certificate Friday Morning.  

I hope you enjoy the first ever Style GeoInCalifornia Challenge.  Here are a few lovely Polyvores created by some very talented ladies.  I will share their identities once the vote has been tallied.

Style #1

I had planned to use the Orla Kiely Mug placed under the chair in the Style #1 Polyvore.  Space Cadet that I am, left it on my desk at work.  I used an alternate item instead.  Can anyone tell me what that item is?

Style #6

Style #9

Please DO NOT hesitate to contact me if you notice any discrepancies in this Post so that I can fix the issue. It's not beyond the realm of possibilities, that I may have mixed things up.

Anthro Style and Sister Love, Laura (