Friday, May 6, 2011

Congratulations to Style #1 - Loraine of Sweet Anthro Dreams

The polls are closed  The votes counted.  And I actually didn't vote.  I was torn! 

The winner of the $25 Anthro Gift Certificate for Style GeoInCalifornia for Spring Contest is ...

Style #1
by Loraine

For The Lovely Laura Of Anthro Closet Chaos

STYLE #1 by Loraine
Anthro's Wye Valley Dress by Maeve
and Jemima Shrunken Cardi by Sparrow
Anthro's Lapilli Bracelet by Gerard Yosca
Orla Kiely's Patterns book
Anthro's Peeking Pleats Bag by Tano
Anthro's Blushing Mercury Heels by Chie Mihara
Red Enameled Tulip Posts by Juicy Couture from Zappos

Loraine included a very special item in her Polyvore.  The Orla Kiely mug placed under the chair.  The addition was a surprising element that added a personal touch to her outfit.  I had planned to use the mug in my photo's but left it on my desk at work.  I used Orla Kiely's Patterns Book as a substitute.

Loraine also found the adorable Red Enameled Tulip Posts by Juicy Couture.  I loved this addition so much that I purchased the tiny paved Tulips from Zappos. I tried to take a photo of the posts, but they are about a 1/4" wide.  Thank you for styling me Loraine.

Thank you to all the lovely ladies that submitted Styles for this Readers Challenge.  You are welcome to view all 13 Styles again to find out the identity of each of the lovely Gals who styled them. I also left a personal message and thank you for each.

I would like to give special recognition to two particular styles that were my favorites.  I thought both of these ladies went at this challenge in a unique way.

Style #7
by Jess

Style #7 by Jess 
Anthro's Wye Valley Dress by Maeve
and Jemima Shrunken Cardi by Sparrow
Anthro's Needlework T Straps by Chie Mihara -
Orla Kiely Shiny Leather Caraway Bag in Mauve
Anthro's Tree Rose Cuff in Lime
Anthro's Straw Makers Earrings - Orange Carnelian and Purple Jade
The color Mauve was both a surprise and a unique choice by Jess.  She perfectly paired two of my very favorite designers together. Anthro's Needlework T Straps by Chie Mihara's and the Shiny Leather Caraway Bag by Orla Kiely. You can bet I will wear this combo again in the future.

Style #13
by Keiko

Style #13 by Keiko
Anthro's Wye Valley Dress by Maeve
and Jemima Shrunken Cardi by Sparrow 
Orla Kiely Patent Leather Ivy Bag
B Makowsky Sasha Pumps
Anthro's Little Larson Posts

Keiko calls this her Spicy look for the very Girl-y Wye Valley Dress. At first I thought no, no, no.  But after I tried the outfit on, I thought yes, yes, yes.  Maybe not for me, but certainly for someone younger.
I also want to share two Polyvores.
Style #9
by Lori of
For Laura's Wye Valley Dress

Lori knows how to use Polyvore Clippers.  If I could figure out how to get all my Virtual Closet Items into my Polyvore Account easily I would ditch Shutterfly altogether.

Style #6

Style Anthro Closet Chaos

My biggest fear happened. After seeing Leana's Polyvore, I realized that I used the wrong bracelet in her Styling.  I must have looked at the wrong slide in my virtual closet.  I used the links to my closet to itemize the set.  A smarter gal would have used the Polyvore.  My apologies Leana.

Leana needs to branch out into a Style Blog.

Next on Anthro Closet Chaos!  "A Dress to Giveaway"

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