Thursday, May 19, 2011

Style Two for the Verdant Slip Dress! A White Balance Problem!

Happy Thursday.  It's the start of my three day weekend.  I swear, by next week I will master the SLR.  Right!  Who am I kidding?  I'm hoping for a few suggestions from experienced ladies.

Photo's of yesterdays outfit are up on my Virtual Closet HERE. The White Balance is a mess for the pre-sets.  I thought those were automatic and couldn't be adjusted.  I have no Users Guide, so I am flying solo.  I couldn't find a Master Reset Button, although I'm sure one exists.  I found a free, unsearchable Guide online.  Looks like I'm going to have to buy one. I can't carry the 3 hour set of DVD's around with me.

Anthropologie's Verdant Slip Dress by Moulinette Soeurs Styled Two Ways - May 2011
Left - $60 Reconditioned Kodak Point and Shoot from eBay
Right - $355 Used Olympus E-510 dSLR from Amazon
I was so happy to see the Verdant Slip Dress back in Stock at Anthropologie.  Today's OOTD is Style #2 for this remarkable Dress.  See all the photo's for Style #1 HERE. Including my review photo's.  Use the right arrow above the photo's to advance.

Shop the Verdant Slip on back order HERE.

 I know there were plenty of ladies that didn't get a crack at this dress the first time around.  Now is your chance.  The stretch panel at the back offers a comfortable, perfect fit.  The adjustable straps will let you raise and lower the neckline and hemline.  The fit is TTS.  $138 for a lined Silk Dress with Pockets is so amazing I purchased the Reflecting Pools Dress too. 

Shop the Reflecting Pools Dress HERE.
See me wearing the Dress HERE

Roaming Frills Cardi in Blue - by Sparrow - eBay BIN $90 - May 2011
Inner Circle Necklace - Anthro $118 - April 2011

The only item I repeated for both styles is Anthro's Inner Circle Necklace.  Why mess with perfection!  At least that's what I thought this morning.  Everything changed this afternoon when I saw my neck.  This is the third time I've worn this $118  necklace, and this time is tuned my Neck Green.  I'm disgusted.

I would think before Shopping the Inner Circle Necklace HERE. 

Roaming Frills Cardi in Blue - by Sparrow - eBay BIN $90 - May 2011
Inner Circle Necklace - Anthro $118 - April 2011

My photos today are much better than yesterday's photos of the Fragrant Valley Dress.  If you didn't see those, click HEREWhat is with the White Balance in the photo of the Petite Resin Clockwork Cuff?  WB is much worse when I use the preset for Macro and Portrait shots.  I'm better off using the Auto setting, until I find the reset.

Verdant Slip Dress - by Moulinette Soeurs - Anthro $138 - April 2011
Lemon Stick Wedges - by Miss Albright - Anthro Orig $148 - Apr  2011
Pear Print Beach Bag in Dandelion - Orla Kiely SS09 - Orla Kiely $196 - Feb 2009
Inner Circle Necklace - Anthro $118 - April 2011

Then this morning this happened. I used the Auto Setting for the above photo and the one below. What happened with the lighting above?  This is the exact same spot.  I did notice my flash suddenly because erratic.  Flashing multiple times before taking the picture.  That was a first.  The photo makes my legs look hairy and covered with veins.  Ack!  Not a pretty sight.
Verdant Slip Dress - by Moulinette Soeurs - Anthro $138 - April 2011
Roaming Frills Cardi in Blue - by Sparrow - eBay BIN $90 - May 2011
Summer Grasses Belt in Yellow - Anthro Orig $52 Sale $30 - May 2011
Lemon Stick Wedges - by Miss Albright - Anthro Orig $148 - Apr  2011
Inner Circle Necklace - Anthro $118 - April 2011
This image isn't bad.  However, the White Balance spots can still be seen as bright reflections. Especially on the sweater buttons. At this point my Kodak took much better photos.  I refuse to give up.  All I need are a few extra hours in the day to solve this issue.  That's what a three day weekend is for. I do love having a remote though.

You may not want to Shop Anthro's Lemon Stick Wedges by Miss Albright HERE

The Lemon Stick Wedges run large.  I normally wear an 8 to 8.5.  I originally ordered an 8.  They were falling off my foot. I sized down to a 7.5.  Even if you are between sizes, size one half size down from your smallest size.  I still had to punch 2 additional holes in the straps to tighten the fit across the top of my foot.  A normal issue for me since my foot is wide to the front, with a narrow arch and heel.  These fit perfect and provide comfort with a 4" boost.  Miss Albright is by far my favorite Anthro Brand.

At least it was this morning.  After wearing these 3 times, the slip proof rubber has detached at the back of the heel on both shoes. I protected the base of these shoes with water proofing. Nor did they get wet at any time. Just like the necklace, I can't change my review.

What a let down! I've never had fairly expensive Anthro jewelry turn me Green.  Nor have any of my Miss Albrights come apart, and so fast. Not only that, I have to call CS about 2 issues.  That's never happened in 3 years.  

Has anything like this happened to you with Anthro products?

I placed the two styles for the Verdant Slip Dress next to each other in the first image...

Which photo has better quality?  Right or Left?  Which Style for the Verdant Slip Dress do you like best?  Right or Left.

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