Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Partially Enticed with No Chance of Partaking! J Crew Jackie in Rosewood is Back Online!

Happy 5th of July! I'm a day behind...

Naturally there is No J Crew in No Anthro Zone Bakersfield.  

First!  Let me say Thank You to the many bloggers who suggested J Crew's Jackie Cardigan.  I am now obsessed with this Cardi.  Again! Thank you very much!

Black and Laquer Yellow are happily hanging out in my closet.  Rustic Twig will join them momentarily.  Cerise has been delayed on her slow two month journey.  Moss was happily discovered at eBay.  I really only need one more...who am I kidding!

The J Crew Jackie has Appeared Back Online!

I adore this J Crew Jackie Cardigan in Dark Rosewood. As of yesterday it appeared on J Crew's online site, but was on backorder until October.

I did not partake in today's Anthro Sale.  Not so difficult, since nothing enticed me.  Not even the idol Gull Wing Dress by Girls of Savoy.

So Rich!

Gull Wing Dress in Plum - by Girls of Savoy - Anthro Orig $168, Sale $100 - July 2011

I want all three Motifs!

So Pretty!

I know the halter and excess gathers under the bust will not flatter me.

I realize there is not ample space for My Girls.


Staying Strong Under Temptation!

Gull Wing Dress in Black and White
Back View
Why isn't this dress priced at the normal 50% off?  Every other time I pop in at Anthro Online to view the Dress, the Product Page will read "This item is no longer available." Has this happened to you?  Is this a new Anthro ploy?  Or is the site experiencing technical difficulties. Again!  Regardless!  I am not falling for it! I am not!  Someone please tell me this dress is a disaster.

Fireworks were not enough to entice me into sweltering 104 degree F heat over the long weekend.

 But, my friend Karen was....

Karen was instantly taken with my Camera Remote.  I love how the long, lean style of her Denim Dress flatters her towering stature. The light wedge heels are perfect with her Casual Look.
We met over Fajitas and Margaritas at Molcajete's.  Then drove a block to her house, and proceeded to melt in the heat for a few photos.

Karen pointed out my amazing talent for posing.  Ha-ha!  It comes with the Territory.

 The hand is a desperate attempt to ward off Melting Point 
as the Raging Inferno above reaches it's Zenith of Torture. Hee-hee! 

As of  2 PM on July 5th, there was a POP BACK in SIZE SMALL
 for the Alstroemeria Tee HERE.
Karen and I share a few common bonds.  
Age (I'm two months older)
and Blogging 

We both agree that our hearts are not with work, but the paycheck is a necessary evil that feeds our monsters.  

Anthropologie eats mine!  
Karen's house devours hers!

Karen is thinking to herself... "I won't show Laura the enormous Bee Hive over my head until later."
Totally not true. Karen is a no nonsense, no jewelry Gal.  

Last year, this Geologist, Writer, Poet, Artist, Blogger, Mother of Three grown Boys, and soon to be Grandmother...
 Campaigned for State Superintendent of Schools.  She placed 5th in the Run Off with almost 300,000 votes. She is amazing! I am honored to be her friend and Sister!

You can visit Karen at her Blog for Writing Wizards, HERE.

My Outfit:
Alstroemeria Tee - by Deletta - Anthro Orig $78 Sale $40 - June 2011
Day Off Skirt in Navy - By Hei Hei - Anthro Orig $78 Sale $40 - Aprl 2011
Infinite Loop Sandals - by Matt Bernson - Anthro Orig $178 Sale $100 - May 2009
Gooseberry Bracelet in Coral - from Ecuador - Anthro Orig $58 Sale $30 - June 2011

Did you find something special from Anthro's Sale Today?
Were you plagued by glitches online?
Did you happen to catch a glimpse of the Gull Wing out of stock? Did the dress re-appear a few minutes later?  I saw this happen several times over the last few days.

Anthro Sister Love a Sale, Laura (lauramartinsemail@yahoo.com)